Notes from the NWR Solo meeting of 7/8/97:


Visitor: Brianne Green attended for the first time. Laura and Stacey made the trek from Snohomish.


NWR Board (Gretchen/Joy): NWR is going to have Region T-shirts sometime after the Tour. It's been suggested that NWR donate some money to SOVREN to help with the cost of pavement repairs at SIR, as a gesture. The general fund isn't particularly flush but perhaps $1K would be okay. The Solo community doesn't really object. Race is doing okay financially but they still have debts to pay off. They've contributed to SIR by painting curbs and making tire walls. Tim Dutton is seeking an assistant editor for Northwest Sports Car News--he's been doing a wonderful job but needs help. There has been some discussion of having a monthly member bio in NWSCN (email suggestions to Tim). Suggestion made of having a T-shirt logo design contest; no particular time frame is contemplated.


Treasury (Sharon): No report this time. We're pretty sure we have money. Site fund is still accumulating at $2 per entry.


Site (Greg F): Paving is imminent but they're waiting for weather. The crack down the middle is also slated for fixing after some negotiation with the Port.


Equipment (Ron): No report at this time.


Novice Program (Glen H): Novices have been showing up with magnetics. Cindi's done a swell job helping out.


Blue Mountain (Bill M): No additional info--he hasn't had much contact with them. Wally World went well. 42 entrants, maybe 25 from west of the hill. Some tires were corded. Dinner Saturday was pretty good, the brewery was terrific. Registration and Tech on Saturday could be a little later next time--people just kept dragging in.


Regional #4 (all): Nothing in particular comes to mind. Karts shouldn't be doing donuts at the start.


Regional #5 (all): Good site except for the bump. Need to get a sanikan next time (if we know where we'll be more in advance we can get one next time). Good turnout (over 100). Need sign on Seaway. Need to reserve pull-through parking for trailers. Dave reports that it was difficult to get support from Boeing Facilities. Most people like the East lots better than the West ones.


Police Challenge at Tour (Karon): Five confirmed plus a maybe so far; they've been told to bring their $20 and a teddy bear. They will run during audit breaks in group 3 on Saturday. Karon will be Chief of Police; we don't know if Gary Worley can help or not. Bill M points out that the cops can also come to the social (party). Bill may have some merchandise we can auction or raffle off to raise additional funds; he's trying to get a couple of more significant items. Raffle or auction? Joy--how disruptive would each be to the party's primary function, which is essentially shooting the bull.


Tour Shirts (Craig A): Do we need Mediums? Yes. Polo shirt colors? People prefer the gray over light blue. Hats: the tan with pink bill was the least popular last year. Are we doing a chief's hat? Nobody has discussed pre-purchasing or customs. Logo on polos is primarily gold. Discussion of colors on the ship design for big T-shirts.


Tour Party (Bill M): Ordering food for 180 to start. We'll have 2 food lines instead of 1 so we may want to work on layout. Bill has sponsors to help with the food. There will be NA beer and soda as well as 2 kegs. Extra dinner tickets should be $15 before event, $18 day of event. Friday night Registration reception: Bill will need a cooler and an assistant, he's doing pop and snacks. Bill has hustled within about $100 of what is needed. Party rooms at the Hawthorn will cost, depending on how many guest rooms our people get there.


Tour Signup: Denver has extended the late fee deadline because they were late in getting the mailings out (last week, finally).


Tour Workers: Most specialty areas are filled. Still need two instructors for school on Friday. Kotzian, Buetow, both Fordahls, Stacey Molleker, Joy Kreick. Scotty will be Chief of Announcers and get people pre-assigned for that (with approvals required from Jodi). Greg would like Rick McDaniel, Jim Wilson for Protest, and one other (perhaps Josh Sirota or Roger No Sheep). Jodi will get people with brains for Course Control/Penalty call-in (e.g., Tunnell, Milligan).


Tour Setup: Course setup will be Monday 7/13. School exercise setup will be Thursday night before the event. Grid will be at the South end of the normal Pit area, Karts and Impound on the South side of the yellow curb down there. Lot will be swept the week before the event.


Mountain Home Divisional: Motels are set, Gretchen will post the info. The site is really nice but fairly abrasive concrete.