August 8, 2000


·                    None new, standard regulars.


Board Report

·                    Waiting on IRS for tax situation

·                    Jay Braton new Race Asst. RE.

·                    Monroe race went well.

·                    Rally sprints & qtr meeting. Joy got fun run!

·                    Sept 15-16 National Rally on Speedvision.

·                    Need new SOLO editor and photographer.

·                    Next qtrly meeting – SOLO – site/event tbd

·                    Need SOLO rep. on region banquet committee.

·                    Elections – Joy stepping down as RE.

Currently only Mike Leuty as SOLO reps on 2001 board.

·                    Joe Goeke is new region web master

·                    Walla Walla chapter money received. Money to be donated to Walla Walla parks department.  Joy draft cover letter.



Treasurer’s Report

·                    Report submitted by Bud.

·                    July 31, 2000 balance $24,353.32

·                    Request from treasure to please cash region checks!

·                    Bud announced his intent to retire as SOLO treasure at the end of 2000.

·                    Need volunteer to work with Bud to transition responsibilities.



Equipment Report

·                    Thanks to Kevin and Jim’s Detail for excellent job!

·                    Graphics job was more than expected. Kevin proposed splitting the bill between Jim’s Detail, Fordahl Motorsports, and the region.

·                    Dick Willy proposed the region refund Kevin/Jim’s Detail for $495.04 and the region approach Fordahl Motorsports for donating $250. PASSED


·                    Bus loaded with proper equipement.

·                    Caution tape acquired.

·                    Radio’s painted in lime green.

·                    Helmets in and used at NT.

·                    Helmet case – Val Korry working.

·                    Fire extinguishers ordered.


·                    Thanks to Sara at University Honda for deal on helmets.


Old Business

Site Committee update

·                    No new news.

National Tour – July 29th & 30th, Bremerton Raceway

·                    NT shirts – all but 50 shirts sold. Only XL left. Total costs $2707.25
Motion to pay Kevin $2007.25, Kevin to provide shirt receipts of approx $1,500. Passed.

General Comments:
      Better coordination w/ BSCC regarding timing/scoring.

      Some left over garbage, Colin Watson personally cleaned excess day after event.

      Good event comments.

      Saturday went slow.

      Worker change over slow. Need to address better for next year.

      Grid issues? Miss-communication issues? Dual drivers. Length

      Great party

      Might want to tip outfit that provided service.  Passed that we send a tip.

            Rally got charged $300 for the use of the vending shed at the last minute.  Approved to cover this cost of them.

·                    Wendover Pro

            17 folks attended.  Laura Molleker won Ladies Challenge.  Jodi Fordahl was 3rd.

·                    Snake River Divisional coming up.

·                    Street Drag Autocross this weekend.

25 workers, got T-shirts from nationals.

·                    NW motor magazine event.

Finding a site.  Suggest Emerald Downs should be available.  They are working the details.

·                    Event #7.  No site available, so this event will be dropped.  Port of Seattle, terminal 5 needs to be looked into.


New Business

New Event #7            In Bremerton, need a chair, Jodi isn’t available.  Will ask Karl and Wayne to see if they will chair this one instead of #7.


Solo Nationals and Pro Finally in four weeks.  $64 is the suppressive rate.  Ron was quoted $69.  Group number is 14752.  Steak fry needs a focal person.  Monday around 7pm is normal time.  McKamey walk through is same night.  Dick Willy is going to focal the steak fry.


No meeting in September.


Request to get a junior cart program.  No one wants to take this on.  Plenty of young drivers that have requested or shown interest.  Rule book has a section on it.


Event #8            Possible sites:  Emerald Downs and Port of Seattle.


Cone heads plans need to start.


Need to send National office bills and letter for NT costs.  225 entrants, or 250 with Bremerton.


Good of the Order