SCCA Solo Meeting

August 14, 2001



Randy Lawson (AS, S2000, yellow)


Board Report: 

Race considering whether to continue at Monroe.  Race RE talked to SIR – may do Double Nationals there in 2002.

Rally Café went well.

1458 members – info mailed.

IRS – money returned $1700.  Status….

Region hosting a FIA Rally in 2003; prototype in 2002.  Overlaps Nationals.  Need 450 people to work the event.

Two Board positions opening at year-end.  Interested Solo people….

Next meeting Sept 10.

Division convention items; let Mike Leuty know about ideas.  Karl Coleman – event management software.


Treasurer’s report:

 See attached report.  Made $1812 dollars on raffle at NT.

Cash on hand:$xx.xx.


Equipment Report:

We have fire extinguishers!

Easy Up; missing one found.  In meantime, Val bought another one.  Buy new hardware for our existing one, given we have a new one?  We have a spare canvas. MSP: pay Val (in case hadn’t voted before).

Discussion about FM system.  Karl will investigate, on behalf of Joe Goeke.


Old Business:

Site committee…no activity.  Mike has attempted to contact Chehalis.

Promo package needed for Whidby NAS, other.

Evolution school went well; some schedule mix-ups, entrants from several locations outside the Region.


NT: 243 entrants; income about $xx; expenses about $xx.  Lots of sponsorships; about $xx in cash, above merchandise.  Mix up in getting door prize commitments from Fordahl MS.  Discussion.

Lessons learned: start early (Feb/Mar), e.g., conflict with Blaine Street Solo , other (one week earlier –ok with National); setup a problem (begin Thursday with grid, paddock, parking).  Next year – chiefs only meeting leading up to event.  Need Chiefs of teardown, sanicans, ….  Registration not open late enough, given location (traffic…).  Controlled by National – need to address with National.  Changes in procedures from previous years not well communicated.  T-shirts: next year, hold design contest with award to winner.  Need to start early in year.  Make limited number, e.g. 100, so we don’t end up with excess inventory. 
End product will need to accommodate National’s requirements.  Randy Lawson volunteered to start the process.


Safety.  Six students went through Safety Steward (SS) training; Karl Coleman, Scott Miller, Bud Bohrer, Trever McDermott, Dick Willy, Larry Imbeau.  Need to work 2 events under SS.  Ideas from Wayne Reuter; SS check out Tech, National cert for Tech chief, not in favor of annual tech.  Discussion with Jim Wilson; certain cars being looked at for rollover potential, how to standardize what wheeled “toys” can/can’t be used in pits.  NT; SS need site map well before the event. 


New Business:

Event 5 – Aug. 26, Yakima Sundome.  Craig Anderson & Bob Forsberg agreed to be SSs.  Looking for other than Bob, since he’s done his two.  Expect lots of locals to participate.  Site agreement sent.  Sundome will supply sanicans & site monitor. 


Event 6 – Bremerton, Labor Day weekend (Sunday). 


Sept 30 event?  Need chair.


Oct. 21 – Bremerton.  Jodi; BMW event?  Check on potential conflict.


BC Challenge, Sept. 22/23.  On CCAC website.  Mike L. will send note.


Saturday events?   Lots of work conflicts.  Discussion; practices, safety stewards, chiefs….