Notes from the NWR/SCCA Solo Meeting of 6/9/98:

Guests/new folks: Fast Mike Lillejord, Dennis Hannah

Board Meeting: No new Rally stuff. Race had 140 entries at the Double National and so they’re not broke just now. Tim Dutton is looking for people who have pictures; he doesn’t have any from this year’s events so if you have some please send them to him. Region is requesting proposals from people who are interested in publishing the newsletter. Tim would remain editor. If anyone knows a company which would like a copy of the RFP, contact Joy. Also, one Director-at-Large position is open for the remainder of this year. Forward nominations to Joy.

Budget: Bud provided the monthly report plus a separate one on the McKamey school. He has transferred $xxxx to general savings. Kumho has already paid the money for their National Tour sponsorship. Our total assets are $xxxx, with $xxxx in the site fund and a few bills outstanding (lot sweep after McKamey). The school net was about $xxxx before the lot sweep. Mike: we might consider having better lunches (bigger budget) next time. We also might want to budget for more lot sweeps during a typical season.

Equipment: Nothing new from Ron.

Novice Program: Nothing new from Cindi.

Tour: Chiefs meeting was held on Saturday. The course, Grid, and Impound have been laid out. We still need volunteers to work the practice course on Friday, from 8-3. Bill: the practice course at San Diego was run very casually. Gretchen: we need 7 volunteers; they get to run the course for free. Otherwise it’s $2 per run or 6 runs for $10. National Office apparently gets the income. The July NWSCN is specifically dedicated to Solo, and we need cool car pictures for this. Alan: we might try Brian Horne since he took many pictures last year for WWSCC. The parking and pits need to be organized, so we will have a dedicated area for big rig parking, and probably an associated "up close" spot for the race cars which come out of the big rigs. We need a Parking Honcho for Friday; this would be that person’s work assignment for the event. The designated areas will be shown on handout maps. Gretchen has the latest updated run/work order. Joe volunteered to put them out on the web page. Roger has the T-shirt design done, and a color image file is available. Joe can go get the updated version (Gretchen has the URL) or put a link on the NWR web page. Craig will coordinate ordering shirts, and will get hats and polos too. Stickers: the newish "Solo" stickers are now the official decal for Solo events, and they’re $1 each. Our Tour ad is in the latest issue of NA Pylon. Tour waiver patrol: Howard has indicated that it’s okay to just have wandering people covering waiver signing. Joy: for door prizes for the Saturday night party, if people have businesses or know people who could provide prizes, please ask and let Joy know if they can provide something. Craig Anderson is going to emcee the party and keep the door prize action moving. Joy: we’d rather have 10 really nice prizes than 52 ball caps. Sharon: Victory Awards could divide their $xxx sponsorship into a $xxx door prize of some sort and $xxx for the party. The Region could do a free Nationals entry (this is a good idea). Bill B. will get some mailing labels to Gretchen so we can get better local coverage on the flyers. Alan: what’s the upper limit on entries? Mike: generally it’s 250. Discussion on possible run group rearrangements. The Rally group will be doing concessions at both the Tour and Pro; Joy will be coordinating this. We’ll reserve a good spot for them this year. Espresso: Gretchen will look into arranging one.

We have one more Solo meeting before Tour happens.

Pro: National Office doesn’t think they need a contract for the site. Joe is going to contact Guy Ankeny to find out what needs to happen for the Friday party. Arturo’s (the guy who does concessions at Bremerton) might be a possibility. His price would be $4 or so per person; we get a $400 allocation for the party, and National also pays us per head for entries over 100. Greg F. hasn’t coughed up a course map yet; they’re not here yet and he’d said he would have it for this meeting. Joe will bug him regularly.

Web page: Joe will update the NT run order, and get the Kumho logo up too. Mike: perhaps he can get the one from the San Francisco page. If not, Gretchen will send it to him. Brianne will get the "Solo Week" info she has to him.

Solo Week: Brianne has a mockup of a brochure for activities available, with a whole page devoted to breweries and wineries. She left space for possible inclusion of business card size advertisements and will try to sell space to pay for printing costs so we can make it look nice. All the event and party sponsors will be listed as well. Gretchen knows a printing company who might give us a good deal. Brianne has talked to one of the Rally people about having a rally on Tuesday night of that week. It will probably be based on one they’ve already used, and entry fee would be around $10 per car. The NWRC people think they wouldn’t be able to limit the entries to our people; this will help them break even since they need about 20 cars. She’ll still try to contact BSCC about having something at Bremerton; Jodi supposedly knows she’s being counted on for this. Brian Horne is supposed to be providing some sets of "car tour" instructions.

Regional Series: Comments on Event #3: weather was awful. We had 141 entries, which is pretty good for Bremerton. Fordahl Motorsports has kicked in their series sponsorship moola.

McKamey School: Some cars killed tires. Larry Imbeau killed his transmission. Dave: Jean and John were swell instructors. Mike thought Scotty and Tom did a good job as well. Joe: the timing system they used seemed to function well. Next year we should ask for a Phase II. Greg: we could use Bremerton. Mike: the standard course might not fit; it’s 275’ x over 400’. Alan: why was the South end always done sooner? Mike: the instructors over there seemed to use fewer runs, and the North instructors took more time for orientation and may have talked to people a little more. Sunday the post-school debriefings were shortened because the instructors had to fly home.

Computer Committee: Jim B. is gathering representative software. People in the group need to look at what’s available. He thinks that current software may not cover our needs but we should be able to get something. Joe: McKamey is using a system where the photohead connects to a box which connects to the computer, and the computer keeps track of section times, etc. Gretchen: they had problems with missed times and segments. The committee will be looking at the software Jim has acquired, and perhaps one more from Dan Woodman, and have a report in the future. The system in New England is one we’re also trying to get to try. We’ll need to download FileMaker Pro to use that one.

Walla Walla is cancelled, due to insufficient competitor support. Too many other things going on.

Event #4: Joy and Gretchen are in charge, it’s 6/21 (Father’s Day) and is being used as a partial "practice" for some of the things we want to do for Tour. Chiefs are needed for all the specialties. Susan Collicott volunteers to be Chief of Registration. Prep/Mod runs in the morning. Need a Chief of Timing; Joy will call Ron. Chief of Tech: Sean Green will do it. Chief of Workers: Gretchen can do this. Somebody in Stock for Teardown: Alan Dahl says he’ll do this one. Dash plaques and trophies are covered (thanks to Victory Awards). Lynn R. has the insurance. Bret Dodson volunteers to do the NWSCN article. Need a Grid chief, especially since we’re doing Tour-style grids. Glen H. volunteers for this. Gretchen: we can tell people when they check in for work which grid they go to.

Merchandise: Craig wonders if he should take over doing stickers and rule books from Sharon Reuter. Mike: we should have listings on the NWR web site, too, and a list of contacts. Craig will be merchandise seller and keep a small traveling inventory; Sharon will keep rest of inventory and do the ordering. The Tour Chiefs will have special hats. Sharon has ordered rule books from SCCA, so there will be 20 more available at the June 21 event, and there will also be the new "Solo" stickers. Sharon: does anyone know how many waiver forms we have? Gretchen: we have bunches. Sharon has also ordered 2 boxes of wristbands.

New Business: Mike Lillejord was a guest at our meeting, and has a few questions. He needs to get copies of official event results, and can’t get to the web site to download them. Mike: hard copies are usually available at Registration at the next event. He also needs entry forms for the upcoming major events. Joe: the generic forms are in SportsCar and are sent to Denver to pre-register. Joy: he should also get the forms mailed to him by National Office based on our mailing list. Mike Leuty: we should print copies of the registration forms and have them at our Regional registration area. Susan C. will see to this for 6/21. Mike Lillejord also wondered about trophies at the Regional events; some of his friends don’t want to run Novice but would like to get trophies. Proposals to change the trophy policy need to be made before the season. He also volunteered to help put up the EZ-Ups at events so people can have shade. We don’t have tie-down straps or weights to hook them to; he may look into this. He’ll need 6 or 8 weights and straps for them.

Year-end Trophies: We haven’t talked about it, what do we want? Think about it and we’ll discuss it next meeting.

Miscellaneous: Fordahl Motorsports is now on 20th Ave. N.E. in Bellevue, right next to Car Nuts, between that and the detail place. Greg expects to be open as soon as he gets back from his next 10-day road trip. Rallycross: nobody we know of is doing it. Larry Imbeau knows someone in Snohomish who wants to build a site for events like this. Joy: John Forespring is the Rally contact for the Region; Larry could refer his friend to him. San Francisco Divisional is in Sacramento at the end of this month. The Canadians are having events at Boundary Bay, one is booked for July 5th. Mike Leuty is not going to be Solo Chair next year so we’ll need one.

Meeting adjourned 9:05.