Solo Committee Minutes       Jun 12, 2012

In attendance:  Jerry Lamb (chair), Travis Boyle, Tim Weidemann, Jodi Fordahl, Bud Bohrer, Mike Leuty, Carol Leuty, Dick Willy, Ron Bauer, Keith Brown, Tasha Mikko, Joel Ferguson, Kevin Deitz, Mike Meyer

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM.


NWR:   No one in attendance.

Division:  No meetings or conference calls.

WWSCC:  Discussed TS Oversteer & Understeer, BEAC Autopilot.  All were approved for championship status.

Treasurer’s report was received.  Site fees for all events through # 7 (BMP) have been paid.  Expenses will be covered by entry fees, if attendance is sufficient.

Timing:  Wireless radio has failed, cause not known.  Discussion about whether to replace or revert to cable system.   Consensus is to use cable system while alternatives are investigated, with goal to have a working wireless timing setup.  BSCC timing will be rented for Event # 4 and  NT backup, pending BSCC approval.  $100 was approved for rental.  (M Dick, S Carol Leuty, Passed)

Evo School:  32 students on Sat., 22 on Sun. 

It was discovered that the sanicans were full.  The service company was called, and the manager came to the site and pumped them out.  The  Stumpjumpers held an event the previous weekend, and it appears they did not contract for sanican service.  We will investigate and bill them for service.  Also, the manager of the service company should be thanked for making the trip – he could not find an available employee, and left a graduation party at his house in order to respond.

Event # 4 Course Design:  Bud Bohrer is the designer, and he shared copies of the design, which uses the “chute” running northwest from the main course area.

NT:  Mike Meyer discussed a less expensive dinner plan – burgers instead of chicken.  The raffle will also feature fewer items of high quality, 10 – 15 minutes duration, and be conducted during dinner.  Kevin proposed that we have an “informal” fireworks display on the Mill site following dinner, with donations by attendees for a chairitable cause.  Jim’s Detail & Taco Time will fund the fireworks (purchased on reservation) expense.  Angus Lowe will be contacted for site owner’s approval.

New Business:

Jerry Lamb would like someone else to learn our Regional Pro timing setup to take over in 2013.  Currently, Jerry is the only “expert”, and he’s been doing it since we started (7 years?).   Discussed need for a set of written instructions.  Parts are currently labeled.

Teardown was brought up as a deterrent to getting timing volunteers.  It was suggested that we consider having Stock & NS chiefs of teardown.

Dick proposed that we (NWR Solo) become members of Destination Packwood.   Membership fee is $55/year.  We would have one vote, be able to have a link on the Destination Packwood site, and can display brochure in the DW office (next to Butter Butte Coffee).  Seconded by Keith Brown, Passed.

Karl & Amy Coleman are individual members, and they will be asked if one of them would be our voting representative.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM.


Respectfully submitted:   Dick Willy