SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 6/12/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Mike and Carol Leuty, Mark McCooey, Glenn Austin, Scott Miller, Bud Bohrer, Amy Coleman, Jerry Lamb, Val Korry, Karen Babb, Lou Ann Christensen and Fast Mike.  Visitor: Rick Vomenici.

Minutes Review – Minutes were unavailable for presentation due to technical difficulties. They will be presented for approval next month.

Board Report – Mary Lee was not in attendance.  Our region is in the black. 

Treasurer’s Report – Nothing too surprising last month.  Please see attached report.  There is a $2,250 dollar charge to BMP.  This is for the Saturday and Sunday Time Trials event and will be reimbursed by Mark immediately following the event.  


WWSCC Report – BEAC Autopilot weekend before last.  Karen Babb did the course design which was challenging and unique.  Not a lot of yee-haw moments, but technical in a strange way.  The council purchased a third set of timing heads so they now have a spare.  Need to vote on the status of Autopilot.  Motion made and passed for Championship status.


National Tour – (Brian Norton/Jess Lynch) Looking for a Chief of Safety, and also Waiver.  Jerry reminded the group that if we are offering a Street Tire class it will be very important to make several announcements and advertise the fact this class will be available.  Not making a bigger deal out of it last year did hinder the number of people running in that class.  Brian has ordered the Port-a-Potties and Dick will confirm that they have been instructed to leave these over the week for both National Events, and the Evo Schools.  LJ Moffet has agreed to be the Youth Steward, but we will need to follow up and make sure that he has received the training and/or license that may be required.  The basic contract has been returned to the office and all is moving forward.


June 23rd Regional Pro – (Scott Miller/Jerry Lamb) We are having one.  Registration should open anytime and will include two separate events with all regular classes including L1 and L2 available for the Saturday event.  There will probably be a Pro class, but everyone will be encouraged to run in their regular classes.  David Lewis says that we do have a course designer.  At that point the Mill will be closed, so we will probably need to enter the site through the county road on the backside of the property, where we typically park the Motor homes. We do not anticipate the gate to be open.  Given the fact that the site will be completely closed down we may be able to lessen restriction for the yellow line.  This will open up things to change several factors like course design, grid, start position, etc.  Jerry has not contacted the specialty chiefs or ordered port-a-potties, but will do that shortly.  Angus did state that now that the mill is closed it may be open for more people to stay overnight, will confirm the details next time he speaks with Angus.  Dick has been contacted by three out of town people asking for more information on this event, so it has sparked some interest with outsiders.  This will be the first event in a series of three including the National Pro Solo.


EVO School – (Keith Brown) There are currently no Phase One openings, five Phase Two openings, and no Challenge openings. He has received permission to add an additional instructor for Phase One, Two and Challenge.  He currently has a wait list for all of these classes, so the spots are filling quickly and will probably not be available soon.  He has contracted with TS to rent their scales and alignment tools, so they will be available for the Dial-In school.  This will allow much more bang for the buck for those students.  There will be a ground school Monday night for the Tuesday class, so anyone thinking about attending that class should keep that in mind. 


Pro Solo – Most of the Chiefs have been taken care of.  Oregon region will be covering Impound as they have in the past.

It sounds like everything is coming together nicely.




Noise monitoring & control in Packwood – Fast Mike did bring his equipment to the last Packwood event and took several recordings.  He looked for the loudest spots with heaviest acceleration.  He discovered that our cars really aren’t that loud.  On Saturday there were lots of mid 90’s and some high 90’s. The only car over 100 was Jim Daniels with his straight pipe.  He changed positions on Sunday and tried to get different types of readings.  He actually went down the access road to try and find out how loud things were at a greater distance.  At that point, he did notice that he was hearing the noise bouncing off the mountains, but they were not read by the meter.  Mike is trying to get more detailed information from the National Office to see exactly how they are monitoring the situation, but he has not had any luck with that yet.  Many of our cars would not have passed the restrictions put on the site in San Diego.  Dick did find a Washington state RCW, but due to way it is written it does not apply to our situation at all.  It seems that our biggest problem is going to be the sound bouncing off of the mountains, and unfortunately Packwood is a community used to a very quiet, peaceful environment and this may continue to be an issue.  Mike will do some additional checking at the Pro and NT so we can continue to collect data.




BMP Course Design Guidelines – In early 2004 several cars went off course and both damage to the cars and BMP were incurred.  This brought attention to the National office.  In June of that year, Bud recommended that we create a committee to help oversee this situation and get things back under control before we lose our site.  At the December meeting a course design guideline was created and approved.  Given the course design of the last SCCA event, there was a loop that allowed competitors to enter the access road at a very high rate of speed and Bud felt this should be addressed within the current course design guidelines.  Our Chief of Course, David Lewis would like an opportunity to put together a packet of information.  Bud has found the guidelines that were created in 2004 and would like to make sure that we do a better job of getting this information out there and available for use by our current course designers.  Dick would like to put together a seminar that connects all of the Safety Stewards and course designers on site at Bremerton to help them understand how the actual design should be applied to keep things safe and sane at BMP.  Karen Babb reminded us that one of the very fundamental parts of designing a course is FIRST putting down the finish, and NEXT is the start.  It is also important that we have at least 150’ feet of run-off at the finish.  Another thing to always keep in mind is that you should NEVER do anything wicked within 100’ of the finish lights.  She feels that almost anyone can get a car back under control in 100’ and this is a necessity.  After much discussion a motion was made and passed to allow David Lewis to create his packet of information so that it could be reviewed by this committee and approved before the next event. 


T-shirts for Pro & NT – We need to do something to create more interest in producing the design.  Dick would like to present a proposal to our community.  He recommends that we determine one person who will be responsible for designing and producing the actual t-shirts.  He would also like to create a three-person committee that can approve and oversee the design because there are specific design elements that MUST be included like the SCCA logo size.  Gretchen has volunteered to be on this committee.  Scott Miller has the quantities ordered from last year and will make sure this information gets to the correct person. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.




Dick would like to discuss new locations for our Solo meetings and determine how much the group is interested in paying for meals. Barnaby’s down near Southcenter Mall has a great space, but the entrées run around $20 a piece.  Vince’s was also discussed because they have a very private meeting space, but they are not willing to give individual checks for parties above 10 people.  Goldie’s on Airport Way has a great space and is very willing to work with larger parties.  Dick is also checking out the Hilton Garden Hotel in Renton.