June 9, 2015

In attendance:  Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Dick Willy, Bud B. Kevin Dietz and Jean Clayton, Keith Brown, Alison and Jerry Lamb, Mike and Carol Leuty, Fast Mike, Ron Bauer, Karl and Amy Coleman, Aaron Pailthorp, and Karen Babb.

Solo Meeting Minutes

Last month’s minutes review - Minutes were approved as written.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Everett) – Race night in America was held on May 10th. Did not go without incident. One motor blown. One S2000 into the wall. SCCA going to install a system to have some instructors on hand to help guide entrants new to track days.  Driver’s will do the parade laps, and then instructors will be inside the vehicle for four or five laps before being let lose all alone. We are putting some push notification ads on Facebook and will be tracking who we are reaching. The idea is that we can continue the success we are seeing in Solo and hopefully Race can learn and grown as well. Web site is still getting worked on. John is running for the Board of Directors and has lined up Scott as the next RE for our region.  The elections are coming up in August/September and it will be important for our group to participate.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – reviewed current status.  Cleared up the outstanding invoice from Tight and Tidy year end awards. Came in $400 under budget.  Final numbers will be coming from Torque Steerers on the Emerald downs events. Question was raised as to whether we determined the budget amount we want to set aside budget for future repair or replacement of the bus?  Gretchen remembered the discussion but does not believe a dollar amount was set.  This should be done sooner than later.  It was noted that the Chief of Trophies must determine an event trophy budget prior to January 1st and get final approval from the committee before moving forward with any purchases.  

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) – Keith discussed the possibility of sending another person to the National Convention. The future agendas are going to be important topics that we can truly learn from.  This is something the Solo Director is interested in.


WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – No event since last meeting but three coming up in the next few weeks. Two days in Packwood (6/12 – 6/13) and then following weekend in Shelton.

Equipment Report: (Mike Leuty) – Mike purchased six new radios and two headsets. It was brought up that the scanner is very difficult to hear around loud cars. Aaron was wondering if it was possible to put a headset on that. Battery tester is in radio box now. Dual sided display donated from Sand and Sage. Might need to check the battery, but should be a great addition to our inventory.


One problem at first with a car going off taxi way and backing into the ditch, but no damage to vehicle and the student continued on for the remainder of the day. Other than that it was a great event and several people turned up the next day. Kurt is looking for input from instructors on ways to improve or things that went well. A suggestion was made that we make it a requirement that instructors drive the student’s car and least one time to show students how to drive smoothly and fast.

Event #3 (5/24) - Event Recap:  Chair – Scott Engler. Some delay in the start of the event.  Potentially a merge issue with the data base as new entrants were not showing up in the software.  This has become a consistent problem and has happened the past three events.  Gretchen has spoken with Brett about this and will try and follow up on a solution.  It also seemed that we were having problems with scans not working on freshly printed bar code labels. Great course by Brent V. technical but lots of fun.

Pro Solo #2 (6/6) – Event Recap: Chair – Aaron Pailthorp thanked Jerry Lamb for building such incredible timing equipment.  The equipment worked flawlessly. Event was great and much fun was had by all.  Well attended social afterwards which was great to see. Some issues with scoring in the morning so audit took a little more time than normal. Sound went well with only one slight problem with a new person that was great about making repairs and following our new procedures.  Carol Leuty wanted to give a big pat on the back to all the NW region members who helped a fellow racer get her axle put back together which allowed her to run the next day.

Event #4 (6/7) – Event Recap: Chair – Ron Bauer 121 entries.  Event flowed well. Brett’s course worked well and used some of the features from Saturday that didn’t give the entrants from the Pro a huge advantage.  Some problems with people who are slotted into yearly positions.  We need to make sure that everyone checks in for their position to work, regardless of whether they are preassigned or not. We have someone preassigned to work in timing, and even though they were actually on site, they decided not to run.  This information never got to the Chief of Timing, and the Chief of Workers assumed they were working but didn’t know they had changed their mind.  Very important to confirm and communicate when assigned to a specialty position.

Chiefs might want to review their workers to make sure they are not all in the same class so that it doesn’t unbalance the run groups. Street half of the day did not follow the proper class run/work order, so we will need to determine a plan on how to move forward.  We also need to make sure that grid/timing and sound are on same radio station. Timing has not been informing grid who or when reruns are due.  Carol Leuty, our Co-Chief of Workers for Street is going to verify how many workers need to be assigned to each Specialty area.  It was also brought up that each Chief should be covering one position in their own area.  

We had several issues with children playing in, and or crossing on bikes or scooters across the live grid.  It is imperative that the parents of these children keep them out of this area, and not argue with Safety Stewards about where children are allowed to be.  We have to make sure that we cone off the grid off and make sure that children stay out of grid. Period.  We will need to look into revising our current rule allowing young children on bikes, scooters, etc.  Even in the large pit building it is getting dangerous because as drivers enter the building the different in light makes it very difficult to see.  Also need to look into no children on wheels in the pit’s area, and make sure the rule is very clear.

Jr. Karts – The group all agree that things ran very smoothly at the last event. There was some off grid discussion about adopting some of the Oregon procedures, but it was decided to leave things as we currently have.  Note that Youth Steward is supposed to work with the junior, both on doing their work assignments and doing the course walks with them. It should be a position for one half of the day, not both.  

First Aid/CPR Class – Will be held on June 18th at 6 pm.  All safety stewards are invited.  There are a few additional people that will be attending as well.

Sound Update – Gretchen pointed out that the rule we voted on states that 96 dB is when a run is actually affected. We have been using 95 which is incorrect.  This was a typo when writing up the rule supps which got transferred over to our Chief of Sound Tim.  Gretchen has revised the supps and they are now on the website.

Event Chairs - Still need volunteers to fill the following open spots:


Practice March 7th: Gretchen Everett – Course Design: Tim Weidemann

Event #1 (BMP) 4/12: Joel Ferguson: - Course Design: Kevin Dietz

Regional Pro Solo #1 (Packwood) 5/2: Gretchen Everett - Course Design: Tim Weidemann

Event #2 (Packwood) 5/3: Karl and Amy Coleman – Course Design: Joe Goeke

Novice School (BMP) 5/23: Kurt Rehm - Course Design: Kurt Rehm/Brent Vitolins

Event #3 (BMP) 5/24:  - Scott Engler - Course Design: Brent Vitolins

Regional Pro Solo #2 (Packwood) 6/6:  Aaron Pailthorp – Course Design: Brett Wilson

Event #4 (Packwood) 6/7: Ron Bauer - Course Design: Brett Wilson

Open Practice (Packwood) 6/27: Kit & Jessy Gauthier – Course Design: OPEN

Event #5 (Packwood) 6/28 Jerry & Alison Lamb – Course Design: OPEN

National Tour (Packwood) 7/11-7/12: OPEN – Course Design:  “The Real” Roger Johnson

Pro Solo (Packwood) 7/18-7/19: Geoff Clark & Caitlin Snell – Course Design: OPEN

Event #6 (BMP) 8/2:  OPEN - Course Design:  Kit Gauthier

Core Worker’s Practice (Packwood) 8/15: OPEN
Event #7 (Packwood) 8/16: 

Event #8 (BMP) 10/4: OPEN


National Tour/Pro Solo Update – Fast Mike had to step down due to family obligations. Jerry and Alyson Lamb have stepped up to take over.  Caitlin and Geoff will be chairing the Pro Solo and are currently looking for a course designer.  A motion was made and approved to donate two event entries to a regional event for the raffle prizes.

National’s Action Items – A motion was made and approved to get a tent at Nationals for the NW region. We also a NWR

Paddock Coordinator to step up and help facilitate.  Keith Brown has agreed to write up a paragraph explaining the responsibilities and Gretchen will make a request out to the list.  

Running out of group - There were a group of competitors that requested to run out of group due to the need to attend the BSCC event.  A competitor requested to run out of group, since he wanted to run both in the morning and the afternoon, but was denied where others were granted that option.  Running out of group needs to be addressed on how it affects our events and how it becomes unfair for competitors due to changing conditions.  We need to define what valid reasons should be allowed to run out of group.  Motion to allow Bud Bohrer’s morning times to be put back into O PAX. Moved and approved.

Random Advertising:  TS place an ad in the Highway shopper.  This is a very inexpensive way to reach over 7000 people in the area.   A half page color ad is only 50.00.  The idea was brought up that NWR SCCA may want to place an ad thanking the community of Packwood for their support.  

A motion was made and approved to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 pm.

Good of the Order