Solo Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2015



In attendance:  Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Dick Willy, Bud B. Kevin Dietz and Jean Clayton, Keith Brown, Alison and Jerry Lamb, Mike and Carol Leuty, Karl and Amy Coleman and their son Charly Spyksma,  Ron and Karen Babb, Joey Jones, Kit and Jesse Gautier, Tim Stake, Tasha Mikko, Charles A,  Visitor: Wayne Reuter.


Last month’s minutes review - Minutes were approved with changes noted.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Everett) – Scott Miller and Jill Snell working on the joint Awards Banquet. Setting up new distribution list for emails going to the NWR board. John Taylor is wondering who is currently hosting the NW region website. Seems to be Joe Goeke is. National website will be hosted by the National office and running WordPress.  NWR is working on doing a makeover to our regional site. Gretchen has contacted Doug Mikko to see if he is willing to help design the Solo site. Once our site is up and running, the remaining venues will follow suit. The group suggested that she also speak with Dan Podhola. Track night in America is going good but there is currently nothing that represents the current venues for our NWR Solo region.  John Taylor has taken over the coordination of these events and would be happy to stuff info from solo in their welcome packets. We have a new Membership Chair, Karen McCoy.  She is a co-member with NWR and OR regions.  She will be sending out welcome cards/birthday cards and yearly anniversary cards for returning SCCA members.  The region is still planning a Street survivor school in August.  Anyone willing to help out should contact John Taylor.


Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Information was presented and discussed. No major surprises and everything is tracking as expected. One open item; we need to finalize the expenses incurred for the Ladies Practice at Emerald Downs, so that we can reconcile with Torque Steerers. Karl said he would follow up with their treasurer to get the final details.  


NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) – Nothing major to discuss.


WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – Event coming up in Shelton closed BEAC practice. Next event in August. 25th.


Equipment Report: (Mike Leuty) – New double sided display from Sand and Sage Club. We need to get more TP.



Open Practice (6/27) - Event Recap:  Chair – Jessy & Kit Gauthier.  It was hot. We ended up being short on people on course.  This is something that will be addressed later on the agenda, but we have to make sure that we don’t put Novices on course alone, with a radio.  This was very overwhelming for this first timer. The group discussed the low entry numbers being contributed to the fact it was so hot outside and also Packwood is far for some to travel. All in all, it was a good event.  Thank you to Kit & Jessy for all their hard work!


Event #5 (6/28) – Event Recap: Chair – Jerry & Alison Lamb.  Need to figure out how to get more people on course in the afternoon runs.  Again, worker reallocation with be discussed further on the agenda. Lots of people stepped up to help out in the last run groups to help ensure that we had enough people on course to continue running the event.  The very sad thing is, the same 6 or 7 people end up on course time after time.


CPR Class – Held June 18th.  Recertified 7 people.


National Tour – Event Recap: Jerry & Alison Lamb –Great job done by the people who put this event on.  Each of the Specialty Chiefs were great and Kevin and Gene did a fantastic job with both the Friday Night Welcome Party with hot dogs, homemade lemonade and a great idea of holding a regional potluck with local members providing additional dishes to share with out of town guests. Tony Lemon did a great job cleaning up the area where we had grid cutting brush and hauling it all away. There was some trouble with Children in grid, both walking and on bikes. This cannot be allowed in a hot grid.  We even had one child ride their bike into a competitor’s car.  Several people were thrown off because the display at the finish line was off by a full second at certain times.  One of the lines wasn’t working, so it was confusing 5s and 6s, etc.  The group agreed that no time is better than an incorrect time.  IF nothing else, we could have set up our region display.


For next year it was noted that we need to schedule another cleanup of the port-a-potties for Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately, there were so many people on-site days before the event, they were used more than we anticipated.  The 4-H group food vender was good.  It was also brought up that there is a possible safety issue with kid in carts after they had been tech’d with full size cars moving around them. Karts should be put on their holders and brought to tech, not driven by the child. We need to make sure that we let people know that they can’t arrive on-site until the Friday of the event.  As stated earlier, several entrants arrived and camped on-site starting Monday.  This is not acceptable.  There is a MH camp ground several miles outside of town.  People can stay there is they need to come early. Gretchen will do a better job of getting this information to National Office to display on their info page next year.  Gretchen will also make sure that National office is aware of our new sound restrictions and that it should be enforced for next year’s National events.


Pro Solo Update – Event Chairs: Caitlin Snell & Geoff Clark.  Charly is interested in running a practice course. No one had issue with this and Gretchen will contact National office to make sure they don’t have a problem with it either. Several local competitors are very interested in this opportunity and will do what they can to ensure it will happen.  It was suggested we offer our broadcast system to the National staff since they had such a problem at the NT.


Sound Update – Tim thanks everyone who has been so helpful during this transition. Other regions need to know our sound restrictions, along with making sure our local members are aware of it as well.  He would like to see the new information put on the website and maybe posted on FB.  Tasha will also add this information in the welcome and thank you for registering for our next event e-mail. Gretchen will contact Joe to get something posted on the website.  The warm up practice at the NT had two drivers in the 105+ range. One driver lost a run at the NT for being over the national levels.


Event Chairs - Still need volunteers to fill the following open spots:


Event #6 (BMP) 8/2:  Jerry and Alison Lamb - Course Design:  Kit Gauthier

Core Worker’s Practice (Packwood) 8/15: OPEN
Event #7 (Packwood) 8/16: OPEN

Event #8 (BMP) 10/4: OPEN


NEW BUSINESS                                                                                                                                

Registration Equipment – Last event had some trouble with the laptops.  They need to get some wireless mice. A motion was moved and approved to spend up to $50 on this purchase.  Tasha will work with Brent Glad to get this accomplished.  We are looking for a monitor for displaying our events at these car shows does anyone have one to donate or know where we can find one? Kurt Rehm said that he may have one that he can donate that could also be used for the announcer window.  

Recruitment Activities/Planning – Tasha discussed the ideas behind promoting our club at car shows car events and informal car meets. This is something that Joey Jones has been working on.  Since she has also spent some time working on this same type of thing, she and Joey will start working together.  They would like to propose that we purchase a large SCCA banner. Gretchen said there is a possibility we have some banners in the region storage soon moving from Gorst to a storage facility in Fife. They would like permission to use the pop up tents and generator to run a video display of YouTube autocross runs and random videos. Possibly putting a brochure together that can be handed out at events. Joey is finding events to attend and will present information to our group. He has made several forums posting to get people more aware of our events. We will be offering a provisional class for the BRZ Group.  Joey will work with Gretchen and Brett Wilson to get this setup properly.  He suggested we may want to entertain the idea of running a Groupon offer? A few members in attendance did not think this was a good idea, but he can present more info to the group for further discussion. A motion was made to allow that up to $100 can be approved by the Solo Director to spend on these opportunities without discussion with the Solo committee first.


Worker Positions/Three run-format – Carol Leuty completed a review of our worker positions to see if we have to many people doing specialty position jobs so we can free up some workers to help out when we have short workers on course.

It was also discussed that as a Specialty Chief you are expected to work one position in your specialty area.  Carol presented the following suggestions for how we can re-allocate workers and positions moving forward:


Waivers:  2 people per run group

Tech:  3 people (Including Specialty Chief)

Registration: 3 people (Including Specialty Chief)

Timing:  4 workers. Computer, Recorder, Course Control, Announcer. Remove the audit/worker check-in position.

Grid:  2 people per run group

Sound: 1 per run group with Chief of Sound setting up and tearing down equipment, training, and dealing with sound issues as they arrive.  

Course designer:  Actual designer plus 2 additional people.  The 2 helpers have to be selected beforehand and that is all that will be allowed for setup assignment.


If anyone of your workers works less that one shift that will not be considered a complete work assignment. Since we have changed the event schedule and hold the Driver’s Meeting at 9:15 am after the Novice Meeting in the morning and no sooner than 45 minutes after the course is open for walking in the afternoon, there should be no issue with anyone of the registration, worker or tech people to get their course walks completed. Everyone supported these suggestions.  A decision was made that the Chief of Workers would check workers in at the beginning of each run group, and the Chief of Timing would take care of the audit.


New cones - Bud Bohrer moved to purchase 200 new cones. Motion passed. Karl Coleman volunteered to handle the purchase.


Nationals Event Chief Positions - Ron and Karen have some chief positions open for Nationals and are hoping to recruit some of our talented local people to help out. Charly and Karl stepped up to be Operating Stewards.  They are still looking for two Car Check Chiefs. This position makes sure the Impound picture taker and sticker checker has the equipment they need.  Need detail operation specialist. Two day job. Not on course.  Please contact Karen and Ron Babb as soon as possible, if you are interested in these open positions.


A motion was made and approved to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 pm.

Good of the Order