SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 07/8/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Dieter Beldi, Russell O’Connell, Karl and Amy Coleman, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Mike Leuty, TJ McGeary, Bud Bohrer, Drew Hanft, Kim Littke, Enrique Garcia, Charles Aggenbach, Allyson Moffat, Ron Bauer, Val Korry and Lou Ann Christensen.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved.

Board Report – $4327 in the region treasury.  As of July 1st, all not for profit organizations must pay the local tax rate for any materials they sell.  You can only be charged taxes once, so anything that we pay taxes on prior to selling will not be included.  There is also going to be a new tax on all gross profits collected.  The race season is over.  There will be a street survival school in Bremerton on Saturday, September 27th. This weekend is now open, so there are several clubs that may be interested in holding an event so we can keep the date.  Rally is working on the Wild West Rally being held later this month.  There are going to be activities happening throughout the week, so they are busy.  There will be a time trial event on July 25 and 26.  There will be a shorter, un-timed event on Friday and a full Club/Track trials event on Saturday. We currently have 1071 members. 


WWSCC Report – There were two events held during the past weekend.  This brings the current total to four events for the series.  After a discussion, both events were voted in as Championship events.  The first Saturday event the attendance was light, but the event was good.  Autopilot was held on Sunday and it was also a good event with a challenging course.  The site owner was on-hand interacting with Karen Babb on both Saturday and Sunday.  They were concerns with the number of tire marks that were being left on their “new” parking space lines.  Karen Babb designed a course for Sunday that used very little of these lines, so this helped downplay the situation.  Karen assured our contact that the weather would help erase most of the tire marks, and that if in two months there was still an issue, we would go out and scrub off the lines and get them looking similar to how they were when we started.  Cheney was also willing to find out if the company that normally sweeps the lot would attempt to clean them up.  September 27 and 28 are the next possible event dates (UW 9/28).  The BEAC Enduro will be held August 10th in Shelton and the Sportscar Spectacular should be held after that (location unknown).


Equipment Report – The Solo bus has had several repairs made, but there are still a lot of things that need to be addressed.  The windows still need to be fixed. We are going to pay for the deductible and then if Safeco gets reimbursed, we will get reimbursed.  There are no turn signals or hazard lights and the gas gauge is still not working. 

Treasurer’s Report – We actually made money last month. This is the first time that has happened this year. Lou Ann reviewed the monthly activity and answered any questions.  The largest expense we saw this month was for the Solo bus repairs for a total of $1,321.84.


Drifting Report – Russell has been busy with Evergreen Speedway events.  The next SCCA event will be held on July 27 on the opposite side of BMP.  They will also be holding a demonstration during the Time Trials event on Friday, July 25.  They have completed the Drift webpage, and hopefully Joe will be able to connect this to the NWR-SCCA webpage by this weekend.  Russell is concerned that there is not enough safety equipment available to hold two separate events, so he is asking for feedback as to what steps should be taken to obtain the necessary equipment.  A motion was made and approved to purchase enough fire extinguishers to increase our total inventory to 12. This inventory can then be shared between Solo and Drift. We are still looking for Safety Stewards to cover the July 27 event in BMP.  Russell made a suggestion to allow stewards that are competing in the Solo event, credit for covering the drift event.  The question was asked as to whether or not Drift is interested in holding an event on September 28th, which is currently free at BMP.  IF there is a WW club that is interested in holding an event that day, they should contact Dick Willy.


Event #5 & Pro Solo #2 – The Pro Solo event went very well and had a great attendance. The weather was beautiful with temperatures over 100 degrees both days.  There were definitely more entrants than the first event held in April (mostly due to a 70 degree temperature swing).  The event was great and basically anyone who wanted to compete in a challenge had the opportunity because several people dropped out due to the high temperatures.  Event #5 on Sunday had four runs total.  Scott Miller designed a very interesting course with an entirely different concept (lots of slaloms).  Bud felt that several people were having issues with reading the course and felt that better markings could have helped people find there way a little easier.


National Pro Solo Report – Joe and Anna have volunteered to be Chief of Waivers, but they will not be on-site until Friday morning, so Keith will need help covering things first thing Friday morning.  Bud should be around early that day and is willing to help out.  Jim Daniels has the course worked out, and has been working with Cindy, to get the initial approval before final approval is done on-site.  There were a few minor issues that will be worked out on-site regarding where the start/finish lines will be and where the Solo bus sits in comparison to the pit building.  Again, these are very minor issues and should be dealt with quickly once the National staff arrives on-site.  The port-a-potties have not been taken care of, neither have the dumpsters.  Keith spoke with Angus’ daughter Amber.  They are on board for doing food service for both the Pro and the NT weekend.  They will BBQ for our social event on Friday night, so that will taken care of as well. 


NT Report – Jackie and Chris were not in attendance.  Bud has a concern regarding the weekend memberships for the senior group.  Ron and Dick both think there is a way to deal with this for no cost through National office since these people will not be competing in the event.  We still need to contact Angus about getting the course swept before both this event and the Pro Solo event. Someone suggested that Race may have a walk behind blower that we can borrow. Jerry thought that we had discussed this before and they do have one. If someone is willing to do this as a work assignment, this could be a possibility.




Packwood trailer/RV parking (Wendover through Packwood Pro) – Dick has contacted Angus and the people who would like to park their trailers/campers between the two events now have permission to do that.  There will be a specific place these people will have to park, but it is out front, so the security guard will have good visibility of these rigs.  The necessary information will be sent out to those who are interested and Keith has already posted it to the California and Northwest region forums. There will be a $30 cost to those who are going to take advantage of this opportunity. 


Defibrillator – The idea was brought up to purchase a defibrillator that would be stored on the Solo bus.  This purchase would cost between $1500 - $2000.  This cost would also include the necessary training materials.  The machine would be a huge help IF we ever had a situation where it was necessary and there are federal and state laws that will protect people in most situation from liability.  A suggestion was made that we at least determine the cost of actually having EMTs on-site, so that we can compare the two situations.  Dick was able to look at this information from the last trials event and the cost for on-site services was $1000 for two eight hour days.  A motion was made and approved to spend up to $2000 to make this purchase and also include the training for 20-30 people.  Kristi Brown has recently done this research and Keith has volunteered her to do this for our region.


BSCC display box case – We borrowed the BSCC timing display and instead of paying rent, they are suggesting we agreed to purchase a case.  Purchasing a case would ensure that no damage will happen during transfer and/or storage, and BSCC will be more willing to loan us the display in the future.  Dick needs a volunteer to research our options and price ranges.  TJ agreed to do this research.


New timing display box - We would like to purchase a second LED display box to hold our Pro Solo events.  It is important that we own the equipment we need to run our events.  Jerry has done the research and we can get a six digit box for just under $1500.  This box can be used for regular Solo events as well because it has several beneficial options.  Since we have already committed $4000 this evening, Dick made a suggestion that we hold off on this purchase and wait until the end of the year to see where we are at financially.  Lou Ann also suggested that we increase our entry fees and plan for this type of purchase in advance. 


SCCA #6 (July 27th) – Enrique has a few questions.  Safety Stewards are taken care of.  Also, Keith needs help covering the Chief of Workers position for the afternoon.  Gretchen and Jerry have volunteered to take care of this.  Enrique has also asked how he goes about getting a key to open the gate.  He will talk to Brian and Jess regarding this.  He has also asked who we would like to have to provide lunches.  The group decided on Killer Bees. 


Indexing Novice Class - This discussion was tabled because the Novice Chair was not in attendance.


Measuring Wheel – The one we currently have is broken.  A motion was made and approved to spend up to $150 to replace.








Packwood Lighting - Several years ago we approved a total of $1000 to replace several of the lights in the pit building. Sean Green has been dealing with a local contractor and received a quote for about $1800.  A motion was made that we spend up to $2000, but we must contact the Oregon region to see if they are willing to help pay for this expense.


Evolution Schools – The schools are currently just over halfway full.  Keith needs to do a bit more advertising to help fill the final spots.  We are hiring Jim Daniels to take care of timing and Dick, Scott and Jerry will each be a safety steward.  On Tuesday there will need to be a total of two timing systems available and we will borrow the Oregon region equipment for this at a very minor fee.  They will be setting up a skid pad in the far corner that will not interfere with anything, so a test n’ tuning may be possible.  He still has not made arrangements for lunch, but will be contacting Kelly at the Blue Spruce. 


Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.