Solo Committee Meeting Minutes 7/13/04

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Gretchen Everett, Scott Miller, Aaron Pailthorp, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Mike Leuty, Angela Moffet, Steve Roberts, Shelbi Zigler, Lou Ann Christensen, Kevin Dietz , Jodi Fordahl, Jerry Lamb, Keith Brown and Fast Mike.

Minutes Review  Equipment report should say Aaron prefers retroflective system rather than opposed system.  Jodi noted inaccuracies with opposed system.  Safety discussion was referring to Taxiway rather than access road at Bremerton.  Speedware should be eliminated from the list of sponsors for National Tour.  “Larina” should be changed to Karina referring to discussion about NT T-shirts.  A motion was made and passed to accept minutes with revisions noted above. 

 Board Report – Very light turnout because of the Fourth of July holiday.  Not much Rally stuff going on.  Race has an event coming up the end of July.  Lou Ann gave update regarding Solo event #4 and #5.  The Rally cross is coming up.  You can register on-line at  They will not be using the Solo timing equipment, but rather stop watches instead.  They will be using our pylons and PA system.  Aaron suggests that they should have a car wash after the event as a fund-raiser.      

Treasurer’s Report – Some activity last month.  Bank charges and NSF charges were recovered after second deposit. Misc. receipts from Novice School, Event #4, Tech Supplies, T & S repair and supplies, trailer license, dash plaques, and site fees for the past two events.  The question was raised as to whether there might be a better option for us to invest our money in besides CDs.  Karl says that not much is available that could be used if we needed to get to our money quickly.  We should check into looking at additional CDs to see if we can find something with a better rate.  A suggestion was made to look into BECU before the February rollover date of our current CD’s. 


WWSCC Report – ACE held a Ladies practice that went well.  Many women were in attendance and it was a great course.  Big thanks went out to all of the males that help support the event. The Sportscar Spectacular will be held on September 26th.  This is an event that is supported by all of different WW clubs.  SCCA will need to choose a specialty category to be responsible for.  BEAC Enduro is schedule for August 29th, and Miatacross is August 8th.  A discussion was held regarding passengers for TO and fun runs.  Apparently, this is not an insurance issue.  A motion was made an approved to allow passengers in this situation, IF the entrant has registered in a TO class for the entire event.  You cannot randomly decide that “this run” will be a TO.  SCCA will agree with this motion with the following stipulations: to have a passenger you MUST have competed in at least three different events, meaning

Novices will NOT be allowed to take a passenger.  SCCA has voted to accept the last BEAC event – Autopilot, for championship status.  It was suggested that WW should spend some time to determine “run groups” for the entire year with each of the clubs following that schedule to allow for proper rotation of classes.  US/OS was held last weekend.  There was some discussion regarding the course design, but it seemed to run well in general.  A vote was held and it was approved to accept the event for championship status.  Fast Mike was recording sound levels on Saturday.  Street Tire squeals are very loud.  The loudest car was having some backfire issues and was recorded at 108. 


Equipment Report – We need a spare wheel and tire for the bus and trailer.  A motion was made a past meeting to make this purchase.  Someone needs to call Jodi with all of the necessary information, size, lug pattern, etc.  Kevin WILL take care of this.  Two new timing light heads have been purchased from Point Source for half the amount of two JAC heads. Thanks Aaron and Denny!

We paid a total of $163.93, which we still owe to Denny LaPlante. He will produce an invoice for Lou Ann to pay.


A suggestion was made that we purchase a new adjuster, in case something happens to the one we have. A discussion was also held regarding putting the heads into a protective plastic box.  Fast Mike has agreed to construct the plastic boxes that Val donated for this purpose.  Aaron is concerned that someone be responsible for the timing equipment when it’s being used for Evolution School, so that we can be assured it is used and stored properly before being returned.  Kevin will be teaching the school where our equipment will be used, so he will make sure that everything is okay.  Kevin was reminded that if anyone hits the timing equipment, their name, number and address should be recorded and they should be informed that they WILL be responsible for repairing the equipment to complete running condition.   A motion was made that we purchase additional reflector boxes since this seems to be the most fragile part of the

system. Steve Roberts has agreed to purchase these plus the additional adjuster.  Thanks Steve!


A discussion was held regarding how to apply a fee structure for charging people that hit the timing lights.  A decision was made that IF anyone hits the lights, they will be responsible for paying the cost for replacing the entire system, regardless of how much damage was done because no matter what, the lights will not be in a sound operating condition.  A motion was made and approved that the total cost charged to each person that hits the timing lights will be $150.  A suggestion was made that information be presented to the autocross community on the auto-x list and also announced at the driver’s meeting so there is no confusion regarding this situation.  A motion was made and approved to purchase a total of 100 new pylons.  Karl will make these arrangements and have them delivered to Kevin’s Seatac shop.

Evolution School  – We will be holding three days worth of school the week prior to National Tour. We currently have about 50 students signed up.  A decision was made at the last meeting to give each of the Safety Stewards free entry to one school.  We also need to find five volunteers to help with timing.  Timing volunteers will be paid $100 for covering one entire day.  A reminder that no new cones should be used for the Evolution school.  These should be saved for the National Tour.


Bremerton NT – Everything is pretty much done.  Angela has made arrangements with Rally to cover the Road Kill Café for both days.  The social for Saturday night is almost complete and she is making final arrangements for on-site port-a-potties.  The Friday practice will be on Friday from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Fast Mike will be responsible for coordinating the event.  He will be selling tickets from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. with runs being completed by 3:00 p.m.  There will be a limit of six tickets for each driver and NO tickets will be sold after 2:30 p.m.  Angela has 20 trial memberships that will be available at registration on Friday night.  A suggestion was made that we borrow and/or rent Dan Carchano’s blower from the racing group for NT clean up.


Packwood  – We have received permission to use the Packwood site.  Karl has a phone call into the site coordinator to arrange for a date this year and discuss the cost.  Rather than pay an actual “site fee” we will need to donate a percentage of our event proceeds to the site’s designated charity that supports area loggers.  Karl would like to hold a practice event to see how the site works before we make a decision to hold a National event there.  After many discussions to determine when we could hold this event, a suggestion was made to table the discussion until the next meeting.   Since we are in a “new” area, it will be important for us to really keep an eye on people who enter the day of the event.  It was also recommended that we contact local hotels and make prior arrangements. 


Event #6 (8/15) – Aaron needs a volunteer to help out with timing set-up since he is the Event chair for this event.  Bud Bohrer has volunteered to drive the bus out to the site on Sunday and also home from Packwood IF we actually hold an event there on 8/14.