7/8/03 Minutes

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Minutes Review

Approved with one change – should read Solo committee applauded the appointing of Enrique Garcia as new Vice President for WWSCC.  Thank you Enrique! 

Board Report

Not enough people available for a quorum.  Informational meeting was held instead.  Race is having some trouble with their sound equipment.  They believe it may be user issues.  There were 26 entries for the TSD gimmick rally.  The event went well.  Finished off 23 fifths of Jaegermeister.   The Rally café will be serving breakfast and lunch at the National Tour event the end of this month.  It was suggested that we contact John to see if they are interested in serving food at the welcome party on Friday night rather than the typical snacks that Kevin provides from Costco.  There is a $200 budget for the evening, so this may be attractive.  Club Rally is expecting to be up and running by July 15.  If SCCA cannot accommodate this situation, they feel there are several organizations that can provide them with insurance and a body of rules to govern new events outside of SCCA.   If anybody knows of any businesses that should have a stack of FREE NWR newsletters, please let Karl know.  Wild West will be next year’s FIA prototype.  It will cost approximately one million dollars to hold the event.  This is not a problem since the dollars are available in different sponsorships.  

Treasurer’s Report

See attached sheet. 

WWSCC Report


We will need to vote on the NWDE event.  WW felt that everything went well.  WW decided they would like to purchase our old generator if everything is okay with it.  SCCA has not invoiced WW for the sanikans living in Everett last year.  Lou Ann will produce an invoice immediately. 

Equipment Report


Bus Cooling - Kevin, Scott and Tom took advantage of the scales at the Port of Seattle.  The total weight was 13,978 pounds.  The trailer weighed approximately 5,000 pounds.  We are obviously a little over weight.  Tom feels it is important to put the truck/trailer on a diet.  The group felt that we might be able to purchase an electric fan that might be able to help the situation.  Jason and Brett Spore work in this industry.  Someone will contact them to see if we can get a quote.   A suggestion was also made to purchase a gauge so that we can see exactly how hot the temperature actually is.  A motion was passed to allocate up to $300 for the purchase of a new gauge and a coolant estimate.


File Cabinet – Karen asked whether we needed the cabinet to have a lock?  Costco has a nice beefy, white cabinet with two or three drawers for about $80.  The group decided that we do not need locks and we should purchase one with three drawers.  A motion was made to purchase one from Costco for less than $100. 


Jodie and Tom purchased four new radios, repaired 2 of the red flags and are in the process of creating a new checklist.  Karen has also purchased a case of 144 lumber crayons.




Old Business


Practice 6/20 – Event was successful until it began to downpour.  We received a few new members because it was a SCCA member event only.  Thank you to Dick Willy for chairing the event. 


Event #5 6/21 – There were 147 entrants.  Unfortunately, Jodi was a bit late for the event so there was quite a bit of a scramble to get the event going.  Because of the extra large site, it was possible to run 5 runs in the morning and 4 runs in the afternoon.  This was due to the large number of people running in the afternoon versus the morning.  Thank you Kevin for chairing the event.  A discussion was raised to give the responsibility of accessing the website and printing up the timing cards for each of the events to Erika and Gretchen in registration rather than relying on an already busy Jodi to provide the cards.  This should eliminate some of the stress from Jodi’s plate, and also allow Erika and Gretchen to be more independent. 


Bremerton NT – Scott feels that things are ahead of schedule according to our schedule from the National Office.  Kevin has been in contact with the caterers.  He needs to know how many people he should expect at the dinner on Saturday night.  Scott will continue working with the National office to get better numbers.  The site will be available to us early on Friday morning.  The gates will be open by 7:00 a.m. that morning.  Bud has provided a final course and a course crew.  Scott does not have people to do waiver patrol at the front gate.  A suggestion was made to hire someone from an organization like the UW club, or maybe an actual security guard.  We can purchase a trial membership, and make a donation to their club or organization.  This is a very serious issue since someone needs to be at the gate from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.    A motion was made to hire the UWFSAE guys to handle this situation, or at least contact Denny to see if the club is interested.  The group agreed that we should spend up to $400 for the total of three days.    


Evolution Schools -  There are currently 2 – phase one classes full and 1 phase two class full.  Geoff Newman is back from vacation now and things are moving full speed ahead.  The schools will now be held at Cheney Stadium.  Ron looked at the site and feels there is plenty of space.  Because we were displaced from the Bremerton site, the Pro-formance guys will be compensating us for 2 of the 3 days worth of event site fees.  The group felt that a refund should be made to those who have signed up for the school because of this difference.  Karl feels that we should determine how much money we will need to break even for the event, and then refund the difference to each entrant.


Wild Drivers – Karl has contacted one of the people who were accused of driving wild at the last Bremerton event.  He told the person that his points from SCCA #4 would be removed and he would not be invited to SCCA Event #5.  

The person was open to this discipline and was extremely apologetic of the situation. 

New Business


New timing equipment damage –  At the last practice at terminal 25, one of the laser photo heads was damaged.  The laser still admits light, but the stand, aligner, and cable on the laser were damage.  Since these materials were brand new Kelley would like to purchase new equipment to replace these and charge Lou Greenberg.  The group felt that we should send the original equipment back to see how much it will cost to repair them, and then charge Lou that total instead.  A suggestion was made to see if there is some way we could mount this new equipment inside a protective box.  


Shuffling of some work assignments – There are two major gaps in the coverage of waiver patrol.  This is the beginning of the event and in the interim between work groups.  Nash is suggesting that registration cover this position.   The chief of registration did not feel that it should be their responsibility.  The second change that Nash would like to make is to give the Grid Workers the responsibility of checking out helmets.  Nash will discuss this change with Trever, since the group agreed this should be a simple transition of responsibility.


Event #6 Site – We currently do not have a site to hold this event. The Port of Tacoma may be an option.  Scott is trying to work on finding a local charity that may help us build a relationship with a site owner by using their political connections to create a new relationship.  Yakima is also a possibility to hold the event, as is the old Costco site in Tacoma may also be a possibility.    


Site Committee Update – Karl would like the site committee to meet as soon as possible to start jumping on these different possibilities.  Karl will contact the guys in Yakima to see if that site is available.  No new updates with the Port of Shelton.


Good of the Order -  A motion was made for the region to purchase a wireless microphone.  Kevin agreed to do the research to determine how much this type of system may cost before a vote will be held.  He will present the information at the next meeting.