7/9/02 Minutes



Board Report

The board has approved Paypal.

The board has approved all article changes of the bylaws.


Treasurerís Report

NWR SCCA has donated $500 to Wishing star Foundation.The money was taken from event #4.

A site fund and trophy charge will be $2 an entrant taken from the entry fee.

Equipment Report


Mike Leuty has taken delivery of the solo trailer.

We need a driving school to drive the solo bus and trailer at Jimís Detail.Scott Miller, Kevin D and Mike Leuty are organizing this.

Trailer insurance is $333 a year.It was not approved to insure the trailer at this time.

The solo trailer had a hitch installed.

We have received the new timing equipment!

Our printer needs to be replaced, it is using too much power for our generator.We are going to try a UPS before we replace the printer.

We have a sound meter and will check the sound levels at the events.

Karl Coleman is ordering new cones for the SCCA.Motion from Michael Lee and seconded by Carol Leuty to spend $500 for new cones.

Dick W. moved we repair the van gauges and Val K. seconded it.


Old Business


Event #4 had a good turnout.As well as the pre social.

Joe Goeke brought copies of the National tour grid and course.

Ron Bauer proposed roping off the drag strip for the National Tour.

Oil dry needs to be on site at the National Tour.Bob Forsberg said he will bring 2 bags.

Trial SCCA membership forms are available.


New Business


Carol Leuty has proposed the PAX drivers must have walked the course before riding in a car before their run.

An event chair is needed for event #5.

Karl Colman has proposed trophies must be picked up at the trophy presentation at that event.



Good of the Order