Solo Committee Meeting Minutes 7/12/05

Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Shelbi Zigler, Fast Mike, Dick Willy, Kevin Dietz, Alan Dahl, Tom LeCoque, Jake Nygaard, Lou Ann Christensen, Scott Miller.

Visitors:  None present

Minutes Review – The statement regarding BEAC being not interested in holding WW’s equipment will be taken out of the notes.  Dick says that this was never an issue.  Minutes approved with this revision.

Board Report – The region has some money in the bank.  National office has been slow processing the region's membership dues.  This will hopefully be addressed quickly and we can get the funds sooner.  Race has had no event since the last meeting.  There is a stock car event at PRI August 20 and 21.  Tickets are available for reselling.  The tickets are $20 for both days and the region will receive a cut of each ticket sold.  There has been no activity for Time Trials but Mark wanted to thank both Rally and Solo for their help in covering site fees for the July 21-21 event.  There have been three potential sites located down south.  One being a large parking lot in Chehalis for Solo events.  Once a final address is presented our site committee will go check it out.  Wild Wild West Rally will be held the second weekend in September.  Pacific Rally Group is still working on its by-laws.  There was a report on the NORPAC convention.  So far there is a light agenda.  There was some commentary regarding Pete Lyons.  He currently has four hats, three being insurance agent, underwriter, and risk manager.  This may pose a conflict of interest.  There is some concern that Pete is trying to move our events to sites that are fenced only and John F. suggested that Solo as a group Nationally combine together and raise a huge stink about this situation as another insurance carrier may be available.  Bud has been looking at Solo insurance based on the ridiculous cost increases over the past three years.  Apparently, Pete has decided that Solo is a high-risk competition, which no one agrees with. 

Treasurer’s Report – Paid the donation for the first two Packwood events.  Other new misc. activities through Event #4.  Please see attached report.  A question was raised regarding the vote several years ago that stated $2.00 per entrant into the site fee.  Since we were ending our year in the red, we had discontinued this.  A discussion was held regarding this topic.  People were concerned that this is a serious issue, and should either be reinstated or voted to officially discontinue.  A discussion was held and Lou Ann will do some research and bring information to a future meeting.


WWSCC Report – A meeting was held.  Two events were held last weekend (OS/US) these need to be voted on for championship status.  Overall people felt the events were great.  Congrats to Jake for taking top pax position.  There were some minor timing issues that caused reruns but each entrant received five valid runs.  These issues will all be addressed once WW purchases new equipment.  A motion was made and approved to give the event championship status. 


Equipment Report – Kevin not present no information to present.



Specialty Chiefs – We still need a Chief of Course.  At this late date in the season, it will now be the responsibility for each event chair to find someone to design the course.  We are also still looking for a non-stock registration co-chair.




June 18 – 19 (Packwood): Event Chair – Jake and Shalyn were the Sunday event chairs.  Keith Brown and Jason Spore chaired the practice on Saturday.  Saturday morning there was a closed practice to test the new Pro Solo system.  The system worked very well and other than battery issues which Keith and Jerry both new would happen, all of Jerry’s hard work has proved successful.  The afternoon practice was fun with everyone receiving five runs. Fast Mike was the course designer.  This being his first time, he felt that he learned something things but overall it went well.  The Safety Stewards thanked Mike for being so flexible with his design to ensure that everything was safe for both the practice and the event.  Having the grid over on the east side of the site on the unusable part of the lot was a great way to help control grid and give people on the site a place to watch safely.  Thank you to Fast Mike for stepping up and design the course.  The event on Sunday was great!  Jake and Shalyn did a wonderful job!  Every agreed that it was very nice to have the Church group onsite to provide consesions.  It was also nice having Madison selling candy and sodas. Jake felt that everything went smooth. 


July 16 – 17 (Packwood): Pro Solo – Alan Dahl is the event chair.  The event will be held and things are under control.  There are some minor equipment things that still need to be done, along with a bit more programming for entering times, but other than that things are really coming together.  Jodi will be printing two sets of timing cards – one for each course.  Registration should be held at Cruisers on Friday night from 5 – 7 or 6 – 8.  Final details will be published shortly.  Bud talked to the Senior Citizen Center and they will be covering the waivers on Saturday and Sunday both for a total of $200.  The budget for this event is projected at a very minimal, or no dollar loss. 


August 14 (Bremerton): Kevin Dietz/Gretchen Everett are the Event Chairs.


September 4:  (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.  There should be a course available from Saturday’s PCA event.  Fast Mike may be interested in this but needs to check his schedule.


September 24 – 25 (Bremerton): Still need a chair for both the practice on Saturday and the event on Sunday.


October 16 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


Evolution School – 76 students over three days.  Keith has $15000 in checks to turn in to cover expenses.  GH Sharp, Dean Sapp, Andy Hollis, Kevin Dietz and Ron Bauer will be instructors.  There are currently only four phase two slots available. Everything is coming together perfectly.  Keith has done a great job organizing this event.  Thank you Keith!!  His stewards will be Scott Miller, Jodie and Tom LeCoque.  Since Jodie and Tom’s car has broken down we will be issuing rain checks for them to attend next year’s schools.


National Tour - Karl ordered new cones and port-a-potties.  Everything else is coming together.  Greg Fordahl will be designing the course for the weekend and the practice on Friday afternoon.  Greg has allocated parking areas for car trailers and motorhomes on the outside of the building.  The t-shirt design by Brent Vitolins was fantastic.  Brent has questions regarding the size breakouts and will be taking pre orders this weekend at the Pro Solo.  Our cost for pre orders will be under $10.00 as long as we get a total quantity of 150.  Scott made a motion that Brent be compensated for his hard work with a pair of t-shirt. The party is coming together and we will be using Cruisers for the Friday night hospitality food.  Greg presented a course map and a site plan. 


Novice School - Not much in the works right now.  They are trying to contact Glen Hernandez to see if a school could be held on a Boeing site.  Bud and Brett will continue working on this.   There is a possibility to hold one in October.


Time Trial - The advance is only made to cover the site costs for the weekend we gave up for our NT.




Door Prize Donation - A motion was made and approved to donate one entry to Nationals in Topeka for the NT Saturday night social.


Split events in Packwood -  An idea was raised to hold a test event in Packwood.  The test would consist of splitting the stock and non-stock racing dates.  This means that on Saturday a practice would be held in the morning with Stock cars competing for the event in the afternoon, then on Sunday a practice would be held in the morning with non-stock cars competing in the afternoon.  This would address the financial issues that are placed on people to attend so many out of town events.  It would also allow people the opportunity to get to Packwood later in the day and still compete for points.  A discussion was held.  It was also suggested that we try to run things a little bit later at our Packwood events.  It was decided that as long as Jake and Shalyn are okay with it, we will “test” this during the September 24 – 25 Packwood weekend. 



The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.