Solo Committee Meeting Minutes 6/14/05

Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Scott Miller, Shelbi Zigler, Fast Mike, Dick Willy, Val Korry, Kevin Dietz, Alan Dahl, and Ron Bauer.

Visitors: Jake Nyygard

Minutes Review  Fast Mike has been in attendance the past three months!

Board Report  $672 right now in the region account.  Rally earned about $4000 at their last event.  They are continuing discussions regarding the production of our monthly newsletter.  Point blank, we can’t afford it.  There will probably be significant changes in the future, such as online viewing with limited mailings available.  Race made a total of $2000 at the Double Nationals.  This was a bit disappointing considering they typically make over $10,000.   Their next event is going to be the same weekend as our National Tour and will be a Club Trial event.  Mark McClusky said that National Office has been very happy with the Time Trial events being held all over the United States.  Rally had 31 entrants at their last event, which was very successful.  The Elma Fairgrounds has been mentioned as a possible Rally site.  The region treasurer has requested that Solo provide them with our inventory.  Kim is also requesting that nothing be ordered from National Office unless it is done via Lou Ann, and she also wants to remind us that she still needs a copy of a line item Solo budget.

Treasurer’s Report – Most of our CD’s are now cycling through and monies will be transferred into our Site savings account. Our insurance for the Solo bus was paid in full.  We received an invoice from BMP for $2050 for the three days of our National Tour.  These three dates have been given to Time Trials and will be reimbursed from that program.  If Time Trails do not need Friday, Torque Steerers will be happy to take that date.


WWSCC Report  They are looking at buying stand-alone timing gear.  BEAC does not want to be responsible for storing this equipment in their van.  WW is currently looking for someone to volunteer as an equipment chair to haul this new equipment back and forth to all of the different events.  Torque Steerers have volunteered to be responsible for this responsibility.  A vote was taken by the group to approve this expenditure for WW. Current BEAC members in attendance at this meeting were concerned that this issue was not brought up at a BEAC board meeting.  This subject should be brought up and clarified at the next BEAC meeting.  The BEAC Autopilot event was held.  The group voted to approve this event for the championship series.


Equipment Report  The Solo bus is doing great. Nothing else to report.



Specialty Chiefs – Jason Spore will be taking over the position of Stock Chief of Registration.  Erika has stepped down from this responsibility.  We are still in need of a non-stock registration person.  We still need a Chief of Course.




May 14 – 15 (Packwood):   Saturday practice was successful.  Most entrants received five runs.  They did charge people for both the morning and the afternoon.  The event on Sunday was successful.  Glen commented that it would be nice to try and decide in advance if there were enough cars available to run three groups rather than waiting until the last minute.  Keith commented that this would be easier if all the pre-registered entrants showed up at the event. Glen also requested that a copy of the supplemental rules be available for each event.  He is also concerned that we are not going to be able to control random people that may enter the site.  It is extremely important that nobody enters the off-limits area or we WILL be kicked off the site.  It was suggested that we purchase no trespassing signs and/or bunting. It was also suggested that we hire a security guard to patrol these specific areas to try and control this situation.


May 29 (Bremerton): Tim Irwin was the event chair.  Great event.


June 18 – 19 (Packwood): Event Chair – Jake and Shalyn are going to be Sunday event chairs.  Keith Brown and Jason Spore will be chairing the practice on Saturday.  The practice on Saturday morning will be a “test run” for the Pro Solo.  This will be limited entry for core workers and chiefs.  The actual open practice will not begin until noon.  Right now we do not have a course for this weekend.
Fast Mike has volunteered to cover this position.  We need to make sure that a copy of the site outline is available so that people can become more familiar with this area.  Scott Miller has this information and will make it available to people interested.  The event on Sunday still needs a CO-Chief of Timing since Steve Roberts will not be available.  Jerry suggested that we provide a worker to Aaron to help set things up in the morning.  Kim and Drew have already volunteered to cover Timing next year, so maybe they will be willing to help out.  Jake still needs someone to drive the bus over on Saturday or Friday. 


July 16 – 17 (Packwood): Pro Solo – Alan wants to make sure that we are 100% certain that we will have the site.  Joe Goeke will design the course.  Alan will contact the Specialty Chiefs to make sure they are going to be available to help support their areas.  Alan is thinking that we may want to limit the number of entrants.  He feels that an easy way to do this may be limiting the event to no novices.  He would like to keep the attendance level to no more than 120 people. He would also like to start the event a little later than usual – say 10:00 a.m.  This will allow people a bit more travel time to get to Packwood on Saturday morning.   He would like to charge people $55 for members and $60 for non-members, with a $5 discount for those who pre-register.  He would like to structure the classes with our local breakdown of S1, S2, S3, etc.  This will help with the bumping of classes and works much better with the timing program.  He will continue looking at different options and bring this back to the group at the next meeting.  He is a bit concerned that we will not have enough workers available due to the lower quantity of entrants.  Core workers should be expected to work additional assignments as necessary. 


July 23 – 24: National Tour (Packwood): Karl Coleman/Scott Miller are the Event Chairs.  All core positions have been filled now that Jake Nyggard has volunteered to cover the practice on Friday.  Thank you Jake!  Fast Mike has promised that he will have help based on what Mike learned from being involved with last year’s event.  Val Korry has volunteered to help out with the coordination.

We are working on finding a caterer who can provide dinner for us on Saturday for the social event.  Gretchen is currently working on this and will have things squared away in time.  Dick Willy would like to build course station number signs that are readable from more than 10’ away.  He would like approval to spend $50 to accomplish this. Motion was made and approved.  Scott has worked with the local Senior Center to help coordinate the waiver patrol and possibly crowd control.  He is desperate need of a Chief of Parking and site control. Lou Ann has volunteered for this position. 


August 14 (Bremerton): Kevin Dietz/Gretchen Everett are the Event Chairs.


September 4:  (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


September 24 – 25 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


October 16 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


Novice School   Right now the main issue is trying to find a site that will help support the number of students we will have.  Bud will try and coordinate the use of one of the BEAC sites.


Evolution School –  G.H. Sharp, Dean Sapp, Andy Hollis, Kevin Dietz and Ron Bauer will all be instructors.  With the additional instructors Keith has been able to bump the total number of students for each of the schools.  The dates will be the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before the NT.  The cost will be $250 for each student.  Running phase one, two, three and a dial in class.

With the involvement level we are at right now, we should be breaking even for the event.  There will be a chalk talk on Monday night being held at the house where the instructors will be staying.  He has all of his Safety Stewards for the event.




Entry names/Alias’ – There is some concern that people are entering the event using Alias’.  The subject was discussed and it was decided that as long as the entrant uses their actual name when signing the waiver, along with showing their valid driver’s license with the correct name then their should not be any problem.  The actual name would also be used if there were any type of incident. 


Helmet Cleaner - Helmet cleaner is available and should be purchased by someone and used on our loaner helmets.  Kevin has volunteered to store them in one of his machines to help clean them up and kill any bacteria. 


Montana Divisional - They would like to use our timing equipment – meaning the box, lights, and wires.  They would also like to see if Jodi Fordahl would be available to cover Timing.  Karen Babb will be going to this Divisional and has agreed to transport and babysit the equipment.  The group voted and agreed that we would loan them our equipment.


6-Cly Fireboard classification - It has been brought to the attention of the Solo Board of Directors that some of our Solo people did not represent our region as the “Friendly Region”.  There is some classification errors regarding the 6 Cylinder Firebird. Right now it is listed as an H stock car, but should really be listed as a G Stock car.  Even though the competitor involved in this situation contacted the National Office regarding this situation they were told that the SEB was aware of this problem, but that “No one in Solo had been interested enough to do anything about it” he chose to run the car in Street Tire with an H Stock index.  Although the family of this entrant was extremely emotional about the situation, we as a group do not agree that this person was treated in a poor fashion, as any discussion held was a matter of classing clarification, and was nothing personal.  Dick Willy will be sending a letter of apology as the event chair apologizing on behalf of our region, although he will be apologizing for the fact that this competitor felt this was a personal attack, not the fact that anyone did anything wrong.  This competitor would like a personal apology from everyone involved.  Ron represented the SEB asking that this whole situation should be put to rest and that if an apology would do that, then he would hope that those involved would do that.


Time Trials – This venue is in need of a loan to cover the site fees for their event being held at BMP the weekend Solo was going to use for our National Tour.  Since Solo will be responsible for covering the site fee for this weekend one way or another, holding a Time Trials event instead would be extremely helpful.  A motion was made to approve a loan of up to $2000 that will be distributed at the approval of both Jerry and Lou Ann.  The vote was held and the motion was approved.


Paypal- There is interest in getting an active pay pal account for Solo II.  Dick Willy has volunteered to talk to the BEAC treasurer to see what is involved in this process.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.