Solo II Committee Meeting Minutes 6/8/04 7:15


Members In Attendance: Jerry Lamb, LouAnn Christensen, Scott Miller, Keith , Dick Willy, Kevin Dietz, Steve Roberts, Val Korry, Tim Irwin, Bud Bohrer, Wayne and Sharon Reuter, Mike Leuty, Bill Buetow, Angela Moffett, Aaron Pailthorp, FaskMike Lillejord, Tom Lecoque, Jodi Fordahl


NT T-shirt design discussion: Surf dude on a car.  Hoping to charge $10, maybe $15.  T-shirts and tank tops.  Will try to allow payment with PayPal.  Larina is authorized to make all decisions related to the shirts.


Minutes Review:  Amend name Howard Johnson to Howard Duncan


Board Report: 

The region is doing well financially

Rally: Has had two events

Race: Had double nationals

A rallycross is planned

We may combine our newsletter with Oregons.


Treasurer’s Report:

Tech stickers billed at $37

Solo bus insurance $1020

WWSCC expenses $385

Up $5395  at the moment

We have 2 rule books left

Something about the supply of waivers


WWSCC Report:

Looking for Subject Matter Experts to use as a reference – No volunteers

Need WWSCC webmaster – No volunteers

Proposal to pay for WW officers meals at the meeting, discussion ensued, - Passed

NWDE event discussion, proposal to accept as a championship event – Passed


Equipment Report:

Tom and Kevin will address tires

            Spares are needed for the bus and trailer

Timing light:  Aaron prefers opposed system

Aaron and Denny to investigate alternatives

PCA has spare heads they could loan us.

Kevin Proposed we buy a back-up set – Passed


Old Business:

Practice:  There were 50 or so in the morning and more in the afternoon

Considered a success

Some drivers were driving out-of-control

There were taxiway issues with several cars into the bushes


Event #4

170+ competitors

Timing cars were an issue, only two groups were they in order

One car into bushes incident.  The course was then changed



Need workers

Discussion about payment/entry fee.  - Decision was made to give a free entry, but not pay money. 

Entry fee discussion – Decision was made to charge $225 with no rebates if expenses decrease. 


National Tour

Things are going well

The white tent is an issue with availability.  Beer is an issue.  Angela was given updated contact info. 

Lots of donations:



Taco Time

Crazy Redhead

Jim’s Detail

Speedware (?)

Kevin suggested license plates – If it fits in the budget, Angela has the power.


Kumho 710’s discussion – Voted to allow as soon as National allows


Discussion about needing more core workers to fill pre-event positions – No action


3 Driver cars:

Much discussion ensued. 

Suggestion was made to change the run order for known conflicts

Discussion of issues and problems

This is not isolated to specific individuals

Suggestion that no rule change is valid since no text is on web site, or in minutes

Suggestion that we publicize proposed rule changes before instituting

Suggestion that the event chair /worker chief can adjust as necessary


Access road safety discussion:

Meeting to be scheduled to find solutions.  Safety Stewards (Wayne, Bud) to come up with potential solutions to discuss with course designers. 


Adjourned 9:15