SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 8/11/2009

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Keith Brown, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Ron & Alyson Bauer, Charles Aggenbach, Glenn Austin, Peter Umino, Karen Babb, Jerry Lamb, Kimm & Shane Jensen, Mike & Carol Leuty, Val Korry, Russell O’Connell, Sean Medcroft, and Dieter Beldi.   

Minutes Review – A motion was made to approve July minutes as written.

Drift Report – Next event on deck is the September 6th, event at BMP.  This will be the first and possibly the only event that will be held on the big side of the site.  Russell will be out of the country, so Sean Medcroft is going to be the event chair.  Registration has been turned on and is ready to go.  Ed and Mattia have both finished the training process to become Safety Stewards, they just need to complete and turn in their paperwork to the National office.  There was a big Pro event held last weekend at Monroe.  People competed for an invitation to enter a professional drifting event. The response was very successful and exposed this sport to several new sponsor possibilities.  The last SCCA event held grossed $1025 with a total of 25 drivers. Dick has not heard back from BSCC, so drift will have the entire site all too themselves for the upcoming event.

NWR Board – Dick wasn’t in attendance for this meeting, but he did get a report from Tom Masterson.  Lou Ann has been laid off, so she should have more time now to get things squared away and completely turned over to Kristi.  The final get together between her and Kim Craddock has not taken place yet so the transition for region treasurer has not happened yet.  Val reminded us that each of the venues is going to have to take a yearly inventory. Dick will figure out exactly what needs to be included in this count.

Treasurer’s Report – Please see attached report.  We are still having problems with Bank of America.  We still have not seen a final report that shows the exact status of all of our accounts, but until Kristi gets ALL of the information from Lou Ann, this cannot happen.


Pro Solo Recap – Everything went reasonably well.  There were no major issues.  The National staff seemed pleased with the event.  The Friday night party went well, although we could have portioned the food out better so it lasted longer. It was nice of Taco Time to provide the salmon, thank you! The last person on site left around 5:00 p.m., so that was great.

Evolution Schools – 84 total students over three days.  The biggest phase 1 ever held with 24 students on Tuesday. This meant it was also the first time for needing 6 instructors. Eric Clements and Brian Peters were new additions to the instructor team.  Lunches were purchased from the grocery store. Quality and amount were good and students were happy.  Keith has sent off the request for the payment, so we should be receiving the funds soon.

WWSCC Report – Total of 42 entrants at the BEAC Enduro held last weekend at Shelton.  The course was a blast, according to Keith who took TTD and top pax for the day.  Vote was held and approved, event stands as a championship event. The season will consist of a total of eight events.  Not a lot going on right now other than that.


NORPAC Divisional Steward Report – Small group of people attended the Helena Divisional event.  The course was much slower and within rules specifications this year.  Some people were concerned about going off course due to a very thin access road and 90 degrees corners.  A total of 60 people attended. 5 100 second runs each day.  The banquet was very good and the people were extremely hospitable. The Vail NT had 180 entrants and was a successful event, although those in attendance from the NW region probably wouldn’t go back to that site again. Theoretically, at Nationals this year, there will be some type of award given out for the Division that has the highest level of attendance.  We need to make sure that all NWR members have stickers on their cars.  Deadline for registering for Nationals before the late fee applies is on Friday.


2010 Schedule – Howard approached Dick and ask if we could commit to NT and Pro Solo dates for next year asap because they would like to announce all the events in Lincoln at Nationals this year.  The only requirement is having the Pro Solo the first weekend of the pair. We are looking at holding them a little bit later in the season around the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August.








Event #7 (8/16) Packwood – Kimm and Shane Jensen.  This is the first time that Shane, Kimm or Peter have been event chairs.  Kimm would like to remind the group that the Event Chair Checklist is completely out of date and is absolutely NO help to anyone.  It would also be nice to update the email addresses and names of the Specialty Chiefs. Kimm has volunteered to work with Joe, Gretchen and Dick to take care of this. 


Youth Steward – In 2010 Glenn Austin is planning on bringing his children out to run karts. Glenn will begin working towards becoming a licensed Youth Steward.


Equipment Chair – We still need a person to volunteer for this position.


Year-end Inventory – Carol reminded the group that both PCA and OR SCCA used our equipment at the last events held in Packwood, so it might be important to check the inventory and make sure that everything we are supposed to have in the trailer is actually in the trailer.




Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


Maureen Bohrer Memorial - The group reconvened after adjourning to discuss a memorial for Maureen Bohrer.  After a very short discussion, the group voted and approved a $500 donation to help fund an organization that was important to Maureen.  Gretchen and Dick will try to do a little research, and quiz Bus to determine which organization would be most appropriate.