Solo Meeting
May 9, 2017
Meeting Minutes
In attendance: Gretchen and Tim W, Charlie C., Fast Mike L., Kevin D. Karen B. Mike and Carol L. Joel F. Keith B. Karl and Amy C. Jim Z. Crystal S, Ron and Alyson B. Manny S. and Dick W.

Last month’s minutes review – Minutes were approved
 as written with the exception of adding Ron B and Crystal S to attendance.
NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) – No attendees to report

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – we had one problem with the square and will have to review the transactions for $102.00 that was marked as cash rather than a credit or debit card. The attendance was great so should be okay on finances.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – next event is the BEAC Enduro. They are using an Enduro light format with 1 practice lap then two timed laps.
Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – New radios coming. Kevin getting batteries for the radio. The exhaust came loose on the van. Fixed with wire for now. Block rocker has a broken antenna. Need to make a way to keep the block rockers charged. Display board blew over and broke all the plastic holders. Looking at getting a metal sheet to use magnets to hold the run results on. Some trouble with the radios people were accidently turning down the sound. We found a way to lock the radio’s so that this problem should be reduced. Note that the radio’s default to 1-1 when you replace the batteries.
Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) – Ongoing emails going to novices and IST getting ready for the novice school in two weeks.
Old Business
Pro Solo #1 recap- Event chair Aaron Pailthorp: Shot clock was not working. Jerry will be reworking it. Aaron felt it could have been possible have a larger challenge and the bonus challenge. The group felt he made the correct choice because going to 32 would have doubled the time. Need to add extra cones at course stations. Potluck was good. Possible adding more burgers next time. Thanks to all the chairs and chiefs.
Event #2 Recap- Event chairs Karl and Amy Coleman. The course worked great. Even though it was a mix of the course from the previous day. Some gate penalties might have been called incorrectly. Make sure we keep people informed of the correct way to call in penalties, including hand signals. Make sure that people are aware of the proper radio usage. Lots of kids in building and near grid riding bikes from pits across hot areas.  It was suggested that we tighten the section in our rules to include something to the affect that if entrants do not control their children and/or visitors they may be disqualified from the event.  This is a dangerous situation and we do not anyone to get hurt.
Novice School Update: Still working on a course set up to split up the elements into sections. Then link it together for the afternoon. Bill Z and Allen are working it out.  Bill is looking for help with instructions.  Site opens at 7 am and then registration at 7:30 am. 
Need Event chairs and course designers. Charlie C. is willing to be Chief of Waivers. Yay Charlie!  Thank you for stepping up. 
Old Business 
Looking for event chairs and course design – We are still in need of Event Chairs for several events this season, and have a few slots open for course design as well.  Remember this is one of the few ways to get an invitation into the Core Workers Practice in August.  Thanks to those that have stepped up to volunteer.  Please see the opportunities below.  We all need to remember that without these key volunteers, then we will not be able to hold events, so please step up and help out your club.
Event #1        April 9         BMP            Jean Clayton/Gretchen
Pro Solo #1     May 6           Packwood        Aaron Pailthorp
Event #2        May 7           Packwood        Karl and Amy Coleman
Novice School   May             BMP            Bill Zerr and Allen Anderson
Event #3        May 21          BMP            Joel Ferguson
Pro Solo #2     June 10         Packwood        Dick Willy
Event #4        June 11         Packwood        Ron Bauer
Open Practice   June 24         Packwood        OPEN
Event #5        June 25         Packwood        Joe Goeke
NT              July 7 -9       Packwood        Dan Bullis
Pro Solo        July 14 – 16    Packwood        Gretchen Weidemann
Event #6        July 30         BMP            OPEN
Core Practice   August 19       Packwood        OPEN
Event #7        August 20       Packwood        OPEN
Event #8        October 1       BMP            OPEN
New Business
National Tour - Dan Bullis has agreed to be the Event Chair. We are thinking of doing an onsite potluck style with pulled pork. And sides provided by our region people.  Possible using the 4H group to serve and clean up. More ideas are welcome.
Pro Solo - Gretchen has volunteered to be Event Chair.  Tim is doing the course.
Overnight campers – Please be mindful of your sound when staying on site. Early morning starting and revving cars may be unfriendly for those trying to sleep.