June 13 meeting


LuAnn Christensen

Wendy Fee

Board Report

Still need region web page person.Joe G will do region but not be the full time race page person.

Banquets: Region one Jan 20th, rally 27th super bowl weekend. NORPAC Jan 13th.

Have meeting with IRS in July on taxes.Budget meeting June 29th.Tony Romaís in Fife.

October quarterly meeting hosted by solo.August 5th quarterly meeting

Treasures Report

Paying cash for activities after they happen and QB reports it strangely.Report shows all transactions.Saving has a positive balance.Few bills yet to be paid.First three events are listed in report.Positive balance for these events.No annual trophies deducted yet, but still positive with traditional amounts.Still need final bills on 5 with question on 4.Schools look to be positive also.Practices and schools have help make the rental fee for POT affordable.Novice trophies have been awarded at these events.

Equipment Report

Solo bus:Graphics still in work.Kevin is having problem with NWR logo badge.Rest is ready.Alan mentioned a web site that will product vinyl based on picture.Get with region person on region contact for regular stickers.Ron said nat office said an agreement signed and they have seen our plan and stated that nothing extra needed to be signed.Kevin plans to have the bus ready for NT.Bus is a mystery for event chairs.Docs are being drawn up for how the bus is gotten from here to there and such.Noel suggest a bidder in van that has event stuff check list for an event.Karen reports for ron.Radio problems, and after tuning and all, itís time to look at new radios.The little Motorola are popular and work well and not to expensive.Most have them and look to be good replacements.Alan suggests a different brand to distinguish them from a personal one.Familiarity is important for use and if properly marked shouldnít walk away.$60 a radio.Suggestion to authorize purchase.Glen reports Oregon region has funky colored ones.Part two, babbs have identical generator as region one.Third, Doug Brawn made nice stuff for region.Suggested and passed region gets him a gift cert.Proposed funds for 12 radios.Allocate $800 for radios.Motioned and approved.

Old Business

Site Committee:†††† Meet again, few new things.Sagely, building going up so gone.Pain Field and Emerald down still possible.Other sites plus Chaney stadium.Cop training station possible but image is a problem.Coupeville still possible.BEAC Ox Bow was used for practice.Smaller than Everett.Class room at Oxbow for BEAC.Walla walla is possible, but not till next year.Maybe a two day event or divisional.


NT:†††††††† Glen:working on getting a tent.Still need chief of protest.Bill B is doing it.Web site will be up tomorrow.Need a T-shirt designer. Alan mentioned Roger J on a 2000 remake on Toto design.Suggested compensating Roger for work.Need a local map of Bremerton with info on traffic on Fri and Sunday from airport.SCCA needs to be updated with info.Have 90 rooms at four hotels.Camping ok on site, no open fires.Chiefs meeting in two weeks.Maybe two.Party chief:BBQ is planned.Full spread for a decent price with tables and chairs and tent if possible.Rally has morning.Brem outfit wit tent could do lunch.Separate caterer for dinner.


Mckamey Schools:††††††††††††† Carol reports 69 total slots filled.Opening for a wed I, and III has openings.Everyone has paid who asked to be in school.Turned over money to Mckamey.A lot of folks canceled due to mid week.Food for lunches being arranged.Have 2 Safety stewards.Sharon working getting third or all days covered.Need two timers, $90 a day.Post get together spots need planning.


Event #4:†††††††††††††† Went well, except for some folks going off course.Learning experience for all and NT course designer.Brewery still in favor?Limited menu and not enough wait staff.Look into specifying the limited menu.Chief of parking will handle pits on runway and taxiway.


Practice on third of June.Format worked well , problem with div between 1 and 2 run groups.Small turnout but lots of runs.Need to be able to denote for individual run or for full day.Band or tickets.Signup for sessions. General feeling more structure.


Event #5††††††††††††††† Course design note: Canít please both lo and hi HP cars.Need brooms and red flags.Kevin and Karl did good.Need update event list.


San Fran div this weekend.


Equipment rental committee:Karen reports a recommended policy which is about 3 pages long.Full meal deal, all equipment.Deadline for rental SCCA meeting prior to date.Lots of details to make sure everything is manned and covered.Pre payment needed.7 days prior for most things.Need to not conflict with major out of town events, need folks to man it.Designed of WWSCC events.Need co equipment chair.Some to train how to maintain and capable to haul around equipment.For event needs a Bus driver and itís a work assignment.Equipment focal to oversee equipment.Also a work assignment.Need persons (2 to 4 ish) to load and unload bus.Also chair to oversee all the above.Part two is old equipment is just a focal to coordinate limited equipment.Details to posted on web when finalized.

New Business

Event 6:Looks to be at Everett.Kimball has put in for 8th and 9th of July.Need event Chair.Joe to chair if available.†† Carol is timing.Alan is Tech.


Bus loading:Bus arrived missing a few items.It is recommended to make the bus self sufficient.Need to have all equipment so barrowing is not needed mainly due to logistics of getting all the needed stuff in picked up.Idea is bus is manned with all needed items.Recommended to allocate funds to get what is needed to man the bus.Approved.

Val 8 helmets with tub

Karl brooms and first aid

Greg flags and extinguishers

Need stuff before July to support Event #6


SCCA banner:Mike recommends for outside fence advertising and identification.


Old timing equip from Walla walla:†† Alan proposed that SCCA sell it and ACE is interested.No one apposed to selling.A ballpark would be 350 to 500.Proposed $500.ACE has offered $500 for system.Sold to ACE.


Topeka NWR hotel:Mike has contacted Club house.Same prices.Group name NWR SCCA #14752785-273-8888.Contact Mike L for more info.


Noel volunteered to be Novice chair for 2001.


Chief of teardown.Carol reports the normal chief of TD has not participated in the actual task.


FM transmitter:†††† Joe reports that nat office has FM transmitter.