Notes from the NWR/SCCA Solo II Meeting of 7/14/98:

Guests: Richard Nix of Evergreen Speedway attended our meeting, with information regarding the oval tracks at Monroe. The big tracks are 50’ wide. The 5/8 and 3/8 mile ovals have banking, the smallest one does not. The small one also has a figure-8 configuration. Craig: the setup could be much like the way Yakima Speedway has been used. Richard: there are lights, so we can run day or night. There are plenty of bleachers for spectators. What would the fee for usage be? Richard: the manager is open to discussion regarding fees. We’d probably be talking about next year, since the rest of this year is pretty well booked. Stacey M has apparently been up there and discussed potential use of it as an autocross site. A "back gate split" would be an even split of the entry fee proceeds, whatever that would be. Stacey: the reason for doing a split would be that the first few events might be small in turnout. There would be concessions in the pit area for the drivers. No fees would be charged for spectators. Discussion of advertising restrictions, SCCA Solo II rules followed. Stacey: Evergreen is much bigger and nicer than Yakima, the surface isn’t very bumpy. The biggest issue he sees is the closeness to the walls. The track is going to be adding pavement in the pit area. Bill B: we should get a handful of people including at least one safety steward to go out to the track and inspect it as a potential site.

NWR Board: Rainier Autosports is doing food for the Tour, NWR Rally is doing it for the Pro. There is a parade in Issaquah in Oct 3rd called the Salmon Days parade. They would like to have a Solo car for the parade. Val: the parade route is about 1-1/3 miles long, he is the contact for it and they need to know ASAP. We have a Regional on the 4th. A participating car needs to have $100,000 liability insurance. We think WWSCC and/or SCCA insurance takes care of that. Joe G. thinks his Miata would do. An RFP (request for proposal) for publishing the newsletter will be published in the next issue of NWSCN. Copies also available from the Web page, or from Joy if you need a separate copy.

Treasury: Bud says there’s nothing unique; we have money.

Tour: Gretchen inventoried the site for crayons, dolomite, other stuff. She has a list of things to get. Discussion on crayons and their use. Course setup and marking, and registration packet stuffing, will be at the site on Thursday. Joe and Dave will go shopping for supplies after work on Wednesday. Gretchen has reviewed the run/work order with National Office, and it’s not going to change.

Joy needs ad writeups for announcing in the Timing vehicle.

Mike: Formula Junior isn’t on there, but they can run with F125. We have 226 entrants as of today. Byron Sanborn is our paddock marshall, and will supervise car/trailer/big-rig parking. Dave B: he has himself, Cindi, and Dean Kuhn for his "course crew", but needs another person. Ideally this would be someone in the 1st and 2nd heats. Eric Armstrong, with a gray 510 in EP, would volunteer but he’s in the 3rd heat. Bud can help Thurs/Fri; Bill Kim can help Sat/Sun (Bud runs 4th, Bill runs 2nd). Dave can be at the site around 5 on Thursday.

The Friday practice runs from 10 to 2, so after that we can fix marks and line. Val: the sweeper is coming on Saturday around 6-6:30. Gretchen has arranged for the party caterers to hold back some food for the people working the site late. Dave has set up 5 corner stations. There will be coolers at the stations.

T-shirts: Craig Anderson reports that he has sold about half of the 48 polos he has. He says that it is possible to get more between the Tour and Pro. Special orders are okay as long as people pay in advance. We’re going to have 150 T-shirts, and if we run out we can order more in lots of 12. The hats come in 4 Eddie-Bauer-ish color schemes in addition to the Chiefs’ yellow ones.

"Accucross" would like to come out and demo their event software to people at the Tour. It is also a single-event system. Joe: he wants to set up a booth for attendees to get information if they are interested. Jim B: does vendor space cost money? Joy: No.

Friday practice: Gretchen has volunteers to help with this. It’s an 18-second course, intended for suspension tuning and tire break-in. If you work on Friday from 8-2, you get to run this course for free. Bill B: when he drove it the course was more like 30 seconds. It’s open 10-2, volunteers need to be there 8-2.

Susan has arranged an espresso kart for both days at the Tour; we’ll need to have him there by 7 a.m. She also has dinner tickets and flyers for packet stuffing. Gretchen will need a check for Bubba’s Tavern to pick up the keg(s); Bud will take care of this. Sharon R. asked if cash is okay for a door prize. Victory’s donation may also be allocated toward the party budget. Greg F. will donate two alignments for door prizes.

Equipment: We need to make sure there’s a computer in Registration; Jodi will bring hers. Ron will bring our timing to have around for backup. Audit car: Joy will have the Region pace car.

Decals: Sharon R. reports that she is out and National Office didn’t have many worth pursuing. There may be some on the truck.

Solo Week stuff: Brianne reports that she has the "guidebook" ready with the schedule for the week’s activities and a list of touristy attractions. One of these will be in every Registration packet. No activity at Bremerton on Thursday of that week. Brianne has arranged an informal gathering at the Red Door Tavern in Fremont, with lots of beers and good food. The S.I.R. track day will be listed as an activity for those interested. We can get the guidebooks printed for $48 if we fold and staple them ourselves; this will happen at the stuffing party on Thursday.

Pro Solo: Course has been setup and marked. Length should be 30-35 seconds. Joe has contacted all of his chiefs, and is still looking for Bob F. and George Emery to cover Safety Steward positions. Mike Leuty is also planning on doing this. Joe needs a BEAC focal: Mike L. can split this with someone. NWR Rally will be doing the food. Joe needs someone to be in charge of making sure we have coolers and water. Gretchen will keep track of the herd she has for Tour. Susan C. volunteers to be the Water Goddess. Friday night food will be provided by Arturo’s.

Glen H still needs people for Impound.

Layout: Pro pre-Grid will be in the "small lot". Pit layout will flip some of the areas north-south, except perhaps for big rig parking.

Ron wants $300 or so budgeted for T-shirts and beer for his Challenge workers. This was approved with no opposition. His workers need to meet at noon on Sunday the 26th at the BEAC clubhouse.

Regional series: Event #4 used dual grids and 3 groups in the afternoon; both methods worked well. This might not work at other sites.

Computing Committee: The group met and viewed a demo of a prototype by Dan Woodman. The topic is proving to be larger than we thought, and it appears that nothing which is out there is well suited. Dan’s prototype is a really good start but he wasn’t really aware of all the things that are required. He’s supposed to take a look at what goes on at Tour.

New Business: we have an open practice scheduled for 8/16, opposite a BSCC event and the Denver Pro. If we can’t get a chair we should cancel it. Most of the hardcores would be somewhere else. Cancelled due to conflicts.

We also have an "intermediate practice" booked for 8/29, the day before BEAC’s Enduro. The idea was to have a limited number of participants, and be a chance for serious people to share their specialties and ride with each other. We do have another meeting before then if we want to keep it pending.

Labor Day event at Bremerton needs a chair, as does Event #7 at Kent (10/4). Carol volunteers to do the October one.

Do we want to look at other sites such as Monroe and Emerald Downs? We could use a site committee of people who can take it upon themselves to see what is out there and try to get it. We need a canned presentation to have ready to give as a pitch to people who control sites. Stacey: he’s heard that lot A7 is the best one for what we do. The surface is good, but what the Corvette club was using had too many planter/islands. Joe would be willing to help with this in the off season.

Glen proposes that year-end trophies in PAX go all the way down through everyone who runs enough events to qualify. This was approved before, so we will do it.

Other sites: Boundary Bay site has two long narrow strips which they use with connecting sections. They use a "stop box", which is generally considered lame. The concrete is still a little dirty but it’s getting cleaner. It’s worthwhile to go to, organization is good, site is 10 minutes across the border.

Meeting adjourned around 9:00 to Good of the Order.