SCCA Solo Meeting

July 10, 2001




None Attending  


Board Report: 


Quickest board meeting in history.  R.E. didn’t show up for the meeting.  We have a total of 14002 members.  We are now considered a Jumbo Region.  We have 44 new Solo members.  We are unsure if they are WRX owners, but the relationship developed with Subaru has been a very successful campaign.  Fort Lewis Golf and Country Club will be the location of the region banquet.  The price will be $20.00 per person.  Our region was asked if we would like a booth at next year’s Historics Race at SIR.  It was suggested that it be a region booth and not be paid for by the separate venues.  The group agreed it was definitely a good idea.  There was a problem with this month’s newsletter and there was no Solo coverage.  The editor has agreed to publish next month early so that it will reach the National Tour entrants. 


Treasurer’s report:


Not much activity for the month.  Mostly expenses from last month.  Safeco insurance was paid in full.  We’ve got the cash flow so Luanne decided not to wait and pay it each month.  This was a total of $1500 that should now be amortized over the remainder of the year.  Bud asked for a site savings CD update and would like to know when it will be reimbursed. She has been discussing the options with Ron.  It sounds like they know what they are doing.


Equipment Report:


We missed the opportunity to order fire extinguishers with the race order.  It may be a while before the opportunity comes up again.  Ron has discovered large extinguishers at Lowe’s Hardware.  They are full size with a hose and should be appropriate for our use.  They are approximately the same cost as what would be available through race.   They are also rechargeable.  A motion was made and approved to purchase a total of seven.  Ron will look into getting them before Tour.  There was discussion at the last meeting suggesting we return the Solo bus to Sound Tire for wheel extensions for the valve stems.  Ron will check with Kevin to see if he has done anything about this.  We also discussed purchasing an EZ-Up.  Scott looked into prices for a 10’ x 10’ tent for a total of $394 dollars.  Jodi suggested going to Costco to purchase one at under $200.  Scott felt that would not be a high enough quality for our needs.  Matt Chambers said that WAASAC just purchased the exact tent and they were happy with the quality.   It was decided to replace the frame of the EZ-Up we currently own and then purchase a second one from Costco.


A discussion was held at last month’s meeting regarding a FM transmitter.  Joe has agreed to contact National Office to see who made the one they use.  (Ron fill in the blanks…the computer froze up here!)   


Old Business:


Site Committee Update:  The committee has been somewhat dormant.  People have still been working outside the committee.

We do have a couple of possibilities.  There is someone who works at the site in Whidbey Island.  Apparently, they were concerned with damage to rubber stripping on their property.  A phone call and/or research will be done to help see if something can be done to help change this situation.   Ron has also received a phone call from an Airforce Base in the mid-west that may help develop relationships here in the Puget Sound.  It is very important that we get our site committee actively going again.


Evolution Schools:  We have safety stewards for all three days.  Cheers all the way around.  Ron is down to wrapping up minor details at this point.  He has all of his timers.


National Tour:  Bud held a Chief’s meeting here before this meeting.  Most things on the list were discussed.  There is a new sponsor for the social – Race Central will be donating prices for the raffle.  There was flyers distributed at the Divisional in California and a full-page ad in the June Sportscar.  There has also been advertising in the Reno/Oregon region and Canada events. He will also be handing flyers out at the Pro Solo in Wendover.  Longhorn BBQ has been contracted for the Saturday night social dinner.  John Karwoski reported on his to-date progress for the party.  He has had an in-depth discussion with Gretchen (Chief from last year) and got a copy of her to-do list.   Bud would like to have a special section at the social on Saturday night for event sponsors such as  Kuhmo and Peninsula Subaru to attend dinner free of charge as a thank you.


Safety Stewards Training:  Wayne has sent a request to Bud that he hold a Safety Steward training session on Friday night at National Tour.  He has a special video being brought over by Jim Wilson.  Wayne should contact the people who has expressed interest in learning this skill.


Sacramento Divisional:  We had a total of 22-26 people who attended. NWR brought home 6 class trophies.


Wendover Pro Solo:  Being held this weekend. 


New Business:


Snake River Region Divisional will be held on August 18 – 19.  Information should be available shortly. 


Event #5 at Yakima:  There has been some discussion on the auto-x list about when we will be holding the next SCCA event.  The plan is to hold an eight event series, although some of those events will be happening after Nationals.  An opportunity has come up to hold an event at the new site in Yakima on August 26th.  There is also the potential for an event at Boeing Everett but Ron feels that SCCA should stay away from that site because BEAC has been extremely overloaded and it is time for us to find new sites.  Ron has taken into consideration that the Boise Divisional is the weekend before and the Bremerton event is the weekend after, but most agreed that Bremerton is NOT considered traveling.  The group agreed that we SHOULD hold the event in Yakima.  Ron asked for volunteers for an Event Chair. Ron has agreed to make all arrangements for the site.  Scott Miller and Karl Coleman have agreed to take care of this.  Thank you Scott and Karl! 


Event #6 – Bremerton.  We need an event chair.  It is quite probable there will be an Evolution Racing School Nationals warm-up event being held in Wendover the Saturday before that event.   Mike Leuty said he may be able to Chair, but needed to check with Carol.




For those attending Nationals this year we will once again be blocking a set of rooms at The Clubhouse Inn.  Group #1577