SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 7/10/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Mark McCooey, Glenn Austin, Scott Miller, Bud Bohrer,

Charles Aggenbach, Keith Brown, Jess Lynch, Brian Norton, Joel Ferguson, Karl and Amy Coleman, Drew Hanft,

Rick Vomenici, Sean Green, Lou Ann Christensen, Randy Ayers, Mary Lee, Jerry Lamb, Mike and Carol Leuty,

Tim Irwin, Ron Bauer, Kevin Dietz.  Visitor: Russell O’Connell

Minutes Review – We have both May and June for review.  May minutes are approved with one revision to remove Glenn Austin’s name from attendance.  June minutes should be revised to show that Keith had been discussing the Oregon Region covering Impound for the Pro Solo. 

Board Report – Majority of people were missing.  July 27th – Olympus Rally will be airing on ESPN at 11:00 a.m. The X games will also be airing on August 5th, so check your local listings.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann has been trying to decrease the amount of information presented at each meeting and reviewed a much shorter report. 


WWSCC Report – Couple of events since last meeting. Both Understeer/Oversteer need to be voted on for championship status.  It was a while ago and not much discussion besides comments that the event was awesome and it rained during one of the days.  Voted and approved for championship status.  NWDE was initially going to hold an event on July 29th but there was a lot of discussion at the meeting based on the fact that this date overlapped with an Oregon Packwood event.  Ron reminded everyone that this group made a decision to support these events, so NWDE decided to cancel their event and will probably not hold another one this year.  That drops the total number of events to eight.  A proposal was put forth to collect sanction fees for time only entrants.  This motion was revised to start on January 1st and will be enforced at the same rate they currently charge for novices ($1.00).  The group voted to approve the revised proposal.  The next event will be Miatacross on August 5th in Everett.  Dick Willy announced that BEAC has been discussing the option of moving the Enduro event to July 29th.


July 14 – 15 Packwood Event – (Ron Bauer/Pro Saturday; Karl & Amy/Event Sunday) – Karl & Amy don’t know anything about the Pro.  A group of people will be showing up around 11:00 a.m.  Everything is going fine for the event.


Remote Speakers for FM transmitter - Amy says that we have been discussing this for too long and nothing has happened. She volunteered to take care of it by purchasing a large boom box.  She has been doing some research and thinks a decent one can be purchased for $100.  A motion was made to spend $100 for the purchase. The motion was amended to increase the total to $150 if she finds something with removable speakers.  The motion passed.


National Tour – (Brian Norton/Jess Lynch) All Chief positions have been filled and the course has been approved.  Dick asked if there is a Test and Tune Chair.  Jess said that the National Office is going to ask Andy Hollis if he would be willing to do this.  The group agreed that Andy is probably NOT going to be interested in taking care of this.  Jerry suggested that Jake & Shalyn may be interested, although they may be out of town. Brian said that he will be there anyway, so he can probably take care of it if nobody else is willing.  Dick reminded him to check the section of the contract that pertains to this part of the event.  A question was raised as to whether they will be using flour or marble dust to mark the course. A decision was made to use marble dust because of several poor site effects of the flour. Brian confirmed that we will be purchasing a bunch of water, but he would greatly appreciate someone with a large truck helping out with this task.  Keith informed Brian that we have received permission to run a street tire class for both the Pro Solo and the National Tour if we want too.  It will be important to make the decision as soon as possible and start advertising it.  Dick would like anyone with questions for Angus to email him as soon as possible so that he can ask them all at once.  Jerry reminded the group that we filled up a six yard dumpster last year, but the only thing available for this year may be a ten yard size that would probably work for the entire week.  Port-a-Potties should be contracted from Goebel and arrangements should be made to have them serviced Saturday, Sunday and Monday the week of the NT and also Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the Pro Solo. A decision was made to get more this year than last year, especially since we are allowing people to camp on-site. 


EVO School – (Keith Brown) – Essentially full.  They have no idea who the instructors will be yet.  Potentially it could be Pat Salerno, and Jr.  Andy Hollis is coming and will be doing the dial in school. 


Pro Solo – (Keith and Kristi) Oregon region has confirmed they will take care of Impound. They are pretty much in-line with everything.  Karen Babb has forwarded the course design to the National Office.  The course is going to run across the site starting on the right side against the mill buildings.  This will change the viewing area tremendously.  People will be able to see competition from the side rather than the back.  Keith will need tech workers and registration workers from the Chiefs soon.  He will contact those that he needs information from.  Keith has received confirmation from ACE that they would like to offer the Pro Solo Tricycle races.  They will promote the concept more and also leave it open longer to increase participation. 


Tee shirts for Pro & NT – Dick has sent an email out to the six people that have expressed interest.  Proposed designs should be returned by July 16th.  Need to have logos for the Pro, NT, NWR, and our sponsors. 


Rules & “unwritten” rules - At the last event, we had a situation where two cars came into grid late because they decided to change to rain tires after working.  These cars arrived after the first car had begun running and disrupted timing and the event.  Joel Ferguson was approached and told that we had a rule against this.  After much research it was determined that there was no written rule in our supplementals, or even in the SCCA rulebook.  Dick reminded the group that we could create an operational rule that specifies the details of this situation and this could become effective immediately if it is announced at each driver’s meeting.  A proposal was made that all cars must be in grid before the first car leaves grid or they will loose their first run at the discretion of the Event Chair and Chief of Grid.  How will everyone know about this?  The event chair checklist should be updated with this information, along with any other information that is posted about SCCA events.  Amy and Karl Coleman have volunteered to review the current information and get any changes to Joe.




BMP Course Design Taxiway Guidelines – David Lewis has been working on a packet of information to address this subject.  Dick passed out several copies for people to review.  Bud would like the opportunity to review this information and compare it to the information that was created last time.  Bud has also made a suggestion that Karen Babb review the information as well. 




Camping on-site at Packwood – Hampton Mills no longer has an issue with on-site camping.  This means that our region should determine a set of standards that will be put in place with this opportunity.  Also, the alcohol rule has changed a bit.  There will still be no alcohol allowed on-site, but it may be allowed during social events as long as everything is kept inside the building.  Carol has volunteered to help set-up some rules after she talks to the Daniels.  We should also restrict access to the site prior to Friday morning, especially for the NT and Pro Solo events.  The site will be opened at 6:00 a.m. on Friday.  The group discussed the idea of a pre-stage area for any travelers that arrive on Thursday night since there isn’t really any place to park RV’s in town. 


Packwood lighting – Sean Green noticed that at the last event, well over half of the lights were out in the building.  He has done some research and determined that the light bulbs alone would cost approximately $23.00 each for the cheapest kind.  Changing the light bulbs would also require a lift which would be additional funds.  Sean raised the question as to whether we as a region would like to take this project on.  It may be an insurance issue for Hampton Mills, and Sean also reminded us that we are not the only region that uses this site.  Sean has volunteered his time to replace the bulbs, but Jerry suggested that we speak with Angus first before we do anything.  A motion was made to allocate $1000 to purchase light bulbs if necessary so that they can be replaced before the National Tour.  Motion stands.


Packwood Bird Blocker – In the few years that we’ve been in Packwood it’s become apparent to Sean Green that we have a serious issue with birds.  He is concerned that the amount of bird droppings in the building has become unsafe to humans due to the numerous levels of pathogens that could be found in the droppings.  He is suggesting that we install plastic flaps in the doorways.  The group suggested that there were several different options that may help and we should look into all of them before we do anything. 


Regional Pro Series Sponsor – Tight n’ Tidy racing has presented a proposal to pay $100 per event to support the trophy fund for the local Pro Solo series for 2007.  There are some IRS issues that need to be addressed for sponsorships.  This means that all sponsorships need to be specifically earmarked as a donation to the NWR.  A motion was made and approved.


Hampton Mills Purchase – Scott Miller spoke with Angus Low regarding the purchase of the Packwood site.  David Hampton is curious whether our group would be interested in this type of purchase.  The first question raised was whether we can actually afford to purchase this site.  Scott will need a great deal more support to determine whether this is actually an option.  The group reminded him that IF we entered into a lease option situation we would be required to deal with much more responsibility then we might actually be able to handle.  There was a mixed discussion regarding this whole situation and some felt it was too much for us to deal with and others felt this was something that we seriously need to entertain.  Dick suggested that he and Scott set-up a meeting with the proper person and see exactly where we might go next and present information to the group in the future.  


Bleachers at Packwood – Scott looked into renting bleachers for Packwood, and it’s very expensive.  They do sell bleachers for $1800 - $2200.  Mike suggested that we look into purchasing used bleachers from a high school, or other such type of organization.


Pilot Drifting Program – Visitor Russell O’Conner is interested in developing a NWR Drifting Program for 2008.  He feels that enough work has been done by National Office to run these events under the Solo guidelines, that this is something that can be accomplished. The group agreed that if this is something that we are truly interested in then Russell needs to create a subcommittee that would be responsible for covering the administration of any drifting events and show this committee that there are enough people available to do what needs to be done.


July 22nd BMP Event (Mary Lee/Randy Ayers) – Mary Lee had questions for David Lewis.  Dick suggested that she use his email address listed on the Specialty Chief list.


Co-Chief of Grid - Joel Ferguson is still looking for a volunteer to cover the other half of the Chief of Grid position.


Pro Solo Series – Bud would like to commend Jerry for his efforts in running the event, but was curious whether we were transmitting on our FM frequency since he heard very few details regarding his runs.  Yes, we were transmitting, but unfortunately some of the announcers were not announcing the information, so he will do a better job of educating them in the future.  Jerry also let the group know that we will have two displays this weekend and will be showing launch times for both sides on the back of the solo bus. 


Meeting adjourned at 9:36 p.m.