Solo Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2018

Meeting Location – LaHacienda, Renton 

In attendance – Tim and Gretchen W., Tim Monk. Taylor W., Charlie C., Ron B., Karen B., Carol and Mike L., Kevin D., Karl and Amy C., Keith B., Aaron P., Dick W.,

Last month’s minutes review – add Mike L. to last month. Fix Piortr name.  Approved as amended.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) – Tim and Gretchen not in attendance. Nothing new to report.
Karen Babb attended and reported that the race program still recovering from the Majors event they had. The Rally program has been shelved at this time till we get someone to lead the group. Anyone having interest in the Rally program please contact us and we can see if we can restart the SCCA rally cross program.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) - Charity Events Open Practice/Event #5. Need to choose a group/organization to donate too. Voted and approved the following donations: Dani Pedrosa Bike accident recovery - $100, Dan Barnes family - $800, White Pass County Museum - $600. 

NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier) – Jessy not in attendance to give report. 

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) –   Auto pilot the week after the Pro in Packwood, at Sanderson field in Shelton. 
2 events in Aug. Coneheads Practice August 11th and Sports Car Spectacular on August 12th. 

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Brakes on bus still bad. So only short trips. Master cylinder has failed. Wil be fixed before returning to greater Seattle.  Bus is needed back after Core Worker Practice and Event #7.
Fresh batteries have been purchased. Also need TP and Post it notes. Karl suggested the idea of doing a deep cleaning of trailer of Packwood the weekend of the Core Worker’s Practice. Many hands make light work. 

Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) – Joey not in attendance to report. 

Old Business

Open Practice Recap - (Event Chair: TJ McGeary) – Barcode worked most of the time. Check mark on sticker worked good to track how many runs people did. Brett reports some trouble with bar codes that had issues with the scaling on the bar code printer. Print labels as vector image rather than bit map. 5 runs were had by everyone.

Event #5 Recap - (Event Chair: Taylour Wargo) - Good job Taylour. Good course thanks Kevin. Fantastic maps. Event ran on schedule all day. Taylour was on top of it, and welcomed back as a chair any time in the future. 

NT Event: Currently 281 registered entrants - Camping approved and coordinated for 5 pm Thursday. Aaron Pailthorp (Chief of Parking) working on layout and started online discussion. All core worker spots covered. Believe that all is handled and we are ready to go. 4H set to cover concessions and waiver gate for both weekends. Joey Sim has requested we donate some entries to the Raffle Drawing.  Motion to donate one Free Entry to the 2019 Packwood Pro solo for all people who volunteer to work the Challenges. Donate 1 entry to 2109 Pro and 1 entry for the 2019 NT for the raffle prizes.  Total of 3 entries. All approved.  National staff is Joey Jones Chief of Timing others unknown at this time.    

Pro Solo: Currently 126 registered entrants - Couple core spots still need to be filled; SLDOs, and teardown. 
Review needs with Joe Goeke, Event Chair. Remind him that ALL regional people are expected to work the Challenge.  Motion to donate one entry to next year’s Pro Solo for all Worker’s?

New Business

Need a NEW Solo Director for 2019 Season - Gretchen stepping down as Solo Director in 2019 – Who is going to replace her?  Also the secretary positon will be open too.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm