Solo Meeting
June 13, 2017
Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Gretchen and Tim W. Kurt and Lisa R. Crystal S. Mike and Carol L. Keith B. Charlie M. Joey J. Karen B. Karl and Amy C. Bud B. Dick W. Ron and Alyson B. Charles A. Joey S.
Last month’s minutes review – Minutes were approved as written with the exception of some spelling errors. Moved and approved.

NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) – Race had an event. A slight problem with a conflict in the racing school due to the fact that Proformance racing school has exclusive rights to all for profit schools on the pacific raceway track.  Rally has a National event the weekend after the Packwood Pro Solo. More info can be found at  Current membership is 824.  Next Street Survival School 11-12-17. 

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Chase Race has paid up for their sponsorship. We are ahead for the year so far, but still a few items to pay for this year.  Lots of activity coming up with NT and Pro Solo.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – The next event is the Enduro Light next Saturday.
Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – The new magnets worked great on the posting board. Block rockers? A shopping list.   Joey says he needs a 3-way connector to make the display work. And if that doesn’t work he could potentially need to shorten the cables feeding the displays.
Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) –No report at this time. But we did have some Novices bring out their friends for their first event this last weekend. 
Old Business

Pro Solo #2 recap- Event chair Dick Willy: Thank you Dick for chairing. We need to support our novices at the Pro’s. Uncertainly that they will be attending event, but we did have three or four people who had never run a Pro before.  We need to do a better job of identifying these people and connecting them with our Novice Chairs. Big thanks Stacy and Laura Molleker for stepping up and helping out with the new people that were having trouble.  We did see some trouble with the timing and registration database merge. When the update happened it didn’t remove the no shows. Grid sheet did not update the changes. Brett is aware of the situation and some of these problems have a fix that is waiting on him returning from vacation. 

Also discovered some problems with using the barcode system.  When using the barcode and manually entering an entrant the scan overwrites the manual entry.  Some issues that the deleted cars in registration and the timing computer. Review all the changes and problems we are having to bring them to Brett when he returns. One of the new laptops has a failed CD so unable to update the computer from that drive. 

Event #4 Recap- Event chairs Ron Bauer and Gretchen Weidemann:  Ron the face of event #4. Event went well. Could have done 5 runs MAYBE. But got a nice long lunch and people got extra walks for the afternoon session. Retrospect do the trophies sooner for the morning session. Karl had some trouble with the electronic results info. So we need to make sure that results are printed and posted as soon as possible. Worker check in/audit person needs to be assigned this job of posting the current standings.  The turnout was light. 118 entries for the event.
Need to remind the group to ONLY enter once in class if you are running in the afternoon. Please check the website to determine when your class is running.  Thank you to Ron for the speaking about the Angela Memorial and thanks to everyone for the donations. At the event we collected 1025.00 in donations to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. And more are coming through their works for company matching to get close to the 1500.00 total mark. From our region we are looking to increase the donation by matching all donations up to 6-16-17. 

NT & Pro Solo Update – Both courses are done and turned in to National Office. We are continue working on beer/wine donations for the onsite picnic. The food has been worked out and Scott and Deb seem to be doing a great job getting it all together. Working with the 4H group to help out with service and clean up. Also working on raffle prizes. 

New Business

Open Practice (6/24) – Event Chair Jim Zhu: format for open practice ran similar to a normal event. So plan ahead.

Event #5 (6/25) –Event Chair Joe Goeke: Kit is course. Need Stock grid people and someone to cover Joe’s normal position as Chief of Workers.  Dick Willy volunteered for this. 

Additional Donation Requests – We have received a request to sponsor Lisa Rehm and her efforts participating in the NYC marathon.  We sponsored her with $500 for her last marathon in Chicago.  Need to determine a total plan for our nonprofit giving.   Moved and approved to donate $500 from solo group to support her fund raising.
Open Discussion – Joey proposed to look into talking to the other clubs to see if we can develop a fund to lock up a site for autocross. Maybe raise rates to go to this fund. We also have a committee meeting planned on June 27th. 

Had an occasion of some entrants running four people in the car on a run. In SCCA it is allowed “a” as in one passenger for instruction. 

Meeting adjourned 8:32.