SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 8/11/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Russell O’Connell, Jerry Lamb, Mike Leuty, TJ McGeary, Bud Bohrer, Jackie McInnes, Chris Kmetz, Enrique Garcia, Allyson Moffat, Ron Bauer, Aaron Pailthorp, Kevin Dietz, Val Korry, Joel Ferguson, Tim Irwin, Amy & Karl Coleman, and Lou Ann Christensen.  Vistor: Nick Sanger.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – The region has over $5000 in the bank. Membership total is 1057. Our membership chair stated the weekend and prospect designations in the reports she has been receiving are a mess. Dick is not surprised by this being very familiar with all of the paperwork that needs to be accomplished.  A Club and Time Trials event was held on July 26th.  The event was run well and they made money.  The NORPAC convention will be hosted by the NWR this year in January.  If you have any ideas for subject matter for the agenda, please talk to Dick Willy.  There will be a Street Survival event in BMP on 9/27 running concurrently with a UW WW event on the opposite side. 


WWSCC Report – Enduro was held on August 10th at Sanderson Airfield.  The next event will be on September 28th – Dog Dash (UW) at BMP.  The site will be shared with a drifting event on the opposite end.  The Sportscar Spectacular will be held on October 26th at BMP. 

Treasurer’s Report  Lou Ann presented the information and addressed any questions. 


Drifting Report – On 7/25 they held an invitation only event with 12 total drivers.  The goal was to test a really fast course and see how it worked out.  The secondary goal was to support the Trials program which received all of the proceeds).  Thanks to Mark McCluskey, Dick Willy, and Jay Schuler for all of their support for this event. 27th they held a NWR drifting event on the opposite of the site from the Solo event happening. There were 28 drivers. Since the gate was open all day due to the Solo event, Russell made a bigger effort to control the crowd/spectators.  He tallied up to 100 spectators and there were no incidents. The organizational aspects of the events are improving and things are becoming much more efficient.  Thanks to Jodie LeCoque and Dick Willy for Safety Stewarding the event.  The Formula D group gave our group a free booth and their event on August 9th.  Lots of good PR for the SCCA group as not many people are familiar with this new program.  Russell also had a chance to speak with a few people from Montana, explaining our NWR program.  Great opportunity.  We are still looking for a safety steward for the next event on 8/31.  9/28 will be picking up a date at BMP.  UWSAE will probably doing an event that same day. 


Event #6 – 132 entrants were in attendance.  Everyone received four runs. The event went really well, although the course was a bit tight in certain sections.  We were off site by 6:00 p.m., so Enrique was not taken away by the Homeland Security. 


National Tour – TJ & Jackie have been working on the Test n’ Tune event being held on Friday.  The course needs to be set-up and ready to go by 10:00 a.m. National Office has given us some flexibility in how we sell tickets.  TJ has been working to get key positions filled before the event begins.  We are still looking for a driver for the Solo Bus (Friday morning).  The region will be providing the equipment and all of the people to run the event, so we will be receiving 75% of the proceeds.  National office waived any late entry fees for this event, so if someone has not entered yet, they should not hesitate to do so.  Dick Willy reminded us that Cindy Jensen will not be in charge of this event, since Howard Duncan will be on-site and running everything. Apparently, there are some issues for the cone clinic that will be held before the test n’ tune, concerning scheduling and course design.  Keith has been discussing things with Junior and is trying to keep Jackie and Dick in the loop as much as possible.  Bud has been incredible in working with all of the volunteers from the Senior Center who are going to be in-charge of the waivers.  The Merry Mountaineers will also be covering concessions for the weekend.  Shane Jensen is handling the t-shirts and all is going according to schedule.


Pro Solo Report – Jim Mueller has stepped up to be our Chief of Waivers.  Everything else is falling into place.  The Merry Mountaineers will be covering our Friday night social dinner.  If we wanted too, we could offer beer with this meal, although any alcoholic beverages must be kept inside the building.  A decision was made to leave the dinner with water and soft drinks.  The course is being designed by Jim Daniels.  Keith will be putting out a call for volunteers to help cover the challenges, as this will be a responsibility of our region. 


Evolution Schools – There are plenty of openings for the Challenge class being held on Tuesday.  The remainder of the classes are filling nicely.  The instructors will be Ann & Andy Hollis, Tom Kotzian, Karl Coleman and Glen Hernandez.  Lunches will be provided by the Blue Spruce.  There will be a skid pad set up in the back corner.


Packwood Lighting – Nothing has been accomplished with this situation yet.  We are trying to determine if this will happen before this weekend.

Shelton Site – The WW Enduro event was held last weekend at the Shelton airport site.  Dick feels that we should be able to hold an SCCA event there.  There is plenty of space for parking and we could get at least two cars on course at the same time.  There is actually more space available at this site than BMP (140’ fully usuable vs. 150’).


Defribrillator – Keith Brown shared information that Kristi Brown learned while purchasing this unit for her place of work.  The price will be about $2000 for one defribillator, a water proof case and two sets of usage equipment.  Any training will be above and beyond this cost.  Training for 10 people will be approximately $450.  The unit they are looking at has a seven year warranty and it’s the most rugged unit they sell in the price range.  This is a commercial unit, which will be stored on the Solo bus, so this will be an important part of the purchase decision.  A motion was made and passed to spend up to $2500 for this unit. 


Cop Car Challenge – Dick and Alyson have contacted all the small city organizations, since all of the larger cities are not interested.  The Chief of Lewis County is interested, but mainly because he lives in Packwood.  So at this moment, we have a total of one person willing to participate.  It seems that the economy has deterred these precincts from sending cars all the way to Packwood. Dick suggested that we invite this gentleman down with the understanding that he is the only one and let him decide if he wants to run or not. 




WWSCC $100 penalty rule – appeal: During the Autopilot event, there was a gentleman that spun before the start and ran over the cables.  This person felt that the rule only applied to the finish lights, not the start lights.  He even went as far as appealing this at the WW meeting.  A motion was made that the fine be reduced to $50, but this was retracted since he was not a member and had no power to make a motion.  This was an event being hosted by BEAC, so BEAC now owes WW $100.  This rule has not been added to supps, so this should happen as soon as possible.  SCCA should understand that this person has not paid the fine and can consider not allowing his entry into our events.


A discussion was held and Several suggestions were discussed. the first being we wait and see the position that beac takes with this person.  a second suggestion was made that we carefully consider our position since this person may be competing in scca events in the future.  in general, our group felt that not paying this fine is serious. people felt this entrant should understand exactly how two separate clubs feel about this situation and specifically, the fact that his resistance to pay this fine is being taken under serious consideration.  A motion was made that anyone not paying any penalty fees for any infractions at an scca event or ww event be banned from future scca events.  The motion was approved.


Pro Solo – A motion was made that we donate an entry to next year’s Pro Solo for those willing to volunteer for working the challenge.


National Tour – A motion was made that we offer a full season’s worth of entries to our NWR regional series as a door prize for the banquet on Saturday night. 


Meeting was adjourned at 8:48 p.m.