Board Report:

Discussed who should pay for plates given to specialty chiefs.Rally has big rally 6/18.Double Nationals at Thunder Hill went well.Need to be thinking ahead on NWR Sports Car news.Get on regular schedule of sending info.Issaquah Salmon Days needs cars to parade Oct 2.Rally will be doing concessions for NT/PRO.


Treasurerís Report:

Total assets about the same.Received income from regional events 1 and 2, as well as the Ladies Practice and Intermediate School.Paid site expenses to Bremerton for #3 and some of Ď98.Mckamey costs should drop balance a lot at next meeting.Bud requested that everyone save and turn in receipts to him for accounting purposes.Sharon will be submitting costs for region trophies soon.


Equipment Report:

Aabco Barriers of Seattle has agreed to sell us 200 cones at 3.50 each.They need a place to deliver them.Sean Green volunteered to have them delivered to his shop and then trucked over to the site.Should we keep these cones separate from the other cones?Maybe put all new cones in shed, and all other in container.These are to be used for the National Tour and Pro Solo and then will be open for general use.Question was raised as to whether WWSCC should pay some of the cost since they will be getting use of them.Ron will bring up at next WWSCC meeting.


Old Business:

††††††††††††††† Trophies

Series trophies were well received at event #3.Some entrants were known to put their event cones in the down position.Problem with novice trophies awarded in that ones handed out donít match correct entrant place order.Maybe novice chairs could audit.Once scoring is computerized maybe novice could be paxed.


Intermediate School

School was sold out and had a waiting list.Instructors were well received.All went well.Some got fun runs due to extra time.Could almost do all registration via e-mail.


††††††††††††††† Event #3

This event was held at Bremerton Raceway on Memorial Day weekend.Went smooth with 178 entrants.After event functions were a bit more festive than normal.Started at the Silverdale brewery and ended at the Sandpiper.


††††††††††††††† McKamey Autocross Schools

Mike did an excellent job organizing the 3 days of 2 schools a day.Only bad weather was a 15 minute squall that came and left.Had a few cancellations that did not notify Mike ahead of time and there were a few willing to jump in.Next year maybe have willing folks on standby show up for the potential no show.Did not charge the no-shows.Maybe next time we could add a timeline that would invoke being charged if a person canceled too late..Have scheduled a Phase I and II on Thursday, July 22nd between NT and Pro.Brianne and Glen did a great job in timing.


††††††††††††††† Kumho Tire, Norpac Divisional Series

Atwater is the first event of 3 event series.Seattle NT is 2nd event.


††††††††††††††† Tour/Pro

Tour:Glen states all is well.Sean has a course design.Grid is at north end.Chiefs meeting 19th of June.Suites at event hotel are like a two-bedroom condo.Porta-potties are arranged for both events.Bid has been turned into National Office.Have received sponsor check from Kumho tires.Rumor has it the tire door prizes will be similar to last yearís handout.


Pro:All chief positions have been filled.Need to get course design from Doug and submit bid package.


New Business:

††††††††††††††† Event #4

No Event Chair yet.Ron will step up to chair if no one else does.A co-chair would work.Please send Ron any feeds on a chair.SportsCar is writing up this event for the Event of the Month.Whoever steps up to write the article will be paid for their services.


††††††††††††††† Open Practice in July:

Still need a chair for this.Jim Boemler volunteered to chair.Event is open to Event Chair to run as they like.Suggestion is to run it like an NT, and allow those registered for NT first chance.


††††††††††††††† Region Funds:

Co-mingling funds.Region taxes have been difficult.Suggestion is to put all of the Regionís money into one bank, and this would help with interest on the overall account.Bookkeeping wise, it would be easier and taxes would be done in a more timely fashion.Sharon:What specifically is the tax problem.Joy:Taxes have not been filed for approximately five years.Since they havenít been filed, there may be interest and/or penalties owed.Approach is one year at a time.There may be some liability on the region to pay some back taxes.Joan will turn over records to Dan in July.Jodi recommends that all treasurer folks be bonded.Bill feels bonding is not helpful.Solo has twice the money of the other venues and co-mingling the money doesnít appear to benefit us.Sharon reviews history of how Solo got a separate account and how hard that was.It is very easy to lose control of the funds and suggests we keep all funds separate.It is suggested the message from Solo is we would like to keep our funds separate.Sounds good now, but down the road who knows who will be running things and it may become a bigger mess and Solo will not have the ability to fix it.More history, race borrowed money from solo and paid it back. Joy, not the issue of funds, but to have all the taxes controlled from one place.


††††††††††††††† Pax Class passengers:

Other regions are allowing passengers during Pax class runs even if they are entrants.No discrimination in that one can ride before they run and it would not affect points.This would only be allowed in PAX.Many donít think it fair, but yet anyone can run PAX.To be discussed more at the next meeting.Need more ideas on how it will work fairly and not be perceived as an elite.


††††††††††††††† Double entry for chiefs:

Idea is to allow entrants to double enter if they have volunteered for a chief position, if there is enough room.It would be a list of folks who have done these tasks.Each event would have a cap of how many people could double-enter.Positions available would be chiefs, chairs, and specialty.Suggested that the event maximum would be 10.Co-chair is included.Not transferable.Ron and Joe will bring plan structure to next meeting on how many folks this will affect.