SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 8/15/06

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Amy Olson, Gretchen Everett, Jerry Lamb, Mike Leuty, Mary Lee, Alan Dahl, Bud Bohrer, Scott Miller, Keith Brown, Kevin Dietz, Glenn Austin, Randy Ayer, Lou Ann Christensen, Fast Mike, Ron Bauer and Karen Babb.

Minutes Review – Approved with the following revision; ACE should be capitalized.

Race has basically broken even for the year.  They have an August event and are looking for volunteers.   The Race banquet will be November 15th at Bison Creek Pizza.  The Rally group is doing well and got some coverage on the X Games program.  The Solo sponsored quarterly meeting will be October 15th at BMP.  The Norpac Convention is coming up and NWR is the host region. We still need subjects for discussion and volunteers to help coordinate the forums.  The Region Banquet will be on February 17th at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Renton.  Elections are coming up.  The treasurer position is still open.  If anyone is interested please let Jerry know. The region voted to purchase three shoe horns which are tools that help with removing people from their vehicles in case of accidents.  This way they do not have to cut off the roof.

Treasurer’s Report – Packwood has now been paid in full for the year.  


WWSCC Report – The Coneheads practice was held and made about $1100.  It was smaller than anticipated with 53 drivers.  They left the option open to hold another practice before the banquet with dates in late October still available in Everett.  Sportscar Spectacular was the following day and also had a low turnout.  The event went well and after a vote by the group, was approved as a Championship event.  The following weekend was Miatacross. The course had some tricky elements with a lot of people missing gates between the upper and lower portions of the lot.  Weather was split with rain on and off most of the day.  After a vote, Miatacross was approved as a championship event.  The NWDE event is coming up and then Enduro will follow that. 


Equipment Report – Brian was not in attendance.  For the record Jerry stated that Brian has worked incredibly hard this year and really deserves a round of applause for what a great job he is doing!  Jess has also become an incredible asset to our region.  Thank you Brian and Jess! 




2006 Pro Solo (8/5 -8/6) – With the slight exception of lower than anticipated turnout Alan felt that the weekend went really well.  Stacy’s course was incredibly challenging, and Alan has seen some good comments on different websites.  A big thank you goes out to Keith and Kristi Brown for all of their efforts above and beyond their responsibility as Chief of Workers.  A comment was made that had Alan had a co-chair or SLDO the small details that help the overall organization of an event could have been better.  Having a person in that position would have ensured that things got done like, putting water in the coolers for corner stations, emptying garbages, coordinating parking, etc.  We are hoping for another event next year, and Jerry felt this was a good possibility.  Low turnout could be attributed to the fact that we swapped the date with the NT.  Jerry made a decision to pay for dinner for those that stayed around until the very end and would like the region to cover that.  A motion was made and approved. 


Evolution Schools (August 8 – 11) – We had a bunch of students (93 total) and the week was very successful.  After all of the expenses, we have made a total of over $5000 and Keith would like to reimburse the two people that were unable to attend due to medical reasons.  After a discussion amongst the group a decision was made to refund their money less $50 to help cover administration and site fees.  This will help reinforce the fact that people cannot just drop out after committing to the program.  Kevin wants to remind the group that Keith did an incredible job organizing this whole thing and it was one of the best schools that Kevin has seen all over the United States. 


2006 National Tour – Things went reasonably well. Jerry received an email from Sandi on Thursday night at 11:00 p.m. requesting the course be set-up starting at 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning.  Unfortunately we were not prepared for this, but once that got squared away things ran smoothly.  There were a few car issues including broken wheels and shocks, but the National office seems fine with everything that happened.  A comment was made that we sold way too many practice runs on Friday afternoon, and this interfered with course walks on Friday night.  Bud also pointed out that there was not enough attention paid to setting up the cones and signage that prevent people from driving onto parts of the mill that were not open to entrants, or visitors.  Unfortunately, we ran out of cones and this couldn’t be helped.  We must purchase even more to have available next year.  The party was great, the weekend was great.  All of our Chiefs worked very hard, along with Jerry and Keith.  Thanks for everyone’s hard work.  Apparently there were some trailers that were left inside the building even after it was announced that they must be moved outside.  As our event is only going to get bigger it’s even more important than ever that we control this in the future.  Since the California region has lost their Atwater site, we should anticipate over 300 entrants next summer.  Jerry is still taking $20 donations for storing trailers throughout the week. 




July 23 – (BMP) – Karl and Amy were event chairs.  It was HOT - close to 100 degrees!!!  Five runs were had by all, and there were a couple of people who may have actually been suffering from heat stroke.  Thank you to the six people who actually stayed around to help tear down - Glen, Glenn, Annie, Jerry, Karl and Amy.  The event was great, thanks Karl and Amy!! 


September 3 (BMP) – Aaron will be the event chair.  The plan is to use the Porsche course backwards.  We are still looking for a bus driver, anyone interested please contact Aaron.


October 15 (BMP) – Shelbi & Kevin will be event chairs.  We will use the course presented by Karen Babb.




2007 Solo Chair - We are still looking for a replacement for Jerry Lamb.  Jerry will not be filling the position, so come January 1st he doesn’t know who will be running these meetings.  Anyone interested please contact Jerry now so that he can begin training you to take over the position.


Norpac Convention - We need people to help organize this event.  Solo is responsible for setting up all of the discussions, or round table type of group settings.  Bud has volunteered to set-up a round table regarding Solo data acquisition.  All volunteers willing to organize something would be appreciated.  If you contact Jerry he will let Sherri Masterson know you are working on something.  Alan suggested that someone come up with a discussion regarding how to utilize the internet to help build your region. 


Stolen Trailer – Back when the trailer was stolen Kevin paid for it to be recovered, and also to dump the garbage left inside.  These expenses have already been approved for reimbursement and he just needs to write something up to give to Lou Ann.


Time Trials – Currently Time Trials is currently in the red for $800. This $800 is being covered by Mark McCloskey and Jerry feels this isn’t a fair situation.  He is asking that we as a group think about helping this new venue survive and continue.  This is only their first year and several of the events over lapped with key Solo events.  A motion was made to cover this $800 from Solo since we have had such a successful year.  After a discussion the group agreed and a motion was made and seconded to make this “donation”.  It should be billed as seed money for 2007 to help support next year’s season.




A suggestion was made to add our website address, and event schedules to the course maps.  Bud will contact David Lewis. 


There have been a few people asking about running junior karts in our region.  A suggestion was made that we start the process now to find out exactly what we need to make this possible.  The key will be finding someone to be the “youth steward”.  Jerry will do a bit of research and bring it back at a future meeting for discussion.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:48 p.m.