8/10/02 Minutes


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Board Report


Misc.  add on here….

Treasurer’s Report


Need to talk to Rudy about check for sponsorship of National Tour. 


Starting to do balance sheet of what assets we have vs. liablities.

Equipment Report


We now have a place for the cones, fire extinguishers, etc. in the trailer. 


When we borrowed the PCA equipment for our Yakima event, the wind blew over the display and it broke one of the segments in the 10ths segment.  They will get an estimate and let us know, but it probably won’t be until winter.


Karl got cones for the Region (100) they were at Jim’s Detail, and need to be loaded in the bus.  Also need to be cured (put out and individually cured to harden them up.)


Old Business


Site Marketing Committee (Dick Willy)  - Packwood….. Lumber Mill isn’t quite up to it, but the tourism committee is still working on.  We may be able to run our 9/22 event there.  Shelton…..  They’ve turned down local people wanting to do spectator motorsports, and it doesn’t fit in to “Master Plan.”  They will be bringing it up in their annual meeting in January 2003, to see if they can allow it in the Master Plan.


On-Line Registration is up for SCCA #5.  There are some changes being done to the program, and Scott is doing Beta testing to the program, to be able to sell to others.


Most reports were that the event went well.   Bud talked to Tasha, and she said that all went well.  Waivers could have been better.  Too many cones on the course, and that it was too tight for Saturday.  One suggestion was to run a big car through the course to test for how well the course flowed.  Reports were that the dinner and social were better than last year, funny thing is that the caterers were the same as last year.  Bud thought that things went smoother than last year.  Bud thanks BSCC for their help!  Chiefs did a great job.  It was great having Joe take complete responsibility for the course, including set up.  Joe even thought Saturday was too tight.  Bud felt it was more technical.  Use of taxiway was very good, avoiding cars going off.  Thursday set-up for grid worked very well, though the Evolution schools were kind of the in the way somewhat.  Waivers could have been done better, but Michael thought National Office was going to take over after Saturday morning, and National Office didn’t understand that.  Porta-potties were sufficient.  We ordered 132 t-shirts, we have 2 left.  We told Jeremiah that we would give free entry to the Tour.  He was unable to make the Tour, so we’re giving him two free entries to local events.  For next year…..  Definitely doing grid and pits setup on Thursday.  We should have a co-Chief for the Test & Tune on Friday to make sure we have everything.  We should also check all supplies about a month ahead to make sure we have everything.  Servicing of porta-potties should be done better.  On Friday setup, we should have all chiefs having radios so that they can communicate.  Work assignments should be more equitable on time.  Timing/Scoring normally works 4 hours between the two days, but impound only works ˝ hour a day….  We need an attitude adjustment for the Region that people need to be more open to helping out beyond their normal duty….  Thanks to those who stuck around Sunday evening for clean up (Ron Bauer, Karl Coleman, Scott Miller, Keith, Jerry, Bud, Brent and Kelley Picasso, Annie Gill.)  Make sure we break out the expenses, so that we bill the National Office correctly….  For teardown, we need to make sure that the blower is working, and that we have everything else we need.  Karen has used blower at Nationals for the past few years as Chief of Course.  Grid needs to watch more for leaking cars.  It seemed that all of the Prepared/Mod cars that had the most chance to leak, ended up on the good pavement.  Maybe we just mirror the whole thing and put Grid “A” on the right, with the low grid numbers on the right


Evolution went very well.


Event #5, we need a Chair.  All duties are taken care of, except needing one SS for the stock half of the day.  Need to ask BEAC about who to give charitable contribution for Event #5.

New Business


Nationals.  Mike needs to call to see about getting “Party Room”


Event #6 at Bremerton on September 1st.  Kevin Dietz to Chair.


Event #7 at TBD, we need an Event Chair.


Things Oregon Region does…..

            Chief of Workers for year gets free rulebook

            They have a “Chiefs Only” event during the year.  Each person that has been a Chief gets one free entry for themselves, plus one extra.  They have about 50 people at this event that can take as many runs as they want.  Bud would like us to consider this as a special thing to recognize those that contribute to the Region most….


Lou Ann volunteers to take care of Solo Bucks for Solo.


No September meeting.



Good of the Order