Minutes: 7/13/99


Call to order


Visitors:  Dan & Linda Miklovic (check spelling), Milt & Gertrud Horst


Board Report: Brief meeting!  Regional membership meeting August 7 at ORV park Rally.  May be able to go for rides with Rally folks.  Need Boeing’s BBQ’s for Tour and Pro Concessions.  Get propane.  Sean can bring one if needed.  Taxes discussed, worst case $20.00 per day from May 15 (due date).


Treasurer’s report:  McKamey takes the big bite on expenses.  We had taken in entry fees in the last several months, all of the expenses came due at the same time.  Regional series doing well, schools have done well, too.  Problem with reimbursing people in a year for over $600.00, it could create tax reporting headaches. 


Region Treasurer Report:  Working with IRS.  Please have treasurer write the check for an expense, rather than reimbursement.  It could be considered as income, and makes it taxable.  Need to plan ahead.  Emphasis on need of receipts.  Kudos to Dan for hard work done on tax problem.


Equipment Report:  We have equipment, and it usually works!  People have reported bugs with radios and display, but it has not shown that problem during the chair’s observations. PA questions.  New wires, courtesy of Jeff Newman, Val hopes that a thank-you letter is sent.  New cones, sitting on the container.  Also got 500’ of bunting on Leutys’ dining room table, but it does not say Kumho, let’s see if we can get some more… Has anyone arranged for tie-downs for easy-ups?  Have sandbags, but nothing to attach them with.  San Francisco region had 5 gallon buckets with sand, discussion on obtaining some.


Informal discussion of having salmon at Roadkill Café, heartily agreed to!


Old Business


Regional #4 6/20:  Weather big factor, rain in the afternoon on the stock cars. 


Open Practice 7/10: 79 people?  Easy to run both morning and afternoon.  Did discussion of “reserving” key spots for National Tour or Pro entrants scare people away?  People liked the event format, allot set amount of time, and if it ends early, allow more runs.


WWSCC Meeting Report:  WWSCC #4 Beauty and the Beast.  Rules have not been followed, request from Council to for each club to vote on Championship Status.  Discussion on rules violations, and does Championship status just entail following rulebook, or does overall atmosphere contribute?  Vote asked for from just those who attended this event: 5 Vote to revoke, 1 to retain.

Vote from all:  Vote to revoke status.

Val moves Championship status put on probation for next event, no 2nd.

Discussion of WWSCC #1 (Chuckanut event)


National Tour: Everything is coming together.  250 entrants as of today, 100 entries just Monday.  (wow)  Ads were attempted in several publications, those that have the ad coming out too late to matter.  Course: Sean says 5 workstations, numbering of cones taking place Thursday, worker volunteers are being hunted.  Need for asphalt patch?  Quickcrete – great stuff!  Comes in plastic buckets, won’t cure until mixed with water. Safety: have list of people.  Parking: Byron Sandborn is doing parking.  Grid:  Tristan has plenty of workers, has assistance from Karen when she’s working.  Laminated grid sheets, won’t melt in rain or squirt gun attacks.  Impound: Bill says everyone is working double shifts.  Tech: Aaron has it covered, couldn’t be here tonight.  Extra rulebooks are on hand! Chiefs: tech & registration should be available for chiefs ½ hour early.  SLDO is doing wonderful job.  Timing: Jodi is OK.  Lots of people to choose from.  Protest: Greg is leaving town tomorrow, we will make him choose his crew tonight.  Announcers: Scotty has everyone, Tim needs list.  Workers: Tim feels fine, he’s getting all the info he needs.  List is being FedEx’ed to Gretchen.  No problems anticipated.  Fourteen Jr. Karts, what is issue with making them work?  Check with Denver, working 5th heat, garbage detail could be great.  Battle of 2nd Generation Autocrossers!  Warning!  Run groups may be changed, 3 classes had to be changed since groups are out of balance.  There will be a police challenge.   Five confirmed plus one possible, we’re likely to run them in fourth run group.  Benefits Teddy Bear Patrol again?  Party: There will be beer.  Buffet with deli sandwiches,all you can eat, fruit trays, teriyaki chicken, wine, non-alcoholic fluids, etc.  If we go through 2 kegs, hotel will go to no-host beverages.  2 bars will be available, hard liquor will be available no-host.  Happy hour 5:30-6:30, meal starts 6:30 to 8:00.  Bars open as late as we want.  Parking should be OK.  Door prizes!  Hooray!  Holiday Inn is donating Gift Certificates for suite.  NWR will donate 2 entries to National Championships.  Additional roll of tickets have been purchased.  Both inside and outside seating will be available, around pool.  Upper room later for presentations and raffle.  Shirt sales?  Has been covered.  Starbucks plagiarizing for T-shirts.  Chief’s caps will be “fisherman” caps, (gilligan!)  T-shirts & polos; polos in Charcoal, burgandy & black, T’s in ash.  Registration: with 250 people, added registration staff to expedite process.  Getting books and wristbands.  Paul Peck will do pictures again this year.  SLDO requests coolers from people.  SaniKan discussion.  Are they being serviced Saturday night?  No. Lot sweeping Monday, again on Thursday, Saturday and Monday. 


ProSolo: Chair is not here.  Bid package has been approved, course has crossover at North end.  Setup Monday after tour?  Reminder that we need to talk to BEAC to allow site access and obtain focal.  Chiefs need to pick workers and advise Carol who they are.  Need safety stewards?  Denver may provide?  By the way, need one for this Friday mini-course & Kart clinic.  Ron Babb is still recruiting challenge workers.


McKamey School 7/22: phase 1 is full, but no wait list.  Phase 2 has some openings left.  Need 1 timing person and McKamey will pay $90 for day.  Need coordinator and safety steward. 


Other old business:none


New business


Novice school in August: Course instructor recruitment begins!  Write article for NWSCN.  What is feeling for no preregistration?  It took a lot of excess time.  Need safety steward.  Bret nor Sean feels they are able to do Novice Chair next year. 


Bud discusses expenses again, if venues want to keep accounts separate, then they need to start going over expense accounts and submit to regional treasurer.  Proposal that Treasurer has authority to spend up to $50, over that requires additional approval of Solo RE, major expenses require approval of Solo Committee.  Lets get checks ahead of time, rather than reimbursement route.  Note: this is not new procedure, just better documentation enforcement. 


Clubhouse Inn in Topeka – has group for NWR region, or under Mike Leuty.  Rooms for $64, suites for $89.  Call (785) 273-8888 for reservations!  If they don’t know what you’re talking about, ask to speak to Doris Walker, the manager.  Steak Fry, what night?  Monday may work the best.  We had 2 seatings last year.  Hospitality suite again.  For those that remember Mark Petty, he transferred his membership back to this region, he’ll stay at the Clubhouse with us. 


Adjourn to GOO at 9:30PM.