SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 7/10/12

Members In Attendance— Gretchen Everett, Jodi Fordahl, Travis Boyle, Keith Brown, Tim Weidemann, Dick Willy, Mike Miler, Karen Babb, Karl & Amy Coleman, Tasha Mikko, Scott Miller, Charles Aggenbach, Russell O’Connell, Eric Hyman.

Meeting Minutes-  Minutes were approved as written.

NWR Board Report (Glenn) -  Karen Babb was present.  The Time Trail events were the main subject of discussion. Many people do not appreciate running these events at BMP, but things are not quite together enough to run them at the Ridge.  The Mary Pang Unsung Hero Award was not able to be presented at the banquet, but Karen was able to deliver it here. Congratulations to Mike Miller this year’s recipient! Thanks for all that you do for our region Mike.  Karen reminded the group that attending this banquet is fun, and you could win a fun prize in the silent auction.  We will be awarding these special awards again next year, so we need to submit names by mid-November. Start thinking of people to nominate now.

NORPAC Report - (Keith) -  Keith was under the impression that although there is no longer a requirement to participate in a Divisional event to be qualified to run at Nationals, regions could still hold Divisional events. He was informed that this is incorrect and that no one was “allowed” to use the term Divisional event anymore.  The SEB wants people to use the term “Super Regional” or “Inter-Regional”.  This is not conducive to develop sponsors to support these types of events. It was suggested that those interested should speak to someone beyond the SEB.

WWSCC Report - (Keith) - Have not held an event since last month. Next event will be the BEAC Enduro this Saturday at Shelton. They are going to need many volunteers for their officers positions next year, so they will start looking now.  These positions are not nearly as involved as some of the SCCA positions.

Drift Report - (Russell) - Held an event on June 24th. Things went very smoothly. Record number of entrants at 40. Total take after Motor sports registration fees was $2,865.  This will definitely make up for the lost fees from canceling the first event. The next event will be August 4th and 5th in Packwood. Still looking for more key volunteers to help run events so that the program is not based solely on Russell in the future.  They have been trying to control their sound better, and have not been allowing cars to run without a muffler. Russell is open to suggestions about how to enforce more noise control limitations.  He will also be needing fire extinguishers in Packwood.  The group discussed either leasing them from BSCC or BEAC.  This brought up a secondary discussion regarding the fact that at least two of the SCCA extinguishers are dead.  Karl Coleman has a good hook-up to get this taken care of and will look at them at the next event.

Russell will stop by and pick up ours, and then we can use BSCCs. Russell should leave the dead ones on the bus for Karl to look at.

NT Report (Mike Miller) - 288 total entrants. Some challenges with the concessions, but Mike and his son actually filled in all weekend. Dick wanted to give Mike a big thank you for working hard all weekend and not even running.  It was brought up that we might want to include the NT as two of our events making our Championship series a total of 10.  The group was fairly split regarding this issue.  Someone should bring this up at the rules meeting in December for further discussion.  Most felt that it would help with attendance.  
A major discussion regarding the party at the Fire Department was held. The prices are extremely high, actually ridiculous. We were charged $15 per person for the hamburgers and we are completely being taken advantage of.  The raffle was also brought up.  Karl reminded the group that we did discuss the fact that we were going to ask for higher quality items, and giveaway a lower total quantity. The groups that did donate items under the premise that lower quality items were “not being accepted” were almost offended when it was discovered that several items just like that were given away (license plate frames). Unfortunately, no one was contacted or given the opportunity to donate a prize, and many people were confused about the overall goal. The group was reminded that Mike did everything by himself and could not get a volunteer to cover the party.

Pro Solo (Gretchen & Geoff) - One big issue was brought up.  There was a misconception with the t-shirt vendor and they had the understanding that the Tight n’ Tidy logo was to be removed from the event apparel. Mike Miller was not sure where the mix up happen, but sends a big apology to Karl and Amy for this oversight.  A big thanks to Chef Drew and his crew (Geoff, Tim, and Gretchen) working in the Friday night Social Taco Truck.  There was an issue with the Challenge worker positions, and someone to replace those that had been working on course.  Pluses and minuses for holding the Grid inside the building.  Some people loved being out of the hot sun, but then didn’t like having cold tires. Some also really liked the idea of being able to get to the start line more quickly. The net overall impact was definitely a positive one.
Treasurer Report - A summary was passed around and discussed. 

Old Business

Event Chairs Openings - Still looking for volunteers to cover Regional Pro Solo #2 (9/22 - Packwood).
Regional Pro Solo#1 - A total of 40 entrants. This was more than likely due to the awful weather forecast predicting sideways rain, and low temperatures. Jerry was extremely disappointed in the fact that the Solo tree lights went down. Once a decision was made to continue on with the event without the lights, things ran well.  Keith apologized for the tight right hand side course, but was pleased with the left side. A point was raised asking why we didn’t do Challenge points at the end of the season? Keith reminded us that the whole event was created to get people as much exposure with this type of event format as possible, especially with the challenges.  The group wanted to send out a big round of applause to Dan Podhola for making things happen in timing.  He is constantly tied to the computers making sure everything is running.

Event #4 - Eric was the event course. He felt there could have been a few more adjustments made to the course and it could have been even more fun, but everyone seemed to enjoy it once they ran it.  A big kudos to Bud for his efforts. It was brought up that we need to create a tackle box that has back up cables for all of the electronic equipment we have (gender benders for display boxes, etc.).  It was also brought up that we need to be more aggressive with our course workers whether it be our course chief, or a safety steward to help make sure they stand in the proper places.  There was one worker out on the dog leg that was standing directly in the path of cars under full throttle, and it took asking several people to get him to move before it happened. It is also important to remember that we have Safety Stewards to help police this, but we need to communicate issues like this with them so they can actually help change it.

New Business

Novice School - Dick spoke with Joel Ferguson at the NT. He is planning on contacting Brian Williams to finalize the plans and will communicate more later.

Solo Bus - Aaron Pailthorp will not be at any of the remaining events due to family commitments. Dick will send him an email regarding the extra cables. It was also brought up that there was a bag of sand in the bus that has broken open so it might be nice to see if Kevin can do a little detail job with an industrial vacuum.  
Picnic Tables -  Sean Green has offered to sell the plastic, fold up tables used down in Packwood for $75.  The group decided that we were not interested.

Registration Canopy - Tasha reminded the group that we still have not found the missing $1100 10’ x 20’ EZ up. She very clearly informed the group that IF it was raining at our next event, she will be moving registration to the building on the opposite side of BMP. Obviously, there are some issues with this due to BSCC running simultaneous events. The group tried to get a proposal on the table, but Tasha felt that she had already tried to come up with a solution once, and her purchase was left out for someone to steal so she didn't feel up to dealing with it again. It was decided that we should buy two separate 10’ x 10” canopies.  Dick will send another email to Aaron about purchasing them prior to our next event. A motion was made to spend no more than $400 total for both items. Moved and seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm.