8/12/03 Minutes

Visitors –


Minutes Review

Approved with a few spelling changes. 

Board Report

Solo gave update of National Tour and other recent events.  Race spoke about a high performance car clinic held at Bremerton last weekend.  There was also a double national that same weekend.  August 23/24 Nascar will be holding an event at Pacific Raceways.  This will be a huge event and they are looking for volunteers to work in the SCCA tent, advertising autocrossing.  Volunteering to work will gain you free entry into the event.  SCCA would like to see people from each of the venues volunteering at this event.  There will be electronic equipment there to show the SCCA video produced by National Office.  Val says that he does not have the large autocross map. Any volunteers can send Karl an email.  Rally held an event.  Weather was wet and slippery.  Rally café actually made over $700 of profit at the National Tour.  Suggestions were made that there was an opportunity to raise their prices.  Pro Rally held an event at the Oregon Trail.  Unfortunately, a driver and navigator were both killed.  Wild West Rally will be held the second week in September.  Club Rally is now running full speed again, after a local visit from Steve Johnson.  A planning meeting will be held in October.  Please bring any suggestions to the September meeting that will be rescheduled to fit in with Nationals.  


Treasurer’s Report

See attached sheet.  A lot of activity due to National Tour and Evolution Schools. There is some question regarding the total dollar amount charged for sanikans throughout the weekend.  We should have been charged for 12 units, plus two watering stations.  Lou Ann will contact the company directly to discuss. 

WWSCC Report


BEAC Enduro is coming up on August 24th.  Miatacross still needs to be approved as a championship event.  Because of the rain, there was an incident and a car had to be towed.  An announcement was made at that point that anyone who wanted to go home was welcome to go home.  Because of this announcement by the event officials, there were several people who ran in the first group who never finished their work assignments.  The event was also running late due to weather (lightening) and timing issues.  A group discussion followed regarding SCCA’s position on this vote.  The group was split.  People felt that event officials should have been much clearer in their communication of what exactly was going to happen with the event, rather than leaving their options open.  But others felt that officials tried to communicate as much as they could, given all of the different negative things affecting the situation.  Seven in favor of keeping the event and three against it.  Several people abstained.  The vote passes.  The group felt it was extremely important to go back to the council and share with them that we felt because the “rules” were followed it was passed, but we expect that a great deal of attention should be paid to this type situation in the future.  The Understeer/Oversteer events were approved with several positive comments.  Great Event!  What an organized club!

Equipment Report


Bus Cooling – Karl has contacted Brett Spore researching solutions.  To cool it down we should remove the radiator and bring it too the radiator shop.  This is a major problem in general about 80% of the time the radiator will need to be replaced.  It this option doesn’t work, to cool the engine enough we probably have an “over fueling” problem.  To solve this we will need to get an injector pump ($1200) and nozzles.  Brett’s company would be happy to make any changes that we think we may need.  A new Datcon gauge will be $117.76, for a Stewart Warner it would be $150.00.  Labor to install these gauges is estimated at $75 for one hour.  After dealing with the bus at NT, Scott can confirm that we probably do have an over fueling problem.  Karl recommends that we get the bus to Brett & Jason Spore’s shop to have the entire situation evaluated.  A suggestion was made and agreed upon that we bring the bus to West Seattle Radiator first.  The owner is a long-time SCCA road racer and friend of Val’s for the past 30 years. We can then bring it to the second shop to address the fuel issue.  At the last meeting a suggestion was made to lighten the load of the bus.  Karl noticed at the NT that we currently have 400 pounds of lime stored in the bus.  This could easily be moved to storage.  This will also help clear up space.  Dick Willy has volunteered to meet us at the BEAC container.  Apparently, there are 3 or 4 bad extinguishers that can be removed also.


File Cabinet – Bud has taken measurements and will get together with Karen to get things installed. 


Bus Supplies Checklist – Jodie is currently working on this.

Old Business


Bremerton NT – Scott received two complaints.  One prior to the event regarding hotels and the lack there of. 

There was also an issue regarding the banquet and the lack of communication between BMP and Scott and whether or not we could have alcoholic beverages.  A mentally note has been made to contact BMP regarding this issue before we sign the contract for the weekend.  Scott was also concerned about the t-shirts.  Because of the process used to produce them, the shirts were actually scorched during the manufacturing.  Because of the quick turnaround of our order the proper procedures were not followed.  The company has agreed to offer a credit back to and/or replace any shirts that cannot be cleaned up properly.  Anyone who contacts Scott regarding the yellowing shall be given a refund.  The group was upset that the Acura people who used the site during the week left a great deal of “stuff” for us to deal with.  It took approximately 3 hours to remove the lime left on the course; they left a tent on-site and also moved the garbage cans so they were unable to dump them during the regular schedule.  BMP has already agreed that Acura will be billed for any of our inconveniences.  Scott will contact BMP to rectify the situation.  Jerry wanted to thank everyone who went out of his or her way to help him with clean up.  They were finished before National Office was wrapped up.  Bud also wanted to thank his course crew; Jodie and Tom and Terri and Nash.


Evolution Schools – Ron felt that things went pretty well considering all of the challenges they faced while organizing the event.  A lesson was learned that it is VERY important to have one person fully in-charge of the event in the future to help deal these issues.  Despite a lot of stress the few days prior to the event, both students and instructors had a great time during the school.  Acura will be paying for two days worth of site fees since we were displaced from BMP.  The contact at Cheney was great to work with.  People felt that Cheney was a better location to hold the event and would recommend looking at it if we hold another school next year.


Timing Equipment Damage Update – Kelley Picasso has informed Karl that we purchased an entirely new set up from JA Circuits.  Kelley will see if the old/damaged equipment is still functional at the next SCCA event, so that a decision can be made how much of the cost shall be forwarded to Lou Greenberg. 


Cordless Microphone – At the last meeting Kevin agreed to look into acquiring one of these.  Nash saw that Radio Shack was having a great sale.  A motion was made and approved to purchase two wireless microphones for a total no more than $200.  Kevin Dietz will make the purchase.


New timing equipment damage – At the last practice at terminal 25, one of the laser photo heads was damaged.  The laser still admits light, but the stand, aligner, and cable on the laser were damage.  Since these materials were brand new Kelley would like to purchase new equipment to replace these and charge Lou Greenberg.  The group felt that we should send the original equipment back to see how much it will cost to repair them, and then charge Lou that total instead.  A suggestion was made to see if there is some way we could mount this new equipment inside a protective box.  


New Business


Event #6 (8/31) BMP – Stock runs in the afternoon.  We still need an event chair.  Karl will send out a notice to the autocross list looking for a volunteer who does not know Ron and Annie (wedding 8/30)!  : )


Sept. Solo II Meeting – Karl would like to reschedule the event for the third Tuesday of the month due to the Nationals conflict.  The date will be September 16th.


Event #7 (10/19) BMP – We still need an event chair for this event.  Jerry Lamb has volunteered to do this.  A suggestion was made that we make this a Halloween event.  Maybe a car costumes contest.


Site Committee Update – Dick is extremely busy.  With Nationals upcoming and his son’s wedding he hasn’t done much as of lately.  There are some new developments with the Shelton location.  He will contact their director next week.  BMP may not be around for long.  The site will be developed within the next three years.  Because of this, they are looking at creating a new motor sports facility.  This facility may be large enough to hold a Solo II, road race and rally event all at the same time.  This is currently a pipe dream, but may come to fruition at sometime in our lives. Bruce from BMP is looking for a volunteer to direct a committee to help develop this idea. 


Need New Novice Focal for 8/31 event - Jodie and Tom will be out of town for the next event and will need help with Novice instructors.  Tim has volunteered to cover the afternoon (stock) half of the day.  We will still need someone to cover the morning half of the day.  Lou Ann has volunteered to cover this half of the day.  Thanks Tim and Lou Anne!


The meeting was adjourned at 9:29 p.m.