Meeting: 5/11/99

Minutes anyone? Ron asked on the list, but no takers, Brianne will take them for tonight.

Visitors: Tim’s son Jason.

Board Report: Ron was not there, left notes at home, begs for Joy’s memory to fill in. Walla Walla Chapter dissolution, our bylaws indicate that assets belong to the region, so they have to either spend $750-800 after sale of Walla Walla equipment (cones & radios), or it goes to the whole NWR. Suggestions for such spending occur, such as donations. Contribution to city of Walla Walla Parks Department, or Seattle National Tour, etc. Have not heard back from National Office as to what needs to be done to make this official. Bud mentions taxes, and unfunded tax liability.

Treasurer’s Report: Still have money. Two regional events worth of entries, McKamey entries for income, little expenses to go along with them as yet. Computer expense paid. Will be set up by tomorrow with new signatures on the account for new officers. Site fund, how does it grow?-Bill B. $2.00 per entrant per event, but no money attributed to the site account as yet.

Equipment Report: No equipment report person, nor spouse. It would be good to have the remote system up and running (speakers, etc). We apparently do not have the power to run it, should we get a new system such as ProSolo system with overhead wires? What does it take to power it? We can probably sell what we have, so it won’t be a loss. Perhaps a generator will solve the problem. Val: what runs the system now is an inverter, take the small one to run what’s in the van. Joy: It’s been running off car batteries for a while, perhaps a more permanent fix is better. Kimball: we could really use it for tour/Pro/Bremerton. Isn’t there anyone who wants to help Ron in equipment? Cones? Larry was going to look into, SCCA still has a better price so far. It took Kimball and Rick a while to find 150 cones to transport to Everett that could stand all by themselves. Is Bremerton looking for cones? Just bought some, we want to find out from where and for how much. Jodi thinks 200 cones for $500, delivered, but she’s not sure. How many do we want? 200 minimum, suggestions of 300. Jodi says they need to be heat cycled or they won’t be any good. Bill says if we buy new cones, be sure to keep them separated from old, tire crud and grease gets transferred and they’ll last longer. If we get 250-300 new cones, let’s use them first at National Tour/Pro. Kimball: If we buy all new cones, and throw away all old ones, we’d have to let WWSCC use them, is that what we want? Why not, it’s always been the way. Kimball: Ride & drive with Yokohama with BEAC next month, we should acquire all the new bunting we want, 1000’ is no problem, 1500’ would be ideal. Val: PCA came up with some reels for timing cords, etc, they’re what Val was looking for, they’re more substantial than what we’ve got, more capacity, etc. no idea on price at this time, $40-50 or so.

Old Business:

Reminders from Ron Bauer. Meetings are meant to share information, not meant to slam on people for ideas. We need to make more effort to look at ideas rather than saying "we’ve always done it this way". People don’t like to be targets. Perhaps some of the things that have been said publicly could be better handled after the meeting one-on-one. Let’s also not hold side conversations when someone has the floor.

OB/Software update: Bill: we have converted over from the old stuff, have found a few bugs (lost a couple of folks) but this has been fixed, and should be ready by the next event. How are we handling his free 8 events? Gretchen: we did give him the last event free. Let’s just mail him the entry cards ahead of time, like now, he can still use them whenever. Susan will e-mail Scott Chytil to handle it.

OB/National Tour: Glen: Yes, Gretchen is Co-Chief. Chiefs are worked out, bid will go in shortly, race HQ has been found today, the Holiday Inn on Central by Mitzels. Rates are $79 regular, suite $89. More info to follow. C/impound: Bill Buetow. C/workers Tim Nevins, C/protest Greg Fordahl; C/grid Tristan Kotzian, C/registration Peggy & Lisa Kirkpatrick, C/announcers Scotty White, C/timing Jodi Fordahl, C/party Susan Collicott, Safety Steward Val Korry, C/course Sean Green, Event Steward Ralph Elder, Operating Steward Ron Babb. Still could use chief of parking, grid marshall to tell folks where to put it. Will be Friday Mini-course, need to man it with people. Need to have a chiefs meeting. Where’s party? There are tons of options, it’s in work but it certainly won’t be where it was last year.

OB/Pro Solo: Joe: Still a couple of chiefs missing, tech and protest. Howard won’t be there. Joe will talk to Mike G and Aaron P. Friday night welcome party, is there someone to step up? Tear-down? Mike & Carol will do workers, Doug Hebenthal will do course, Bill B-Impound, Nat office registration. Ron Babb is doing the challenge workers thing again. We are on track. How do special areas get their workers, chief tells Nat office, or Nat office tell chiefs? We need to communicate these things ahead of time with National office, especially with out of town entrants. Otherwise, they rely on what folks request on their entry forms. Web site can be recycled from last year with new info.

OB/McKamey School: Mike L.: 2 phase 1’s Friday, one each phase one & phase 2 on Saturday, & Sunday. Nick Leverone, Tom Kotzian, Joe & Ron, need safety stewards for each day, coordinator for each day. Needs someone to run timing. Gretchen will time Sunday, Glen for Saturday, Brianne Friday. Bud will coordinate Friday. Kimball is safety for Sunday. Need backup laptop, will SCCA ‘s be there? Yes.

OB/NORPAC Divisional Series: SFR at Atwater. Very nice, fast, grippy surface. Kumho is Divisional Series sponsor, (as well as National Tour sponsor). There is online info, but Ralph Elder’s ZIP is wrong, should be 95630. Pre-registration IS required, $55.00, need $ by June 1. This event was moved due to McKamey conflict for our region, be sure to be grateful, and attend. Applegate Inn?

OB/Novice School: Sean: Haven’t heard any complaints, no news is good news, right? It sure felt like things were out of control, but consensus is that all went well. Just about everyone that showed up was in, we had enough no-shows of those that pre-registered that a few of those on the waiting list made it, and a couple that didn’t know there was pre-registration. There were 13 cards from the school left over at registration from folks that didn’t come to the event for whatever reason. The Camaro at the event the next day was from the school. We also had a couple of novices that were unsportsmanlike leaving the school with high rates of speed and burnouts, but neither one of them came to the event on Sunday to be reprimanded.

OB/Event #2, 4/25. Ron Bauer chief. Timing problems, but still finished event by about 5:15 even with the event being shut down for about an hour in the AM. Digression for volunteer speech, which will be touched on later in the evening. It’s gotten a lot easier with the specialty chiefs. 108 people in AM session, 48 of which were novices. 190 total for event, not counting Time Only’s. Tried Novice line, it really helped with keeping relative speeds together. Afternoon driver’s meeting done early rather than late worked well. There were a number of instances where people who were running (chiefs) had to help out with their current specialty. PAX was running when AM trophies were to be given out, Registration had a few no-shows which impacted her runs. Be sure to send out reminders for those that pre-volunteer. We did have someone help setup that didn’t run. Mike L.:We should have a "consistent rotation" from one event to the next so the same folks aren’t always running first every event. We shouldn’t have to be there all day, every day. People can always request out-of-run group if they really have a problem/commitment.

OB/Ladies’ Practice: We advertised via Internet and word-of mouth, no flyers. We had about 20 drivers, the same number of male volunteers. We really noticed a difference between this year’s ladies and last year’s, much more aggressive than last year. The timing lights survived a wallop by "Glenda". Thanks to all driving instructors and volunteers. Lots of comments from couples, the camaraderie was wonderful.

OB/Trophies: Gretchen: They will be done by the next event. Going with the sticker idea kind of like static cling but different. Price is like what we have done in the past. It can be cheaper next year if we do the same thing since they’ll have the artwork already. Stickier than static cling, but still removable.

New Business

NB/Intermediate school: Glen. Sophomore drivers wanted. Targeted students are those who are beyond novice, but the feeling is that they already have the resources in the novice chairs. Instructors: Gretchen, Jodi, Bill B, Bret, Mike L, etc. Should be able to do 32 – 40 students. Will begin to advertise at this weekend’s WW event with a flyer, but registration won’t open until Monday, by phone. Will there be internet access for registration? Will advertise that way, but probably will only take phone registration. Format will be similar to last year, 2 base runs, 2 runs with instructor driving, 3 runs with student, last 2 runs with different instructor. Price: Do we need to include lunch? Wendy’s is convenient. We can do morning/afternoon. Instructors will have lunch provided. $20-30. Let’s split the difference, $25? OK. Glen could use a few people "behind-the-scenes" to help out, we’ll probably be a little thin on workers. Kimball is safety steward, but need to recruit BEAC focal. Is there a timing person available? Jodi will set-up, but we’ll abuse students for timing. Bud: why charge so much without lunch, Novice school price was essentially cheaper and it included lunch. McKamey is still $175, $25 is still cheap. Motion to have all profits from school to go to site fund JG, second DB. No objections.

NB/advertising. If you are in charge of ANYTHING coming up, be sure to let Tina Sarin know so that it can get into the newsletter, flyers, etc.

NB/Event #3, Bremerton. No Porsche club event on Saturday. Some confusion if Karen will design course or not. No takers out of Bremerton regulars for event specialties, Jodi will do normal route. What do we want to do afterwards, Tony’s or Brewery? Brewery general consensus. Arturo will be there. Cc Joe Goeke on anything that’s sent to Ron Babb on the hotline. Chief of weather, Bill Buetow. Where do we really want grid, should we grid on main runway? It’s would be new. Model Airplanes are no longer an issue do to flight altitude issues of the models. There is a soccer tournament in Bremerton that weekend, be sure to get hotel reservations in early.

NB/Speed Freakz: Should we give the first event free to someone who signs up for a Speed Freakz membership? The idea is that they’re more likely to come back if they sign up for a membership than if they just hang out. Membership is believed to be $35 as opposed to a regular SCCA membership. Wouldn’t it be fair to offer the same to regular SCCA joinees? Region only gets $5.00 for Speed Freakz membership. There have been about 4 or 5 people sign up for regular SCCA membership and pay for full season entries at the same time. Clarification: only offer for first sign up, not renewals. Motion for free event passes.

NB/Volunteers: As promised, we talk about volunteers needed for events, Event chiefs, Specialty chiefs, other behind the scenes folks. There is a feeling of frustration among the folks who volunteer over and over, we see the same faces. Go forth and recruit new faces. Val: there is a board member at-large position coming up in November that will be available. It takes once a month board meeting, plus additional committees to spread the workload around from just the assistant executives. Val has been calling members who haven’t renewed. Jim: The ideal time to plug these things would be at the driver’s meetings.

NB/Mike L. SCCA National has a trailer to carry stuff around for sale 5x8 $600. Condition is unknown at this time, location is Denver at this time. Those who have seen it say it’s nice. Does BEAC Van have a hitch receiver? Yes. How much does this type of trailer normally run? Enclosed 5x8 trailer used could easily run $1000, this is a bargain. What’s the feeling? If we wait, it will probably be gone, but how will we get it here? We may not always have a site, or a BEAC Van. Table discussion until next meeting.

Move to GOO at 9:32. -bmg