SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 8/14/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Glenn Austin, Bud Bohrer, Charles Aggenbach, Keith Brown, Joel Ferguson, Mary Lee, Jerry Lamb, Mike and Carol Leuty, Val Korry, Ron Bauer, Karl and Amy Coleman, Russell O’Connell, Brian Norton, Jess Lynch, Kevin Dietz, Scott Miller, TJ McGreary.  Visitor: Allison Moffat, Errin Humphrey.

Minutes Review – Minutes are approved with the following changes: Board Report should read Olympus rally not Olympia rally. 

Board Report – Race: Banquet will be November 17th.  Next event is September 8th – 9th at BMP.  They’ve arranged for some sort of free trailer graphics that will be negotiated between a few of their members.  Time Trials: Mark reported they “lost the farm” this year with a deficit of over $2000 for the season.  They shared a date with race, but race kept all of the profits.  They are suffering from a lack of participation with 17 people starting the season, but only three competing at the last event.  If they do not come up with a new format for this venue, it may not be around next year.  Kevin Dietz felt that a $2000 loss was not very much and that Race has continually lost money for several years now, so hopefully people will not pull the plug on this program too soon.  It was brought up that they did repay Solo for the $1500 seed money we loaned them, so they may be only $500 in the hole if they are trying to catch up from that. 

A discussion was held that IF they made a request for additional seed money to start next season, we may consider asking them to present a business plan showing what changes they are going to make before we make a decision one way or the other.  A question was raised as to how Time Trials do on a national level, and if we are the only region having difficulties with this program.  It was also discussed that a lot more advertising should be done to get support for the program and care should be taken to not hold events over other Solo, or Racing events.  Rally: Travis Pastrano DSQ’d at the last Rally event right before the finish.  Lots of exposure for his sponsors and also lots of drama, but he did not finish the event.  They have determined that lodging for the Wild West Rally may be difficult.  There is only one hotel in town with 11 rooms, along with a converted farm house.

The newsletter editor is looking for more racing and solo content because it is currently overflowing with Rally and Time Trials information.  Joe was able to present stats for the number of hits received for our on-line newsletter.  There have been approximately 2000 since it first went online.  There are a couple of different memberships that are available. Temporary memberships are only okay for Rally and Solo.  A weekend membership is now available for $15 and you can sign up and pay as many times as you like.  BMP Report:  There is currently very visible paint sprayed on the track, so although Solo was fined for using lime, they apparently don’t have a problem with these other groups using a permanent material.  BMP suggested that we use grey spray paint to cover them up. Karl had a serious problem with the double standard of this situation, so he will continue to pursue the situation with Bruce and the Board because he doesn’t agree that we should let it slide. The bylaws are still a work in progress.  Kim Craddock has new office space and is willing to store all of our records for $100 a month.  The discussion was put on hold until Lou Ann can inspect the location and see if she felt it was worth it. Our group felt this was a ridiculous cost and that heated storage can be found for a much lower cost. Med kits may also be stored there. Our group felt that our region should NOT be paying to store things that belong to race, so this should be investigated to see exactly what is being stored and who should pay for it.  Mary Lee was moved from Member at Large to Secretary for the remainder of the term.  Jay Shukla will be the new member at large replacing Mary. 

Treasurer’s Report – Please see distributed hand out. 


WWSCC Report – Keith was requested to make it clear that NWDE decided to cancel their event due to lack of volunteers in the club which would take away their ability to hold a high quality event. Ladies practice was held on August 4th which was well attended.  The Miatacross event was held on August 5th.  BEAC/Enduro was held on July 29th. Both events were voted on and approved for championship status. 


Evo & Pro – (Keith Brown) –   Only six or seven people haven’t paid for their spots yet. There are a couple of vacancies for Phase 2 for both Wednesday and Thursday. Instructors will be Ann and Andy Hollis, Tom Kotizian, Kevin Dietz, Karl Coleman, and Jr. Johnson.  They are renting several different pieces of equipment from several different clubs for the dial-in school.  Everything is going fine.  PRO - He needs some membership numbers and contact information for a few key people, mainly Bob Forsberg.  They have agreed in principal with the youth group to host the Friday night social event.  They will probably be doing the same thing as last year with hamburgers and hot dogs.  A decision was made to enforce the no alcohol on site rule, so there will be none available on Friday night.  There will be no official “first timer” instruction available prior to the event.  Cindy Jensen may do a talk for novices, but there will be nothing as involved as the program that was available last year.


National Tour – (Brian Norton/Jess Lynch) 250+ entrants already signed up.  National office will not be waiving late fees due to a good turn out.  Brian and Jess are doing an incredible job of informing everyone of everything that is going on.  They are going to be responsible for organizing parking and will be creating spots that are chalked, so there will not be anyone blocking anyone, or parking crazy.  The gates will be open at 10:00 a.m.  The group said again what an incredible job the two are doing with this event!!  They cut a great deal with IGA in town to get a ton of bottled water for all three of the events.  The grocery store will be providing flats of water for less than $4.00 each, and will also be providing additional products at below cost. The social is coming together very nicely.  Due to the high number of entrants, we are reaching the maximum number of people that can attend the Saturday night social event.  They cannot allow more than 300 people in the firehouse.  It was decided that if people are camping overnight, there will be a $20 donation for each weekend, plus another $20 for the week in between the events.  Brian is hoping the Test n’ Tune is squared away, but isn’t really certain.  Other key people involved with this event felt that things were coming together fine.  Scott is going to do a course, and we have Safety Stewards.  Charles was curious what time tech should be opened.  Jess would like permission to give away four certificates for a FREE regional event.  A vote was taken and approved. 


An announcement needs to be made that entry into the mill for these events will be for SCCA members and their crew only.  This is a site restriction enforced by Angus and as far as anyone knows, it hasn’t changed. A few people had a problem with this because it isn’t the same way that SCCA runs their events, but Jerry reminded us that until we get revocation of the policy from Angus, we must continue enforcing it.


NT Test & Tune – (Jackie and Erika) neither were in attendance, but Dick reported in their place.  The event start time had been moved up so that we can get the course set-up and have a Safety Steward available at 3:30 p.m. to approve the course. 


Tee shirts for Pro & NT – We had a few design submittals, but all entrants backed out at the last minute due to different reasons, so Dick did the design himself.  The shirts are in production and all is moving forward.  The cost of each shirt will be just over $10 so we will be selling them for $15 a piece.   He will be producing enough to sell at both events (about 180 each).


Drifting Program – Russell O’Conner was in attendance and reported that he is lobbying for support and volunteers for this program.




BMP Course Design Taxiway Guidelines – After the last event, Bud contacted David Lewis asking for an electronic copy of the guidelines because both he and Karen Babb would like to review them.  Bud had a couple of suggestions for revisions, but David has not contacted him for the last month.  Bud feels there is definitely additional work that needs to be done to these guidelines, along with review from both our key course designers, and Safety Stewards. He would like to recommend that we suspend the statement in the guidelines that says the course should be biased towards the runway because this decision in itself creates additional problems and until the review and approval this shouldn’t be happening.  A motion was made and approved with one No vote.  It was also discussed as to whether we should look into purchasing additional equipment that would allow us more distance between the start, finish, and timing van. This means we could create courses that do not require the taxiway at all. 


Camping on-site at Packwood – This was covered in above discussions.


Packwood lighting – Sean spoke with Angus.  The hope was to get lighting done by the NT.  Angus was going to take it to his boss, but Sean has not heard anything in response.  Ron Bauer reported that the Oregon region would be willing to contribute if our region is going to pay for this.




Event #6 timing discrepancy (Glen Hernandez) – At event #6 Glen finished his run, was handed a timing slip which matched the time that was shown on the display.  At the trophy presentation he was in the place that he expected.  When the results for this event were published he noticed that his best time did not reflect what was recorded at the event.  He does have a video tape of the time being announced, and the timing slip.  He contacted Mary Lee, who in turn contacted Jodi Fordahl.  Unfortunately, Jodi has not returned anyone’s call.  Dick reminded the group that the timing card is being filled out by a person and that person could have written the time down incorrectly.  The group felt that Glen

shouldn’t worry because Jodi typically keeps the timing cards and this should be handled.  If Jodi cannot prove any differently, then the group agreed that we should use Glen “evidence” and change the final results.


New Timing Equipment - A motion was made to purchase an additional pair of receiver/emitters.  One was hit this weekend, and one eats batteries very quickly.  Motion was voted on and approved.  Glen H. brought up the idea of using rechargeable batteries rather than regular ones.  Glenn Austin felt it wasn’t really necessary because we really aren’t using that many batteries.  The group felt that we should be looking at the same type of batteries that we are using for our Pros.  This was discussed and will definitely be looked at if and/when we move to a wireless type of system. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.