NWR Solo Meeting Minutes

May 14th, 2019

Meeting called to order: 7:06pm

In Attendance: Charlie Moralez, Theron Langel, Aaron Pailthorp, Bud Bohrer, Barret Cook, Adrian Martinez, Tyler Corbin, Gretchen & Tim Weidemann, Karen Babb, Crystal Stegman, Tim Naugler, Karl & Amy Coleman, Mike & Carol Leuty, Ron Bauer, Keith Brown, Kevin Dietz, Dick Willy, Tasha Mikko and Kim.

Meeting Location: La Hacienda Renton

April minutes approved with adjustments.


NWR Board Report (Charlie Morales): Race is having their Memorial Day weekend event coming up with a Track Night in America on the friday night into the weekend at Pacific Raceways.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown): We have money! Weekend Membership Forms are needed and Kristi has been locked out from ordering these. Scotty is moving forward to get us some for the upcoming event!

NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier): Time Trials next saturday at Pacific Raceways during the Memorial Day weekend activities, Advanced and Intermediate drivers are encouraged to come! Transponders available to rent. There might not be camping available at Spring Nationals. Discussion is being had of all National level events as drivers having a working shift is becoming an issue thus filling courses for the 6 runs at the Champ Tours becomes hard. It is ok to “hire” an organization, such as Formula SAE. This will continue to be an issue going forward. Greg brought up again the fact that the quality of workers at National events may suffer if hired workers are what we are relying on. A potential for a 2019 Divisional Series is in discussion. Further discussion of a joint NWR-OR and Canada combined event should be had. Solo Nationals will have a drivers cap again this year. The discussed “Tuner Class” from the convention has been tabled of now while a simple rule set is written and will probably be introduced at the 2019 Solo Nationals in September. There is a schedule on the SCCA website for the online training for JDP and SSS.  Times vary to accommodate east and west coast members. All of the SDCs are licensed in JDP. The SEB is currently requesting nominations for the Kelly Cup.  This is an award that is given on the Divisional level. The award was first presented in 2016 ad it is given to the member who shows extraordinary dedication and contribution to a Regional Solo Events Program.  Reach out to Jessy to get nominations from their Divisions and submitted to the SEB by June 1st. Solo Rule Books are now available on Amazon. Waivers continue to be an area where Regions are struggling with what is needed, especially for the minors.  The only minors that need to have a minor waiver filled out are those minors who will be competing. When a Regions hosts a National event, Brian Harmer does send out the events waivers along with a letter explaining how waivers are to be filled out.  

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown): Understeer/Oversteer Sunday May 26th. Come play for a 3 day

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz): Van still needs a fuel filter, but otherwise it's a champ and made the trek to Packwood just fine! New scoreboard stuff is still waiting to make its debut. Something with the wifi is acting up at events but we are working to get it sorted. Brett is working on an online accessible entry to Scorekeeper so we could hopefully get similar live results like the SCCA app for National events. Stronger magnets are needed for the results A Frame.

Recruitment Report (Crystal Stegman): Followed up with the Auto Shop students. Sounds like a good percentage have already signed up for saturday's novice school. Joey and Tasha have both contacted Crystal as Hot Import Nights would like to have our involvement. We have contacted Import Face Off for their August event. Crystal has sent out the Novice School Facebook event across groups she is involved in. The big push is the package of the event following on sunday, as Novice School participants get free entry.

OLD Business:

Still looking for event chairs. Tim and Taylour are chairing the Packwood ProSolo NT and Gretchen and Charlie are chairing the Packwood Solo NT. Karen is designing the Packwood Solo NT course. A designer is needed for the Packwood ProSolo NT course.

Inventory for the solo bus was postponed. But Kevin has a bus inventory that he did himself before the bus moved to Packwood for the season. Aaron also removed some of the junk from the cone trailer. Tyler would like to lead this official inventory at the next Packwood ProSolo practice. Cone trailer maintenance will be done at the Core Worker Practice.

NEW Business:

ProSolo 1 went off well, some timing issues were had but our fabulous timing chiefs resolved these issues in a timely manner. The Challenge had its trials but they are sorted and should not be a problem for the rest of the season.

Novice School is on saturday, 18 instructors and 22 students have signed up thus far. We would like to encourage more instructors to join. Exploring options of using PayPal to prepay for the novice school through Scorekeeper. This is a goal so that students are familiarized with the simple Scorekeeper site. This also sturred discussion to possibly involve prepaying via PayPal through Scorekeeper.

Solo #3 is Sunday. Barrett is our event chair and Kit is designing the course.

Solo bus drivers, if people would like to be on the insurance list of approved drivers, please contact Charlie to be added. Sorting Kevins involvement as a driver and adding Peter for test drives should be done.

Regional ProSolo 2 and Event 4 in Packwood. Tasha M and Annie G are our event chairs. Ryan Otis and the Junior Karts will be in attendance. Charlie will provide Tasha with the National Office requirements for the karts as they seem to have lost our original plan from years past. Dick will send her a copy of the original plan. She will be consulting with Ryan as needed to get the plan updated. Gretchen will send our plan to National Office for insurance. The Karts will be running first thing out saturday morning like a Nationals Event. Ryan will be the Youth Steward, Keith is a Junior Kart Tech Inspector and Tim is a Course Safety Steward.  For the ProSolo the Super Challenge and potential Bonus and Ladies Challenge (time permitting) will be ordered and arranged as a Nationals ProSolo. At the end of the class competition, the first (1st) place finishers in each Open class will be eligible and qualified for the Super Challenge. The first (1st) and top qualifier is defined as the class winner with the largest winning margin. The appropriate number of eligible drivers will fill the remaining positions based on the closest time differentials to class winners. It will consist of no less than 16 Drivers (8 pairs)or however many class winners we have plus filling to get enough pairs for each class winner.

Our Novice Sponsor Jim’s Detail Shop would like the hats to be awarded by the novice chairs at each trophy presentation after every run group. The hats are with trophies as part of trophies. New 2019 Trophies are coming in this week and should be available for this weekends event!

Bridge City Autosports from the Portland area is gauging interest in them hosting a ProSolo style event. Getting the tree and timing equipment would be a large hurdle but if they can make it happen on a good site we believe club cross pollination would be likely.

Weekend Membership forms do need to be filled out by all people even those hoping to be passengers at every event.

Meeting adjourned at 8:49pm