Notes from the NWR/SCCA Solo II Meeting of 5/12/98:

Guests/new folks: Jim Boemler, Anna Hedly.

NWR Board Report: Tim Dutton needs NWSCN stuff earlier, and needs photos of cars at events. Articles need to be in by the second week of the previous month. Race and Rally had good events (only rolled two cars at the rally).

Budget (Bud): Solo has money. $1K transferred from the savings account to cover early-season expenses. Driving school/Regional had excellent income. Craig sold $300 worth of T-shirts. Total assets are $xxxx. Question on site fund: itís $2 per car.

Equipment (Ron): The display works and is easy to set up. The EZ-Ups are still in the van. Our new headsets are in also, thanks to Val. They sound good and donít draw much battery. Miata club rented our full meal deal timing gear.

Novice Program (Cindi): See Old Business.

Tour (Gretchen): Tim Nevins is our Chief of Workers, Bob Forsberg is GridGod, Ralph Elder is Chief Steward, Ron is Operating Steward, Dave Bell is Course Designer, Jodi Fordahl is Timing & Scoring, Val is head Safety Steward, Protest is Greg F, Chief of Announcers is Scotty, Registration is Patty/Lisa Kirkpatrick. There will be a Chiefs meeting on June 6th. Hawthorn Suites is working with a different caterer (not Tony Romaís) who seems to be very cooperative. Will have a paddock marshall to control parking for big rigs, and a designated area where they have to park. Scotty and Kumho get to park someplace nice. Grid is on the North end of the lot; start and finish are up there. Impound will be in the yellow curb area Regionals use for Grid. Shirts: we budgeted for polos and hats. Craig: we sold 50 polos last year and had orders for more. Friday mini-course: we need 8 volunteers to work it; they get to run the practice course for free. Hours are 8-3; course is supposed to be small and usable for warmup runs.

Pro (Joe): Heíd like to put some event stuff on the NWR web site for Tour and Pro, based on Roger nosheep Johnsonís stuff. Itíll be accessible via a link on the Regionís site. Should be done by the time Pylon comes out. Joe hasnít been able to get hold of Greg for the course map. Howard would like pre-Grid and karts to be in the South small lot.

Solo Week (Brianne): Jodi is supposed to head up the Thursday autocross at Bremerton, which is not being done by SCCA but rather by BSCC. No feedback from Rally yet.

Old Business (all):

Novice school went very well. Student/instructor organization was very good. Jim B. said it worked well, as did Susan C. What would we improve? Cindi has a big list of ideas from a Lessons Learned meeting, more feedback is welcome. Communication could be a little better with Ride Instructors. Letís do it again next year. Dave got a call from someone who wanted to get into the next Novice school; he steered the guy to the regular events and the Novice walk-throughs

Event #2, the Huge Regional from Hell (199 drivers). Glen noticed that most of his students came back. Daveís students look like theyíll be back. The MCPS event the next week also had tons of people (including an organized BMW thing). Glen thanked everyone for helping. 121 people ran in the afternoon. Things to do better: drivers meetings are too long. If weíre going to have events this big we need to concentrate on having good course overlap and minimizing crossovers. Course for #2 worked well as it was. Joe: crossovers are okay at the start/finish. Alan: they prevent you from getting 3 cars on the course. Discussion of how long you have to allow for cone chasing. Registration ran out of supplies and nobody knew enough to ask Gretchen where they were. We might want to try to have a Chair and assistant Chair; we have to find two people who will both be willing to do it. Alan: Grid wasnít big enough, and having tons of people at each course station was excessive. If we have enough people we should look into going to 3 groups per day half. Tim: the sheets say how to break into 3 groups, and it would be nice to plan a little so we could switch over to that effectively. Worker signup could focus on key positions, telling everybody else they are corner workers. The corner chiefs would have to grab bodies and go at switchover time; this would make it easier to switch from 2 groups to 3 more or less on the fly. He thinks we should just go to 3 groups and try it. Joe: the Stock half of the day seems to be a little larger than the other half. Cindi: the higher turnout of Novices caused the afternoon to be large, and as long as itís optional most of them will probably come out then. Mike: heís looked at moving PAX to the other day half. The problem is basically that the afternoon group may always be larger, whatever it is. Val: if you have tons of extra workers in the afternoon, allocate them to teardown. Bill: maybe we should just try it for the Stock/afternoon group, rather than for both day halves. The Bremerton event probably wonít need a shuffle, but the next one could pose an opportunity. Mike has checked our current recommended 3-way split against the numbers from the last event, and it works well.

Ladiesí Practice: Susan and Brianne did a swell job. It rained, but 31 women showed up and ran anyhow. The low-key format was well liked. Split was about 60-40 new versus established. Many of the new ones didnít want to know about times and such. We should do another one. Thanks to the guys who showed up to help out. If we generated any profit, BEAC needs to get 30%.

Event #3 (Jodiís not here): itís at Bremerton; we hope everything is taken care of. Tim: he hasnít been contacted for Worker Chief info. Motels will be hard to come by due to the soccer tournament. BSCC is having an event on Monday.

McKamey school: entrants should have received their packets by now. We need to provide the laptop for timing for the 2nd course. If someone can bring one please let Mike know. We actually need two for each day so we have one for backup. Joe has one which belongs to his work that could be there Sunday. Tim N. can bring one for Friday. Apparently they run a special timing program which interfaces to their timing. On each day we also need a "coordinator" gofer/troubleshooter, and still donít have one for Friday. Val may be available for that. We also need a Safety Steward for each day. Dave B. says heís available on Saturday while Cindi is running, to do grunt stuff if needed. Kimball thinks he may have volunteered to do Safety on Friday, but he canít then and is willing to do it Saturday instead. We have to provide a timing computer operator on the 2nd course; they get paid out of the school income. We have someone for Saturday, need one for Friday and Sunday. Payment is $90 for the day. Glen might be available Sunday. Larry I: Chris could do it Friday. Craig says if heís not working he can be there to help on Friday. Mike needs help doing prelim setup tomorrow (5/13).

New Business (all):

Timing/scoring software: there has been discussion on the NWAX list about computerizing Timing and Registration and Results functions to automate them some more. Jim B. has experience in a somewhat relevant sport which has timing automation, and a handful of people on the email list have expressed interest in being on a committee to figure out if we should use something canned, write our own s/w, or retain some manual methods. Bill B: we bought the National software which focuses on one event but not a series, and heís had to adapt it for series use. The labor-intensive part is the entry of Registration data (last event had 101 new entries--new people or class changes). The goal was to get something put together over the winter which would help automate some of that, but there hasnít been enough time available. Alan: everybody thinks someone else is doing it. Discussion on real-time entry, on requirements. Bill would like to see us be able to enter the times in the timing vehicle; that in itself would save lots of time. He can help with the requirements and take part in the committee, but he canít lead the effort. Joe: heís seen at least 3 packages around the country which we could demo if we wanted to. Mike: until we have a chair, we canít really roll very much. Jim B: heíll do the organizer stuff. Joy: the committee could meet before the Solo meetings.

Walla Walla (Ron): Minimum of 4 runs; $25 including Saturday night party (meal is paid for). Setup will be be around 11 on Saturday, Tech & Reg. 2-4, walk throughs till 5, party begins around 6. Do we want an event HQ? If we can get a better room deal. Date is June 14th; Ron will have event flyers soon. Portland has a conflicting event. Ron expects a lower turnout; if we get less than 60 we probably have time for 6 runs. Half of runs in a.m., half of runs in p.m. Late Tech Saturday? Not officially.

Practices (Jim B): Practices would be nice for the new folks; what does it take to do that? (1) a site, (2) people to make it happen, (3) map of site to get approval from SCCA, (4) some time in the schedule. We have a packet from SCCA Risk Management which explains our insurance coverage.

Meeting adjourned 9:00.