6/10/03 Minutes

Visitors - None

Minutes Review - Approved and seconded

Board Report

Budget is looking better. Race grossed $40k at double nationals. Rally converted Shelton event to TSD rally to hold an event and not mess up relationship with Shelton and Simpson Lumber.

Treasurerís Report - See attached sheet.

WWSCC Report

NWDE coming up this weekend. Autocross Scorekeeper training on Thursday. 15 people signed up, a few spots left. Discussion on improper driving at SCCA Regional Event #4. Driver to be suspended for one SCCA event, and information passed to WWSCC organizers.


Enrique Garcia has volunteered to be VP of WWSCC. Solo Committee has no objections.

Equipment Report

Tom is still investigating trailer weight. Trailer jack screw might need lubrication. Scott Miller will take van to NW Kenworth to have engine cooling/airflow issues check. Differential exchangeability and gear ratios to be checked. We will ask Aaron Pailthorp to repair antenna and reimburse for parts and provide a free event entry.

Novice Program Report - We have novices.

Old Business

P.O.S. Terminal 5 lost due to neighbor complaining of noise to everyone possible and causing permitting concerns. P.O.S. not willing to re-permit site. Terminal 25 is available and will be used for practice and event #5. We will discuss moving curbs and barriers at Term. 25 with P.O.S.


Solo Strategic Program Plan Project Committee reported. Report is attached.


Event #4 was a success with 3 runs and everything on time. Jodie reported problems with checking van supplies prior to event. She will create a checklist to be checked each event as the van is loaded at the end of the event. One fire extinguisher was found to be discharged. Jodie will look into refill vs. replacement. Jodie will also purchase four new radios. Karen Babb will look into purchasing more lumber crayons. Bud Bohrer and Karen Babb will measure van and purchase a filing cabinet to hold copies of vital paperwork in case chiefs donít have it/arenít there, etc.


Evolution information to be on website soon. BMP has created a scheduling conflict with Acura during Tuesday and Wednesday of Evolution School. We will be working with Acura and P.O.S. to see if Acura will pay for Terminal 25 usage in consideration for us giving up the BMP dates.


Lou Ann will pay NT site deposit to BMP minus funds still at BMP from previous overpayment. Scott Miller is checking on Sani-can numbers to ensure there is enough on-site.


NT T-shirt design contest to be quickly held. Free entry to tour or two local events to be the prize.


Karl dinged the fender on the trailer while parking it. He will bang dent out as much as possible.

New Business

SCCA Practice will be held at POS Terminal #25 on June 20.Chaired by Dick Willy. SCCA members only. Pre-registration only. 50 person limit per half day. $20 entry fee. Double entries disallowed initially.


Regional #5 will be held at POS Terminal #25 on June 22. Event chair is Kevin Deitz.Course designer to be Scott Miller and Karen Babb.


It was MSP to purchase enough cones to have 250 decent cones available for the National Tour.WWSCC may have some we can borrow.


Meeting Adjourned.