SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 06/10/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Joel Ferguson, Dieter Beldi, Russell O’Connell, Karl Coleman, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Mike Leuty, TJ McGeary, Bud Bohrer, Jackie McInnes, Drew Hanft, Enrique Garcia, Charles Aggenbach, Allyson Moffet, Ron Bauer and Lou Ann Christensen.

Minutes Review – Karl Coleman was not in attendance at the April meeting, other than that the minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – There is not a whole lot going on.  A four day Rally was held last month.  There has been a massive fubar between Race, BSCC and our region.  There was a tremendous amount of shuffling going on with the dates later this summer and unfortunately, a July date was left out of this process.  The race Double National event has now been cancelled due to this miscommunication.  There will be a Trials event on July 25 - 26 instead and our event will still be held on July 27th. Membership numbers are up slightly from a year ago and we are in the black.


WWSCC Report – First two events of the season were held two weekends ago (Torque Steerers OS/US).  There were around 105 entrants on Saturday and 95 or so on Sunday.  There were 6 runs on Saturday and 5 runs on Sunday.  A motion was passed to count these as championship events.  July 5 and 6 are the next tentative event dates for Cheney Stadium.  The UW is also planning an event on September 27th at Cheney Stadium.  These dates will all be added to the calendar for publication once they have received final approval from the site owner.  Some minor details need to be finalized with the site owners, but they are fully aware of our needs and only require a final site walk through before everything is firm. 

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann reviewed this month’s activity.  PCA would like to rent the SCCA cones for their Packwood event.  We have been paying BSCC $75 dollars, so we will charge PCA the same for the weekend.


Drifting Report – This has been a busy month since they are holding more events this year than ever before with the addition of the SCCA events.  They had 28 drivers for the second SCCA event held on May 30th.  They were offering a discounted entry fee for SCCA members and four entrants applied for full SCCA membership.  They grossed over $2000 for the event.  They had one entrant disqualified for getting four wheels off the pavement, but overall everyone had a great time. They enjoyed using the opposite side of the site, which allowed for a more challenging course, due to all of the extra space.  Russell made some arrangements before the event to confirm workers and also control registration, so things seemed a bit more organized than the first Novice school event. We currently have a good core group of workers, now Russell would like to expand that group of people and continue growing the program.  Russell would like to thank Dick Willy and Steve Downing for covering the event as Safety Stewards and also Gretchen Everett for arranging the insurance sanction.  The next event will be held on July 27th during the Solo event at BMP.  The group thanked Russell for doing an excellent job in running this new program.


Packwood Site Report – We have determined that bird blockers will not be a practical project.  We should have a quote for installation of the new light bulbs within a week.  All of the lights are currently on-site, so once the quote has been approved they can begin installation.  Enrique suggested that we may want to start thinking about repairing the surface because we are beginning to see fairly large cracks and developing weeds may soon be an issue.


Event #4 Report – Joel Ferguson was the event chair.  We ended up with fairly good weather and five runs were had per entrant.  Karl suggested that we think about the number of high speed, wide open courses we’ve run lately, and perhaps do something different in the future.  He feels these types of courses require less technical expertise and create an unfair advantage for certain types of cars. The group discussed that it is nice to have courses with many different elements that require technique and high speed.  Jackie also reminded us that getting course designers is very difficult.  She and Chris are developing an electronic database of past course designs that should help people looking to learn how to develop this skill.  Jerry has made arrangements for the year for dumpsters and honey buckets, so whoever is chairing regional events at Packwood doesn’t need to worry about this. 


Pro Solo Report – Things are going well.  A majority of the Chiefs have been found, but Keith is still looking for a Chief of Waivers.  Bud has sent an email to the Packwood Seniors group asking if they are interested in covering the waiver positions for us again this year, but he has not gotten a response.  Keith has also sent an email to the Church youth group to see if they would be interested in covering concessions for both the Pro and NT weekends. They currently do not have many members in this group, but the opportunity to raise funds is too great and they may be willing to organize the event with older church members.


NT Report – Jackie has lined up all of her chiefs.  She is currently trying to gather up all of the site maps, city maps, etc. again, even though they have not changed since last year. TJ McGeary will be chairing the Test n’ Tune on Friday morning.  Jackie is going to contact National Office to see if we can run this event a little bit different and have online pre-registration.  A discussion was held regarding the details for the test n’ tune and several things still need to be worked out before the event.  Gretchen is covering the social on Saturday night and is looking for a volunteer to help cover the auction.  Allyson Moffet has agreed to help out.  Dick hasn’t done anything since last month to develop the “Cop Challenge”.  A question was asked as to how much we are going to donate to the SCCA Foundation if we move forward with this event?  A concern was raised that we have already spent a large chunk of our profits this year and the group would like to make sure that we put a cap on the total dollars donated.  A motion was made and seconded to donate $100 per car with a limit of $1000 total to the “Street Survival” program run through the SCCA Foundation.




Running out of class – We currently have a person running in S3 with an S1 car.  This competitor has already discussed this option with the other competitors in the class, but a point has been raised as to whether this is something that the competitors should decide, or whether our region should decide.  This competitor is more than willing to be disqualified at the end of the event, but would like to continue being included in the scoring during the actual event so he can receive feedback based on the group of the cars he has been running against for several years now.  No decision was made regarding this topic, but the group expressed how they felt about future actions and the competitor will determine how he proceeds.


Novice Class - Jackie has suggested that we begin indexing the Novice class to create a better competitive environment for newcomers to our sport.  She would like everyone to think about this and be ready for a discussion at next month’s meeting.  It was pointed out that the Novice class has not been indexed in the past because the region would like to encourage these competitors to move to open classes, rather than stay in the Novice class.  This subject will be placed on the July agenda.


Evolution Schools - Fees for this school have not gone up for a couple of years. We are being charged $135 for Phase I and II and $145 for the Challenge class.  We have been charging our students $250 per class and Keith would like to consider raising that price. He thinks that we could safely raise the cost by $10.  With the increase in airfare, gas, food, etc. this increase would not be out of line.  After discussion, a decision has been made to increase the cost for a Phase I and II to $260 and $275 for the Challenge class.  Karl also suggested that if we have any concerns with the lunches, we contact Peters Inn and see if they are willing to coordinate something.


Meeting was adjorned at 8:50 p.m.




Information is available for the Helena Divisional.  They are trying to have online registration.  Watch for more details.