Solo Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2016

Introductions – Welcome to Jim Zhu!


In attendance: Keith Brown, Aaron Parkins, Tim and Gretchen Weidemann, Kurt Rehm. Kevin Dietz and Jean Clayton,  Mike & Carol Leuty, Dick Willy, Karl & Amy Coleman, Mark & Jill Snell, Charly Spyksma, Karen Babb, Alison and Jerry Lamb. Wayne Reuter, Charles Aggenbach, Kit and Jessy Gauthier.

Last month’s minutes – Normal typos. Moved to accept and approved.

Board report – Region has about 12k in the bank. SCCA still owes the region some payments outstanding from Track Night in America.  John understands that we do not truly have access to current Accountant/Treasurer, but is always looking for someone new to volunteer to fill the position. Race held a Majors Event and still waiting on the full payment to balance the book. Rally has an event coming up at DirtFish.  John has found a volunteer that is willing to step up and help with the region website.  It is the son of one of the race competitors.   Our region received an invoice showing a few outstanding balances from National Office.  Gretchen has sent a summary sheet back to Kristi to determine what may actually belong to Solo, and which have already been paid.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) - We have balance in the bank, and this is with most of our major outstanding debts already paid for the year (site fees).  More events before the tour has helped increase the balance. Kristi had some regarding totals being charged when using the square.  Gretchen will work with her to clear up any confusion.   

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) – Nothing to report at this time. Solo Nationals registration opens tomorrow 6-15-16. It’s $175 this year. This year, they will not allow anyone to reserve a paddock space before actually being registered for the event. To reserve a paddock block together, our group needs to be registered before the 29th of June. Keith Brown has volunteered to be the NWR paddock coordinator, and will gather everyone’s information and get us submitted.  He is working on getting our space closer to the front. Someone suggested he try to make sure the tent is in the middle of our paddock, unlike last year when it was way at the end of the row.


WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – Understeer/Oversteer last weekend. Fun course both days. Turnout was 74 and 80 for each day. Autopilot this Saturday (6/18) in Shelton. US/OS were both approved for championship status.

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Easels need something to hold results better. New displays not waterproof. So be aware that they need to be protected from the rain. Shot clock is coming from the company down in Oregon.  Some details to work out on the shot clock in terms of programming, but Jerry believes he has a handle on the situation.

A motion was proposed to get two rain covers for the new displays. Seconded and approved for a total of $180.  Charly volunteered to make the purchase.

Recruitment Report: (Joey Jones) – Joey was not present to give report. Big thanks for getting new people coming to our events.  Thanks to our Recruiters and our novice leaders for getting these people exposed to and hooked on our hobby.


Recap Novice School (Event Chair Kurt Rehm & Jessy Gauthier) -  They made some changes this year by breaking the course up into segments to teach people key elements of the course individually. They them ran the full course in the afternoon.  This received positive feedback from many of the students, including one that was in attendance at tonight’s meeting.  Jim said that he felt it brought it down to a less intimidating situation for those that may have been overwhelmed, and it was then fun running the whole thing after lunch.  

33 novices showed up at the next event, and we already have eight people interested in the next novice class. They had rain in the morning.  Training on a wet track was helpful to teach them car control and then when things dried up in the afternoon they got to go faster as the traction came up.  There are constant emails going out to these people to keep them informed of our upcoming events.  

Recap Event #3 (Event Chair Jerry & Alison Lamb) - Great event with a fantastic turn out. Lots of novices in the morning session, with almost 80% of the students returning from the Novice School the day before. Gridding on the taxi way worked well.  Someone suggested we may want to consider setting up a second grid with angled parking so people don’t get locked in waiting for others.  Timing worked well with the addition of cards. Jerry did a great job as chair, and deserving a big thank you!

Recap Pro Solo #2 (Event Chair Dick Willy) – Finally entry number was 71 people. Good course design that was not heavy on the cone count.  High temps were a really big problem. We had some people faint from heat exhaustion. Everyone needs to stay aware of people not feeling well.  A discussion was held as to whether the region should provide water for events that are up in the 90s.  While no one wants anyone to get really sick, some felt that people should be responsible enough to take care of themselves. It was clearly going to be extremely hot.  Others felt it was our responsibility at least to provide for people who were going out to work course.  A suggestion was made that next time we might consider purchasing water and selling two bottles for a dollar.  At least this way water would be available and we could recoup the purchase cost.  A motion was made and approved for up to $50 to purchase 12 volt lead acid batteries for the timing equipment. Jerry will handle the purchase.


Recap Event #4 – Hot event. 102 on course. We had enough water available on course and we need to remind people every time that they should be hydrating.  See above for discussion about water. Course maps failed to appear since Bill volunteered to do the course design very late in the week and didn’t have a printer, but he did provide an electronic file which was dropped onto the timing computer.  Gretchen was able to print a hand full of course maps for the Novices, who generally needed a copy since the course was fairly technical and not easy to follow.  Need to follow the website when determining the work/run order. Classes were not swapped again at this event, which caused an unfair situation for many competitors.  Timing needs to post results on a more regular basis. Some discussion about some kind of electronic device to display results. Make sure the novice awards are available at trophy presentation.

Event Format at Packwood – We continue running events with one worker per corner. At a place as large as Packwood, this is dangerous and inconsistent. Gretchen reminded the group that if things do not change, we are going to have to make a format change for Sunday events in Packwood.  A couple of suggestions were made such as running a three-group format with one tech/registration session.  A suggestion was made that if someone want to run 2 times in a 3 run format we could come up with a pre-determined list of “difficult” job to fill, and people could volunteer to work two times, once when they are supposed to, and once before or after the event.  If we run fun runs you have to stay and help clean up, etc.  Another suggestion was made to use a penalty box, where if you get a cone, you have to go to the box for 5 mins and you have to shag cones while waiting for time to expire. This would work great for a practice, but not really an event. Gretchen will add this to the agenda for our next meeting, so everyone please think of ideas, and bring them to the meeting.   


National Tour Update – Jill is getting things organized and ready to go.  She reviewed the Specialty Chiefs, and those that have volunteered to help put on the event. Wondering if we need to prune the trees in the grid area? Also thinking we should do some work to the ditch in front of building and along north east side. We really need someone to step up and do the social ground work including the Friday night social and arranging the socials for the weekend. We also need someone to work on collecting donations for the raffle and selling door prize tickets. A discussion was held regarding whether the region should charge for the Saturday night dinner or continue providing for free. Karen Babb was going to reach out to Howard Duncan to find out why Sandi was so opposed to our charging a minimal fee last time.  Some felt that people would be more than willing to pay $10 for dinner, which would offset some of the costs to the region.  Gretchen tabled the discussion and will work with Jill to try and coordinate something outside of the meeting.

National Pro Solo Update - Brent Glad volunteered to Chair the event.  Tim Weidemann is designing the course.  Everything seems to be coming together just fine so far.

Porsche Club Request for Helmets – PCA has made a request to rent our helmets for their event being held the weekend after the NT/Pro in Packwood.  Mike Leuty will be responsible for them and will make sure they are returned to the bus prior to our next event at BMP.  The motion was made and seconded.

The GT86 group wants some flyers to hand out at their track day that is the same day as our NT/Pro Solo.  Gretchen suggested Aaron contact Joey Jones to get some materials.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45.