SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 6/13/06

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Gretchen Everett, Jerry Lamb, Scott Miller, Mike Leuty, Joel Ferguson, Tim Irwin, Dick Willy,  Enrique Garcia, Keith Brown, Mary Lee, Randy Ayers, Joe Flores, Fast Mike, Val Korry, Ron Bauer, Shelbi Zigler, and Glenn Austin.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved with the following changes; it should read by the time Brian Norton reached Packwood the “transmitter” was working, not the transmission.  Also it was pointed out that the company that provides the port-a-potties is not open on Sunday, so they will not be able to service them on that day.  We should then have them serviced on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night for the National Tour. 

Board Report – There is going to be a Rally Cross on June 24th at the ORV Park in Shelton.  Subaru will be sponsoring our convention.  Yeah Subie!  There is going to be a series of Trial events the last weekend in July – combined with a Race event (as far as Dick can remember).  BMP has signed a three-year lease with the Port.  A junior Rally group has been organized for kids 15+ that have a permit.  At 21 they become eligible for a competition license.  The annual fee is $10.  The question was raised if Solo would be willing to charge this group of juniors a lower rate to compete in our Solo II events.   Discussions have continued regarding the NORPAC convention, they are hoping to get a Champ Car driver to speak. 

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Anne was not present.


WWSCC Report – They now have their new timer.  It appears to work just fine.  BEAC held the first event two weekends ago.  Those in attendance said it was good, and it has been approved for a championship event.  The ACE ladies practice event last weekend, went very well.  The entrants received 40 runs.  TS – Oversteer/Understeer is the weekend following our Packwood event this weekend.  The Sports Car Spectacular is July 16th and SCCA is responsible for Grid.  July 15th will be the Coneheads practice - come prepared to help support this year’s awards banquet.                                                                                                                                

Equipment Report –   The bus is still working well.  The trailer was left in Packwood and the bus is currently at Karl’s house.  We are still looking for someone to drive it to Packwood this weekend.  Ron Bauer has volunteered to drive it down. He needs to coordinate picking up the keys from Karl and Amy.




2006 Pro Solo (8/5 -8/6) – Things are going well.  Alan has all of the Chief position filled at this point.  Scotty White has volunteered to be the Junior Kart focal.  Karl will volunteer as Chief of Announcers.  We decided that putting on another Saturday night banquet would be challenging and will be holding a complimentary “California” type of BBQ Friday night open to all entrants.  Since we cannot have alcohol on-site if we want to provide this type of beverage at the BBQ we may have to look at alternative locations.


Pro Solo Practice (6/17) - There is a practice on Saturday that will be run in the Pro Solo format.  Things will be very loose, so if anything happens during the day and things need to change on the fly, they will.  The goal is to try and allow everyone 8 runs.  The entry fee will be $20 with the intent to get as many people out and hooked on the Pro as possible.  We will be allowing passengers.  Brett has requested a copy of the database on a memory stick that he can bring over on Friday.  He would also like to allow the possibility of pre-registration on Friday night to help get as many names in the computer as possible.


Evolution Schools (August 8 – 11) – There are two slots open in the Wednesday Phase 2, and a bunch of slots are still open in the Teen driving clinic.  Keith has seen some interest from Kim Craddock and the junior Rally group.  She asked if we were willing to give them a discount.  Due to the fact that we don’t make an incredible amount of money we will not be offering a discount to anyone.  At this point Keith still does not know who the instructors will be.  He has one opening for a timer on Tuesday.  The position pays $100 for the day.  Scott Miller has volunteered his daughter Amber.  We are still looking for a Safety Steward – Dick Willy may be interested he will check his schedule and get back to us. 


2006 National Tour – Still have a lot of work to do but nothing major is outstanding.  Joe Goeke has designed a course and it has been submitted to the National office.  Mike Leuty made a comment is that he has received word from the people in Canada that there are no hotel rooms left in town because it is the same weekend as the big lumber festival in Morton.  It was suggested that we ask Destination Packwood to help with the coordination of available rooms. 



Novice School (5/13) – Everyone had fun and it was very well attended. It could have been a little better organized.  All of the information provided at the ground school was repeated the next morning and since the ground school was mandatory it was a bit redundant.  Jackie did a great job and everyone appreciates all of her hard work.  A comment was made that if we can advertise the event sooner, it might allow people a better chance of being involved.


May 28 (BMP) – Karl and Amy were the event chairs.  Thank you Karl and Amy!  Everything went well and the only comment was that they needed a better weather chair!  Everyone received three runs and then had fun runs at the end of the day.  An additional comment was made that with almost 200 people pre-registered it would have been nice to have three run-groups rather than two.  It was discussed that we really need 220 people to have three groups which is almost impossible these days.  Because of this we need to change the webpage to show two groups rather than three and then bump the event to three groups if we have enough people.  It was also noted that when Specialty Chiefs cannot attend the event they must find a replacement that has the ability to fulfill the necessary duties.  If someone cannot find a skilled volunteer they should inform the Event Chair so they can be prepared.  It was also discussed that given the fact we now have new equipment, there are probably even fewer people that know how to assemble the timing equipment.  It was suggested that we spend some time this weekend in Packwood organizing and marking the pieces so that it might be easier for a newbie to put together.  Someone suggested taking a photo of all of the wire connectors and then laminating it and keeping it in the van.


EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT                           


Blower – Brian volunteered to purchase this, but he is not in attendance.  Helmet containers – Brian volunteered to purchase this, but he is not in attendance.  Storage containers – A suggestion was made that we purchase an upright tote that will hold all of the fire extinguishers because they are currently rolling all over the floor.  Solo Bus Storage – We will now be storing the bus inside Kevin’s Fife location.  In exchange we are giving him free entry to all NWR Solo II events.  Whether he wants to double enter, run a practice, ANYTHING Kevin will receive FREE entry. This storage will be at our own risk. Kevin will not be providing insurance and we would appreciate it if no one would make any comments about the lack of insurance because we are saving an incredible amount of money having Kevin go out of his way to do this for us.  Thank you Kevin!


NEW BUSINESS          


Hotel Coordinator - Mike Leuty will be coordinating The Clubhouse Inn in Topeka again this year.


Junior Discounts – A motion was made and seconded that any First Gear member be allowed entry to our Solo II events for $15. It was voted on and passed by the group. 


T-shirts – Joel Ferguson has created a design for the National Tour T-shirt contest.  Congratulations to Joel who is the winner of our contest and will receive a FREE entry.  We are now looking for a volunteer to coordinate the actual t-shirts orders.  It was mentioned that Brent Vitolins may be interested in this.


Motion to adjourn passed at 8:34 p.m.