SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 7/11/06

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Amy Olson, Gretchen Everett, Jerry Lamb, Mike Leuty, Joel Ferguson, Tim Irwin, Dick Willy, Annie Bauer, Glenn Austin, Val Korry, Lou Ann Christensen, and Alan Dahl.

Minutes Review – Approved as written

Board Report – The region has money - over $2500.  This is mostly due to the fact that we have not been distributing the Newsletter, and it is our peak membership time.  Race made $2500 at the Double Nationals and implemented a driver’s working policy.  Trials are coming up on July 22nd.  There will be prizes for overall club participation.  The fees are $110 for pre-registered or $125 for walk-ups.  Solo announced the Teen Driver’s clinic has been cancelled due to lack of participation.  A decision was made the newsletter will become a web/email based publication only.  There will be an announcement mailed to members and they will be offering a printed version of some type for those that absolutely cannot handle a web based format.  Ray Demitio has volunteered his services for Public Relations for the region.  Several different variations for sponsorship levels are being looked at.  There are now seven members in the junior Rally group.  We have approximately 1100 members in our region.  There will be a quarterly membership meeting at the Trials event on July 22nd.  We are still looking for topics to cover at the convention.  One suggestion was shocks and springs and how the different settings may apply to autocrossing.  Jay Morris has presented in the past everyone agreed he should be invited back for more than one session.  A decision was made to push the region banquet forward to February after all of the venue banquets so that all awards can be recognized at the big banquet.

Treasurer’s Report – Lots of activity since we are in the middle of our season. Lou Ann mentioned that Erika made a request for additional wrist bands, but she had already purchased 5 boxes at the beginning of the season so there should be plenty.  Glenn says there are at least two boxes in the van.


WWSCC Report – The Coneheads practice will be on Saturday, July 15th and Sportscar Spectacular will be on Sunday,

the 16th.  SCCA is responsible for covering Grid.  Bud volunteered to cover this position.  The last weekend in July is the Miatacross.  US/OS was held a couple of weekends ago.  Good positive feedback regarding both days.  Although there was an issue with Novices taking passengers on Saturday, it was addressed by the rules steward immediately.  A vote was taken and they were approved as Championship events. 


Equipment Report – Brian was not present for a major overview.  It was suggested that we purchase several small fans for the timing van.  It was also noted that if we fixed the cable on the back window it would be possible to open it again.  Annie will send Brian a note requesting he purchase fans before the next BMP event.  We would also like to reactivate the search for some type of system that would help get the FM transmitter signal to work inside the building at Packwood. A motion was made and approved to spend up to a total of $500 to cover this.  Another motion was made and approved to spend up to $150 to purchase an air compressor and air hose to use in Packwood. 





2006 Pro Solo (8/5 -8/6) – Alan is curious if a map has been created showing the entire site.  Keith spoke with Angus who should be able to provide one for us.  Jerry will follow-up with Angus to check the status.  David Lewis wanted to make sure that everyone knew the site map we currently have is at least 80’ off of the actual dimensions.  So far there are only 64 entries and Alan would like everyone to help advertise this event to help increase the attendance.  Setup will be done on Friday morning and will be covered by Brian Norton.  Ace has volunteered to do a Pro Solo tricycle race on Friday night with all proceeds being donated to a charity.  If held on-site it will be necessary for all people riding to wear a helmet.

Bud has talked to the Senior Center and they are very interested in covering the gate again this year.  They will be covering Friday 8 a.m to 8 p.m., Saturday 6:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sunday 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 


Evolution Schools (August 8 – 11) – He changed the Teen clinic to a Phase one which filled up from the wait list.  Keith has now expanded the entire program and we will have the highest number of Evo school entrants that we have ever had in the NW.   The instructors will be the following - Kevin, Karl, Ron, Joe and Ann and Andy Hollis. Keith has handed over the checks to Lou Ann.  The instructors will be staying between The Crest Trail Lodge, and a private house through TMC which Kevin is renting on his own and will be reimbursed for ˝ night of a hotel fee.  We have all of our stewards assigned and on-site management will be covered by Keith, Kristi, and Jerry. Keith will be bringing out water during the Pro weekend, and will coordinate the additional management responsibilities with Jerry.  We will be looking for a total of 6 coolers to use for the entire time in Packwood (Pro/NT/Evo). 


2006 National Tour – The party is coming together very nicely. It will be hosted by the Fire Department again this year.

Gretchen and Kristi have been sending out letters and visiting the locals in Packwood looking for door prizes.  Aaron Pailthorp has donated a ˝ hour trip in his personal plane.  Thanks Aaron!  Jake will be the event chair for the practice on Friday.  We are planning on an ice cream social on Saturday night as our “hospitality” event.  Since it will be held the middle of August it will more than likely be very hot!  Jerry is still hunting for a copy of the NWR supplementals. It will be important to add the Packwood site rules so that people understand exactly what is required - Yellow line, no alcohol, 35 foot access, no going anywhere on site, etc. Jerry will take care of this.  Joel and Brent are working on t-shirt coordination.  It was suggested that we offer the church group the opportunity to sell them at the concession stand.  




June 17 –Pro Solo Practice (Packwood) – 60 entrants with 8 regular runs.  There were two separate challenges; one for each half of the day.  Thanks to everyone who helped out SO much to make this a good event.  Brett and Jerry have put in a ton of work on both the timing software and equipment and it has the potential to be even better than what is currently being used by the National Office.  THANK YOU both for all of your efforts. 


June 18 (Packwood) – Good event. So far away that people didn’t remember too many details.


July 8 & 9 (Packwood) – Great events.  There were two entrants DQ’d. The first was due to an incident based on tire scrubbing and reckless driving that was caught by the on-site security guards.  This participant dealt with the situation with class, agreed and understood, and also refused to allow a fee refund.  He even continued working his position before leaving the site.  The second DQ was based on a WRX going over the yellow line.  David Lewis was the Course Designer and did a wonderful job for his first time attempt.  There were some issues with parking, and a single lane had been established in the area closest to the course for access around the building.  This had not been officially announced, and someone parked there which essentially block all access.  A suggestion was made that we purchase some colored chalk and clearly mark this area for no parking so there is no confusion in the future. 


July 23 (BMP) – Karl and Amy will be the event chairs.  Alan Dahl will be the course designer.  Everything seems to be under control.


September 3 (BMP) – Aaron will be the event chair.


October 15 (BMP) – Shelbi & Kevin will be event chairs.


EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT – It is time to purchase new cones before the Pro and NT.  Karl’s cone supplier has changed and the cones now have a smaller black base, which actually stack really well and are cheaper than what we were buying before.  He was told that the company was going to look at stocking both the older more expensive ones, along with the newer cheaper cones.  It was decided to purchase 100 of the cheaper kind and have them delivered to Kevin’s shop to be placed into the Solo Bus.  Blower; Brian was supposed to make this purchase but he was not in attendance.  Measuring Wheel; David Lewis purchased one and it is now in the timing van. It was decided that we will purchase an entire set of extra keys for the Solo bus and the trailer with the original keys then being kept in a safe place.  Karl will collect all of the necessary keys and take care of making four sets.




Chief of Waivers – Tim Irwin has volunteered to cover the remainder of the season for the stock half of the day since Erika has injured herself and will not be available.   Thank you Tim!! 


Motion to adjourn passed at 9:09 p.m.