SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 8/09/05

Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Shelbi Zigler, Fast Mike, Dick Willy, Tom LeCoque,

Karl Coleman, Karen Babb, Alan Dahl, Ron Bauer, and Kevin Dietz.

Visitors:  Amy Olsen, Erika Cowan

Minutes Review – Approved as written.

Board Report – Rally cross was held with about 80 people.  The Rally Cross is coming up soon. They are just getting their bylaws together to get set-up.  Race had a PDE with a fairly small entry.  Gross they made $23,000, which in turn was $7,000 total profit.   They actually broke even this season.  Time Trials held an event the same weekend as our National Tour.  Everyone that attended had a great time, and they broke even for the event.  Their next event is August 13th.  Our current membership is 1310.  The region is looking for people who would be speakers at other organizations such as Eagles Club, or Boyscouts, etc.  They would also like this person to be responsible for organizing these field trips.  Several board positions are coming up for election.  Please let Jerry know if you are interested in any additional information regarding open positions.  The region newsletter was left at the printing company and not distributed this month.  No one is quite sure why this happened.  Unfortunately, there are just not funds available to continue this benefit, and quite a few members have been lobbying that the region move to an electronic format and save money on any mailing fees.

Treasurer’s Report – Lots of activity based on numerous events in July. 


WWSCC Report – Two events have been held since the last meeting.  SCS, and Miatacross.  Both events went reasonably well.  They voted to go ahead and purchase a timer and timing lights for the council.  They will figure out storage once all of the equipment arrives and they determine if everything will all fit in the BEAC container.  They have decided against purchasing a display, it’s simply out of the budget at the moment.  They purchased a FM transmitter.  Next event is Enduro on August 28th.  Feedback for SCS: the course was very challenging, but overall there were no objections and a vote was passed to approve it as a championship event.  Feedback for Miatacross: The course, while tight and challenging, was reasonably fun to run. There was a large group of people in the morning with a lot of novices, and things got off to a slow start but things ended by 5:00 p.m.  A comment was made that even though the course was presented twice prior to the event, the course designer was not open to feedback and it ended up being very complicated because of this.  A vote was taken and the event has been approved for championship status.  Please note – there was one vote against this decision. 


Equipment Report – Bus is working great and ready to go for event #5.  Kevin also purchased more sticky notes for our inventory. 

A comment was made that bus drivers should NOT leave the bus without at least ½ tank of gas before it gets parked.  This will help expedite delivery of the bus to the next event.  After driving the bus down to Packwood Jason Spore has suggested that we purchase a transmission kit for the bus because it is NOT shifting properly.  The group suggested that something might be out of adjustment because this just started happening since the engine has been replaced.  Kevin will take the bus out to Jason’s employment after Event #5 so it can be taken care of.



Specialty Chiefs – We still need a Chief of Course.  At this late date in the season, it will now be the responsibility for each event chair to find someone to design the course.  Dick Willy has volunteered to cover non-stock registration.




August 14 (Bremerton): Kevin Dietz/Gretchen Everett are the Event Chairs.  Everything is coming together. 


September 4:  (Bremerton): Erika Cowan has volunteered to chair this event.


September 24 – 25 (Bremerton): Still need a chair for both the practice on Saturday and the event on Sunday.


October 16 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


Outlaw Pro Solo – We had a total of 61 entrants.  Things went fairly well for a while, and then we started having timing issues, specifically with certain vehicles.  Ralph was amazed that our region took the time and effort to develop our own Pro Solo and could not believe how similar our event was.  The group gave a huge round of applause to Jerry Lamb for all of his hard work to develop the software, and all of the equipment.  A second round of applause was given to Jodi Fordahl and Anna Goeke who also worked tirelessly all day long on Sunday in the timing van.  Without these three people, we could NOT have held this event.  Although we had some issues, the event was great and everyone really seemed to have a wonderful time.  It was suggested that IF we hold another Pro Solo next year that we try to schedule it the weekend after the National Tour.  There were several people that were concerned about breaking their cars before the NT, which probably hindered the attendance.  A comment was made that Joe’s courses were excellent and although everyone appreciates all of Jerry’s hard work, the timing issues were very painful and that in the future the group should agree to spend additional funds to help eliminate the things that Jerry hasn’t already figured out.  A motion was made and approved that our 2006 capital budget show an allocation of  $1500 to spend on improving the Pro Solo timing equipment. 


Evolution Schools – 76 people signed up and ran the schools. There was only one student that could not complete the school.  He wasn’t feeling well and just couldn’t bring himself up to getting on the course.  Everyone had a great time and Keith received several emails thanking him.  Keith did a great job… thanks so much for organizing everything.  The instructors were all great and everyone worked very hard to get things accomplished.  A decision has been made that all future organizers will receive two free school entries.  Keith suggested that we at least consider the possibility of running the schools during the weekend.  There is a possibility of holding them at Cheney earlier in the year.  We did charge a little bit more this year and were able to actually make some additional dollars.


National Tour – It was suggested by the group that we either purchase more port-a-potties, or have them pumped out during the weekend.  The weekend was AWESOME!  Competition was completed at 1:10 p.m. on Saturday and there were actually fun runs provided which is only the third time is history that this has happened. Competition was completed at 1:08 on Sunday and we were totally off-site by 5:30 p.m.  The social was fantastic and we made almost $2500 selling raffle tickets.  The tricycle racing was also a great success.  Because of all of the events in July we were able to donate a huge amount of money to Packwood.  This makes SCCA look good and keeps the town people very happy.  A comment that we should ensure that the schedule on our website should match the schedule on our contract.


Time Trials – Last event of the season is on Saturday, August 13th.  They are looking for participants to help make this new venue successful so that we can continue offering these types of events next year.  The cost is $100 and all late fees will be waived to help increase attendance.  Mark is doing a great job and wants desperate to keep this alive.  He has been working VERY hard and is looking for people to help out.  He has done a great job of disclosing all of his financial information to help make sure the region knows exactly what his plans are. 


Novice School – With the month of July being SO busy, we haven’t made any progress with this yet.


Packwood September 24th/25th – Another discussion was held regarding whether we split this event.  A motion was made that we leave this event as a standard format until further review this winter.  A vote was taken and approved that we will leave this event AS IS.

We will NOT be splitting the days.


Steak Fry in Topeka - We will be holding our annual steak fry on Tuesday night.  There will be an early and a late seating.  If you are interested in joining us please talk to Gretchen Everett.


Three Car Drivers - It was brought to the attention of the group that some people felt our “No Three Car Drivers” rule is appalling and should be reconsidered.  After further discussion it was determined that the rule was enforced as written and this group can readdress the rule at the next rules meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.