SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 6/11/2013


Members in attendance –  Dick Willy,  Tasha Mikko, Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Jodi Fordahl, Charly Spyksma, Keith Brown, Laurie Hyman, Ron & Alison Bauer, Karl & Amy Coleman, Charles Aggenbach, Mike Leuty, Kevin Dietz, Jessy & Kit Gauthier.


Meeting Minutes – Minutes were approved as written.


NWR Board Report (Dick) –   The race group is back to their regular pattern of operation.  The region has hired a treasurer who is helping us get back in the good graces of the IRS. 


Treasurer's Report (Kristi) - Summary was distributed.  Kristi has prepaid site fees for a majority of our events.  The good thing is we have made a profit at each event so far this year. 


NORPAC Report (Keith) –   Not much to discuss. 


WWSCC Report (Keith) – Sportscar spectacular was last weekend.  There were some patches of asphalt on course that started pull up.  Because of the break up, the course was changed in the middle of the third runs, so only the first two runs counted towards the result of the event.  Those that actually competed in the event seemed to all agree that this was the fair thing to do. A motion was made and approved to pass the event for championship status. Due to the circumstances with the surface and the number of counted runs there were two votes against.  Last weekend in June will be OS/US Torque Steerers event in Packwood. 


NT Update – Kit and Jessy presented ideas for the social events.  The Welcome party on Friday night will consist of light snacks, water and soft drinks.  They are looking for coolers and were informed there are plenty in our trailer on-site.  As far as the Saturday party goes, the local fire department has been fired. They are contracting with Blanton's for the food.  The event will be held at the community center.  They can fit 150 people inside, and they have a nice area outside that will fit a lot more people.  The cost for dinner will be about $11 per person. They need $300 dollars to firm up the reservation.  A motion was made and approved.  Alison helped explain the level of effort it took to set-up and tear down the party. National office has approved a total of four people for party support.  As we get closer to the event and have a better idea of the number of entrants, Laurie may be able to arrange more.  If a call for volunteers goes out on the list, the group was pretty certain people will help out. 


Karl shared the list of confirmed donation partners. The list is incredible, and there are still 70 outstanding letters.  They are changing the way we present the prizes.  Each prize will have its own box so that each person can pick and choose which items they would like to play for.  Karl and Amy will control all ticket sales.  There will be bulk discounts for people who purchase more tickets.  A nice advertising package was put together and presented to potential donors. 


Pro Solo –   Working with local cheerleaders to host the Friday night welcome party.  They are also trying to determine if they are capable of running concessions for both of these National weekends.  Tim W. is designing our courses, and we are confident they will be fantastic, as long as National office doesn't get too involved.  Everything else is coming along nicely. 


Drift Report – (Derek) First event went really well.  56 entrants registered and 54 actually showed up.  Had well over 250 people in and out of the site since it was Memorial Day weekend and there was a lot of local activity in town.  They had some issues with the gentleman who owns the new cabin right above the site. He has legal access to come through the site, but is not very happy about not having open in and out privileges.  Great event for the first of the season and they are very excited for the next one.


Equipment Co-Chairs – Stock, Charly Spyksma. NS, Piotrek Szarkowicz.  They will each load and unload the bus in respective halves.  Charly is going to be bringing the bus to Packwood either this weekend, or next. It will then be stored there through the end of July.  Kevin offered to allow us to keep the bus at his cabin rather than at the site during this time period.   Piotrek replaced the alternator, replaced the wooden door panel, and topped off the oil.




Event Chairs Needed – Still looking for event chairs for two events.  We need a chair for Event #6 and Pro Solo #3. 


Event #4 Recap – There was an issue with the blue tooth reach for the scanner.  Dan has come to the conclusion that we need to raise the height of the dongle.  He would like some help in determining a way to somehow attach it to the top of the Solo Bus.  It was brought up that a much bigger problem is that we had several cars that somehow made it out of Tech with incorrect sizes and bad contrast issues with their class and car numbers. Since the Solo bus was not place in a strategic enough position to be able to see the finish line, this made the timing process very difficult.


Tasha wanted to back up and “walk” everyone through the process.  Several suggestions have been made to help this process move along more efficiently. The idea of your class and car number written on a physical piece of paper was brought up to help ensure that Tech knows exactly what information should actually be displayed on each car. Tasha suggested that we use the map since most people already have that in their possession. 


It was also discussed that we make every effort to ensure that class and car numbers are correctly displayed BEFORE cars are released from Tech.  This means we need to purchase new/additional colored tape such as black and white in addition to the blue and lime green they already have.  If this process doesn't change, someone will make a proposal that we start imposing the rule determining size and color of numbers and if a driver goes on course without following this procedure, that run will be DQ'd


Another issue was raised that Grid needs to be given a separate radio frequency so that they can communicate with timing directly.  A discussion was held regarding who is responsible for informing grid there is a rerun.  This should be an official decision made by timing.  Grid will start running their radios on 2-1.  It was decided to add in the Event Chair announcements that the outside lane should be dedicated for reruns. 


It was also brought up that nowadays it seems that many, many people have not been attending the driver's meeting.   Ron suggested that we readdress the schedule.  Since we are allowing people the chance to register until 8:30, maybe we should change the time of our driver's meeting back to 9 am. This means that for the afternoon there will also be a half hour break between the end of registration and when we hold the driver's meeting.  All entrants must attend the driver's meeting.




NT Raffle/NWR Donations - A motion was made to donate a free entry to one regional event (valued at $25) and one regional Pro Solo event (valued at $35). Expires the end of the 2014 season.


US/OS rental to TS - Torque Steerers would like to rent a lot of our equipment for their upcoming events.  Basically everything except the timing equipment. The cones are $150 for the two days.  A motion was made that we rent the timing vehicle and the contents for $150 additional on top of the cones. The motion was seconded.  Motion carried.


Wireless timing – RA boxes broken, again. A motion was made that we continue using our wired system for the rest of the season until we see the budget remaining at the end of the year. We will then decide how to move forward for our 2014 season.  A second motion was also put on the table to purchase a Farmtek system.  A third suggestion was also made that we wait to send in the RA equipment until after Event #6.  We will then have a four week window of time to address the repairs.  


A motion was made and seconded to send the RA equipment back now and then rent the WW equipment for our next event, and the NT Test n' Tune. Motion carried.  We will then determine how to move forward at our next meeting once we determine the total cost of changing our equipment.


Dan has researched the actual timing equipment.  It is $1074.  It will also be another $1000 for the display.  It will be approximately $2200 to make the shift.  The software already supports it because Brett set it up already for the Oregon region.  It was suggested that we talked to Oregon region about renting their equipment so that we can test it and see if we like it, either that or Dan would like to attend one of their events, work timing and scout out the situation.


FRS radios – There seemed to be some issues with the radios at the last event.  A motion was made to allow $200 to purchase as many radios as possible. Motion carried.


Logos on the Solo Bus – The Chase Race logo has not been placed on the Solo Bus. This is Doug Chase's responsibility to provide the vinyl graphics. 


Event Site – 12 acre site found in the city of Sumner.  Mike Leuty contacted the city. He was told that we would need a permit, and that automotive use was not an option in the codes for the city.  Mike has started the process to add autosports as an approved use. 


Meeting adjourned at 9:33 pm.