July 12, 2016
Solo Meeting Minutes 
In attendance: Keith Brown, Tim and Gretchen Weidemann, Kurt Rehm, Kevin Dietz, Jean Clayton,  Mike & Carol Leuty, Dick Willy, Karl & Amy Coleman, Mark & Jill Snell, Karen & Ron Babb, Alison & Jerry Lamb, Charles Aggenbach, Aaron Pailthorp, Joey Jones, Bud Bohrer, Allison and Ron Bauer.

Last month’s minutes – moved and approved as written.

Board report – Neither Tim or Gretchen were able to attend due to the schedule change because of the holiday.
Karen Babb, reported on race and them reducing a Double Majors at the ridge to a regular race.  Kristi had a chance to review the list of outstanding invoice for our region.  As suspected, any major debts for Solo had been paid, but there were a few small remaining totals.  Kristi worked with Deena from the National Office to clarify several questions, and a majority of the balances were for race and have been passed back to John Taylor to be paid.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Event fees have been deposited from the last few events, so our balance is good at the moment. Nothing turned in for the NT or Pro yet. The receipts will be coming in this month for next month’s report. John Swingle has an outstanding check that cannot be cashed, so it was noted that he should be made aware of this if he returns to register for another event. Raffle ticket sales and extra banquet ticket sales totaled 2737.00 this will go a long way to offset our cost on the banquet.  Trophy budget was approved and the Trophy chair should have submitted the invoice, Gretchen will confirm.

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) – National paddock, all who are going submit their info to Keith by 7-13. No tent at nationals due to them being sold out.
WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) –Auto Pilot was held at Sanderson Air Field. Course designed by Karen. About 40 people done competed and runs were completed by 3pm. Next event will be held the 13th-14th which will be the Sports Car Spectacular and practice day. 

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Jean working on the display board for event results, should be completed by next event. We need more caution tape, and people reported that the radios are starting to die out. It was suggested that we look into a better storage system and also think about removing batteries between events, and specifically over the winter. 

Recruitment Report: (Joey Jones) – No shows recently due to busy autocross season. 86 group coming next event recommend they register in IST class.  They are still looking for SCCA gear for the people doing shows. Gretchen asked Joey to determine what they want to purchase so that a motion could be made, but the group suggested we may want to wait until the beginning of next season when they got busy again.  150 brochures left for this year. He suggested we look into doing magnet schedules for next year instead of business cards. The group thought this was a great idea. 


Recap Open Practice - (Event Chairs Kit & Jessy Gauthier) - Someone asked why we started 30 mins later. It was because they didn’t want people to have to get up so early to attend, and this allowed time for people to arrive first thingSaturday morning without staying overnight in Packwood.  It was brought up that we did no need for timing cards, Chief of Registration agreed, but they were asked for by Timing so she brought them. It was also recommended that in the future we only run ITO and TO if possible and then don’t worry about posting any results. Each person can review what their times were. There was also a discussion that a total number of promised runs may not be best way to do it, and perhaps we should think about timed open run periods. The group did not agree on which way was best, and Gretchen reminded them that it really came down to the choice of the person who volunteered to Chair the event. IF someone wants to do it differently next year, they can volunteer to Chair the event.  It was also brought up that there should be NO stopping for downed cones to get a rerun. These are practices and should be viewed that way to keep the event running.   Is open practice competition or just tuning opportunity?  Again, much discussion regarding this topic, which was tabled for future event prior to an actual practice. 

Recap Event #5 (Event Chair Aaron Pailthorp) – Event went well, and was very well attended due to many out of town guests preparing for the National Tour.  It was discovered that the AED was missing from its storage container. This will be fixed before next event as it is in Tim and Gretchen’s closet to be kept warm for the winter.  It was suggested we do not allow crossovers after midcourse.

Recap National Tour (Event Chair Jill Snell) – Jill did a great job organizing the event and the parties were great. Thank you Jerry and Allison. Need info sheets near grid not so far away in the other building. National office needs to supply their own table for corner sheets, etc., since they ended up stealing ours that were supposed to be used for the Welcome Party. Several people suggested that someone follow up with National office/Howard as our region is starting to feel like we get the short end of the stick being one of the last stops on the schedule, and that nobody on staff really cares about the quality of the event being put on.  A list of things that weren’t working – timing displays on national trailer, hotspot, and basic timing equipment should be tested before we start since there was a very long pause at the start of the first day.  We had a course design that was good so National Office shouldn’t be able to change the course after final set up and approval. It was also noted that we should think about adding two more workers for set up and changeover for course, making a total of 4 workers and designer.  We also need to make sure we have pre-arranged for region volunteers to help with course tear down. Need to make course teardown a position.  Course was fun and had a good flow, although some more research could have been done to avoid some of the really rough areas. Parking chief did a great job, so a huge thank you goes out to Elisha White.  Thank you also goes out to Dick for coordinating with the 4H group to run waivers for us for the event.
Pro Solo Update – Brent has stepped up for this event. Tim is doing course. 

Event Format at Packwood – It was suggested that we follow the WWSCC format for smaller turnout events in Packwood.  This means we would break everyone up into three run groups. Work 2 run 1. So the morning session would be broken up into 3 groups. 1 running and 2 working. And this continues until all have run the morning. Then the afternoon does the same. Possible problems with dual driver situations, but with three groups it would work great to have the two drivers in separate groups. This may need to be put in place for the final event in Packwood on August 21st.  Gretchen really liked the flexibility it allowed with making a final decision the morning of the event.  We will just need to work with the Chief of Workers to ensure they have a form that can be used in case of an emergency. 


Event #6 – (Event Chair Elisha White) Tim W. will be designing the course.  His intent is try to come up with a master 

GOO - Karen and Ron showed up looking for volunteers for Nationals. Right now they are in need of Chiefs for Tues/Wed, specifically Operation Stewards.  Anyone that will be attending and is willing to help out should contact Karen at Karen.Babb@comcast.net.

President of SCCA interested in Packwood. Gretchen will reach out to Howard while he is in town for the Pro Solo. It was also suggested that we try to deal with this issue prior to the next auction when the site goes back on the block.  Gretchen suggested we develop a Save Packwood committee.  She will add it to next month’s meeting agenda. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.