6/11/02 Minutes



Ryan Parhaniemi – Quinn’s co-driver

Jeremiah Wittaker – t-shirt helper

Ken Wiseman

Board Report

Talked about the Double Nationals at Pacific Raceway.  Road racing made a large sum of money from this event and is for the first time in the black financially.  The event went well.  Regional grid with all regional classes combined had 60 cars.  Several people from out of town competed.  A search for a new site to hold the banquet is underway, as people are not 100% convinced the Marriott Hotel would be an appropriate choice.    

Treasurer’s Report

Profit for May is good.  Please see attachments.

Equipment Report

Trailer has not been delivered yet.  We are expecting it this weekend.  The hitch, installation and other equipment will be a little more than we had planned. Mike is going to donate a receiver from his personal inventory.  There is concern that with the trailer attached the van may overheat.  It is important that we make sure it has a cooler, possibly with a fan attached.  We still haven’t heard anything about our replacement timing equipment. Our hope is that we will receive it in time for the next SCCA event.  Apparently, there are personal issues with the manufacturer that may hold up the process.  Ron will looked into the status.  No update on the generator.  Karen has changed the oil, replaced the spark plug and it still isn’t working right.  We may need to borrow one for the next event. 

The antenna mast has still not been installed, but Keith has everything he needs and will do so as soon as possible.  Dick Willy did not have a chance to purchase the sound meter, but has done some research and has a recommendation for what we should purchase. Mike Leuty suggested that we borrow the regional meter if necessary.    


Old Business


Site Marketing Committee - We have a site for event number four.  Dick held a vote.  If people had a choice between the Packwood site or the Shelton site they would prefer going to Packwood.  Dick is working with the Corvette Marquee Event and would like to spend some money to produce new Solo II flyer for our region.  A motion was made and passed.  Renton lot 6 has been leased to Target and will not be available for future events. 


Timing software update – not much to add from previous meeting.


Event #3 -  Had 174 entrants total with fun runs at the end of the day.  Small issue with bus transportation – unknown that driver was only available for delivery, but Ron was able to drive it back to Kevin’s.  The event chair felt that things went very efficient.  Course was very unique and challenging.  Thanks to Joe Goeke for volunteering to chair.


National Tour – our first ads have hit publications.  We have added a driver’s meeting to the schedule, since it is required for the supplementals.  Joe has submitted a hand written copy of the course map to the National Office.  An electronic copy will follow.  Bud is still searching for a chief of hospitality and tear-down.  Most problems from last year are being addressed.  Jeremiah (last name) has volunteered to design a t-shirt and coordinate the production order for the event.  Two concepts were presented.  One very classic and one very simple.  Great job and a big thank you go out to Jeremiah. 


Evolution Schools – They have been tossing around which schools will actually be held during Solo Week.  A new school called The Challenge is available. This is sort of a super phase one that teaches aggressiveness and trust in your vehicle.  Need volunteers to run timing and be a safety stewards.  Volunteers will receive a free entry for any of the schools offered, or $100 cash.  Need one steward per day.  Val has shown interest in being a steward.


Trophies – At a previous meeting a decision was made to create dash plaques for each entrant, along with a trophy.  We could create static clings as we have in the past, or could create something brand new.  The group was quiet regarding this topic.  A question was raised as to whether we will continue providing trophies for novices.  Michael Lee stated that he has several trophies leftover from last year and suggested that we provide trophies to the top three entrants present.  The group agreed that trophies should not be handed out by default.  A decision was made that due to the timing, it would be best if we moved forward with the static clings for the regular regional trophies.  We must start planning for trophies in NOVEMBER for next year and start the season with something to hand out.


A decision was made to update and re-use the novice trophies with new place plaques.  Unfortunately, Michael has them spread over the place and getting them to the Reuters before this weekend for Yakima would be impossible.  Sharon will provide eight new trophies first through third in the open class and a first place for the ladies class.    

New Business


SCCA #4 -  Jerold Lowe has volunteered for the chief’s position.  He has contacted all of the specialty chiefs and all seems in order.  The only position left open is Chief of Teardown.  Greg Fordahl will be course designer.  The pre-event social will be held at 8:00 p.m. at the Grant’s Brewery in the garden room.   Jerold would like to spend $30 to purchase water at Costco for the course workers.  A motion was made and past by the group.  The Sundome will be providing concessions for the event.   Unfortunately, there is a soccer tournament that weekend and hotel spaces are quickly disappearing.  Group accommodations will not be worked out.. 


Good of the Order


In order to maintain our not for profit status with the IRS, it is important that we donated a significant portion of our proceeds to a charitable cause.  A suggestion was made that we look at each event individually and use several different local groups that may help strengthen our ties within the community.  Before a final decision is made we need to determine exactly what future costs may be and how income will be earmarked as we move forward.  It is important that a committee and a plan be put into place as soon as possible.  For the interim, a decision was made to donate 40% of the net proceeds from SCCA #4 to an appropriate Yakima organization, to show that efforts have been made.