SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 6/9/2009

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Mike Leuty, Keith Brown, Charles Aggenbach, Bud Bohrer, Ron & Alyson Bauer, Joel Ferguson, Val Korry, Glenn Austin, Mark McCooey, Karl & Amy Coleman, Lou Ann Christensen, John Kimball, Mark Snell, and Tim Irwin.

Minutes Review – A motion was made to approve minutes as written.

Drift Report – The next event will be held at BMP on July 5th.  They now have two trained Safety Stewards and they should be licensed before this event. There is going to be a lot of activity up in Monroe, so those who are interested should come on up and check out what is going on.

NWR Board – Pacific Rally group was involved with the Oregon Rally group.  May 15 -17 weekend. A lot good things about this event although there were some spectator issues due to the additional advertising due to our relationship Subaru. Race held Double National at PRI the same over Memorial Day weekend. There were lots of workers, but not a lot of drivers. Our average attendance has been 175 this season, which is higher than last year.  There were several ideas this was attributed to, such as weather or the fact that everyone has now become members. 

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann is not in attendance. Kristi Brown will not be making it to any meetings. This was okay’d with Dick before she took the position. Lou Ann has taken a couple of days off to finish taking care of the swap over of the Solo treasurer position.  Kristi now has a checkbook and has access to our account, so all outstanding invoices should be submitted to her now. There are now 1,052 members in our region.  Membership is being really slow in processing new members, so people should expect some delay in receiving your SCCA member card. Calling the National Office may help expedite the process. The idea of paying our donation for the Packwood site immediately was addressed. In the past, we have waited long periods of time and then given them a large lump sum.  We would like to see these donations paid much sooner.


National Tour – Things are moving along just fine, but he has lost his Chief of Impound.  Typically, this spot is filled by the Oregon region, but it looks as if this will be too much for them at this time. If anyone is interested in this position, please contact Joel.  The theme for this year’s events will be – “In search of Lead foot”.  He will be creating a website and would request that everyone send a link to anyone they think would be interested in attending this event, such as clubs.  He is looking for photos that show that Lead Foot was there, but is now no longer in the photos, such as old rubber tracks or piles of killed cones, etc.  Anything anyone has should be submitted to  Also if there is any information that people feel should be included in this advertisement, please also contact him. A motion was made and approved to donate one entry to Nationals for the Saturday night social.  Erika and Full Throttle Bottles is donating all of the beer and wine for the Saturday night social, and also a weekend’s supply of Monster energy drinks. Thank you Erika!!

Evolution Schools – Fair amount of people registered, but there are still a couple of spots open for Phase 1 on Tuesday. Several spots open in the challenge, and several spots open in Phase 2 later in the week.  Dick Willy, Scott Miller and Mike Leuty will be our safety stewards.  Amongst the three of them, they will need to work out a schedule of who will work on which days, and which classes they want to attend.  Right now, they have Kevin Dietz and Ann & Andy Hollis as instructors.

Pro Solo – Everything is coming together nicely. All of the Chief positions have been filled.  All equipment has been ordered, and the Friday night social is going to be a BBQ served on-site by the Merry Mountaineers. Jerry raised the question as to weather we wanted to order some additional cones for both the Pro and NT events. A motion was made and approved to authorize the purchase of 100 cones.  A motion was made and approved to offer one entry to next year’s Pro Solo as a drawing prize for volunteers covering the Challenge, since this is a requirement of our region.

WWSCC Report – Two events held by Torque Steerers club.  Both great events with great courses, but there was very low attendance.  The weather was fantastic.  The events were held at Sanderson Airfield in Shelton, which was a nicer site than some people remembered. Since all of the WW events will now be held at this site, the group wonders if we will continue seeing low attendance due to the distance. Both events were approved for championship status.  June 28th Autopilot at Sanderson is the next event. Two new co-sponsors for this season Coup’s Miata and Jim’s Detail are both joining us this year.


NORPAC Divisional Steward Report – Not much to the last conference call.  The SF Divisional will be held on June 27/28.

The site is rumored to be extremely gravelly but it is beautiful, right off of SF Bay.




Events Chairs for 2009 – The following people have already volunteered:


April 4th (Novice School/BMP) – Rick V./James Wege

April 5th (BMP) – Tim Irwin

May 2nd (Packwood) Core Workers Practice – Dick Willy

May 3rd – (Packwood) – Dick Willy

May 16th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Keith and Kristi Brown

May 17th (Packwood) – Karl and Amy Coleman

May 24th (BMP) – Mike and Carol Leuty

June 20th (Packwood) Pro Solo – John and Laura Kimball

June 21st – (Packwood) Enrique Garcia

July 5th (BMP) – Mark and Jill Snell

July 10th – 12th (Packwood) NT – Joel Ferguson

July 14th – 16th (Packwood) Evo Schools – Keith Brown

July 17th – July 19th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Gretchen Everett and Jerry Lamb

August 15th (Packwood) – Open Practice – Peter Umino

August 16th (Packwood) – NEED VOLUNTEER

October 4th (BMP) – Ron Bauer


Equipment Chair – We still need a person to volunteer for this position.


AED/CPR Training – Training will held on Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:30 p.m. at the Taco Time Corporate office in Renton.


Wrist Band requirements – As starter, Bud felt that there were several people who did not get the information regarding this new procedure.  Event though Joel discussed this at each Driver’s Meeting, it will be extremely important that we continue announcing this new information and make sure that all “old time” racers are aware and practicing placing the wristband on their wrist in a visable area.  It has been suggested that Grid workers should help organize this, more specifically the person who takes licenses in exchange for loaner helmets should be given this additional responsibility. Dick will contact the Chief of Grid and explain this to them. It was also suggested that Registration add an additional person just to handle weekend membership people, so we know the forms are filled out completely and accurately.


SCCA Event #4 – Great event! Thanks to Mike and Carol our event chairs! Things seemed to run smoothly and all involved enjoyed the weather and the Sunday night social at the Silver City Brewery.




Noise Rule – The question has been raised as to if we need to adopt a noise rule for Packwood. There are a couple of cars that come to mind, that may be distrupting the town.  To complete this, we will need a volunteer to take on this task. Ron suggested that we look in the rule book because he remembers a section in the rule book addressing this type of situation that was created while he was on the SEB. Enrique has volunteered to look up this information, write up a report and present it to someone for next month’s meeting.


Event #5 (Packwood) – Enrique Garcia is the event chair.  He had a few questions to go over. The main one being how is the Solo bus going to get down there. He will need to work with John and Laura (event chiefs for Pro Solo) to arrange this.  We will have junior kart driver in attendance. His father is a qualified Youth Steward, and will be covering the position for this event.


Regional Pro Solo #2 – Laura and John Kimball are the event chairs. He is working with Chris to get a course designer. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:23  p.m.