Solo Meeting Minutes 
May 12, 2016

Introductions – We had two new people in attendance.  Welcome to Crystal Stegman and Aaron Parkins. Thanks for joining us!

In attendance: Keith Brown, Aaron Parkins, Tim and Gretchen Weidemann, Kurt and Lisa Rehm. Kevin Dietz and Jean Clayton, Joel Ferguson, Tasha Mikko, Joey Jones, Mike Leuty, Elisha White, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Alyson and Ron Bauer, Crystal Stegman, Karl & Amy Coleman, Tim Stake, Charles Aggenbach, Charly Spyksma.

Last month’s minutes – Approved with one revision.  The discussion under NORPAC Report should say stadium. Moved to accept and approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – There was some confusion on the accounting for our new Square and how it works with the checking account. Kristi keeps track of things in an excel spreadsheet, so she was a bit overwhelmed with the idea of keeping track of multiple daily deposits.  Once it was clear that Square only does one deposit a day, and that the only time this will be an issue is using the online store for the Novice school, she felt better about the amount of work that would be necessary.  For regular events we will only be using the card reader on-site, so there will only be one deposit total.  So far, for the first few events we have had great turn out so our cash income has been rebuilding. After paying off the insurance/sanctions, site fees, sani-cans and dumpster costs we are doing okay. 

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) - Conference call is next week, so nothing new to report. Although there has been some discovery learning how different K&K insurance is compared to past insurance companies.  They have new guidelines for spectators, and IF we were to clearly separate a spectator area from the “hot zones” and keep people in each section, we would not need to have those spectators sign a waiver form or wear a wrist band.  We are still waiting on the new waiver forms from K&K. The ones we are currently using are basically pointless.  It was also brought up that SCCA is no longer checking driver’s licenses for National events.  Since we are running on private property, it is not required. 

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) - Next event is second weekend in June at Packwood. There will be two events - Understeer and Oversteer being put on by the Torque Steerers group. 

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) - Bus brakes fixed. Fuel gauge still not working correctly. Oil pressure gauge not working. Trick to starting bus. Turn on key wait for red light to go out. Push throttle to half then start. Our new displays are working great. Much better in size and weight. Need lumber crayons. Need fresh batteries for the radios. Also need to go through all the radios to clean out the problem ones. MOTION TO BUY FOUR NEW RADIOS - moved and approved. 

Recruitment Report: (Joey Jones) – Crystal Stegman was able to attend the Hot Import Nights show with Joey this past Saturday.  They are receiving very positive comments from people that Joey has communicated with.  Crystal is an experienced show person. Talked to a lot of people and handed out a lot of business cards.  Also really focused on pushing Novice School. One good idea that Crystal brought up was to have an iPad available at each show to have people sign up for local events or the Novice School instantly.

They are having some issues with the equipment they are using.  The monitor does not clearly show in sunlight and doesn’t really work for displaying videos of autocrosses. Evergreen group was running an autocross during the show so there was lots of interest from those in attendance, and it was way easier to try and explain exactly what it is that we do when it was happening just outside the event. It was also brought up that people attending shows like to have access to free stuff like stickers or other fluff. Possible magnet schedule for giveaways. Gretchen asked Joey to think about some ideas that his group feels would be appropriate to giveaway, and bring some suggestions to the next Solo meeting, along with a quote for a monitor that would work for outside shows. 

Joey report that Pacific Raceways is holding an event in June and asked if we wanted to attend and put on another autocross event. Gretchen cautioned Joey to consider the fact that we already have three events planned for that month, and he would have a very difficult time getting volunteers to staff the event.  There was discussion that Evergreen autocross events have seen good turn outs but those in attendance are more focused on the “fun run” aspect and seat time rather than actual competition autocross events.  Plus entrants do not have to work, so we would be hard pressed competing against that.  There was an inquiry from someone who works at JBLM to put on a car control class for about 300 soldiers. Joey did not get the name of this person so that we could contact him, but he will keep an eye out for him at other events. 

The group gave a big thank you and shout out to our Novice chairs Jessy, and Kurt who are doing a great job of taking the new people that Joey is bringing into our program under their wings and getting them interested in autocross.  We actually had 14 Novices entered for the morning session in Packwood at our last event.  This is fantastic.  Another big THANK YOU goes out to Joey and his recruitment crew. Everyone is doing a great job. It was brought up that volunteers covering these types of shows may have the opportunity to use this as their work assignment at the next event ONLY and that is IF there is enough people available to cover the core course positions.  This opportunity does not carry over throughout the season.  


Recap Event #1 – Event Chair Joe Goeke.  There were some issues with the taxi way and cars going off course. One seasoned driver in a borrowed car, and then a second incident with a Novice driver.  This incident did require that paperwork was written up and sent to National Office.  Unfortunately, there was not any paperwork in the Solo bus. SCCA now offers these forms online in an editable pdf, but this is not very efficient the day of the event.  Fortunately, Tasha had a form that the SSS could use.  We will get some new copies on the bus. 

Recap Event #2 – Event Chair Joel Ferguson. There was one issue with timing and scoring.  A novice entrant had one time that was significantly slower than any other times that he ran in the morning, by at least 20 seconds.  He then ran again in the afternoon and was unable to get anywhere near that same time again.  The Chief of Timing met with the Event Chair, and Solo Director, and a decision was made to remove the inappropriate time and replace it with the fastest time in the afternoon.  This did change the ending positions for the morning Novice class.  It was also brought up that we should do our best to avoid holidays, such a Mother’s Day for our local events.  Gretchen owned this error, and just didn’t realize that the date was so early in the season.  She will make sure this doesn’t happen again. A big thank you goes out to several people who worked multiple times to ensure an efficient event.  It was also brought up that we need to figure out a way to make sure that someone is assigned the position of tearing down the course and putting away cones.  This has not be the responsibility of the Chief of Tear Down, and it should be added to the list of workers.  The same few people that have a truck feel they should not be guilted into picking up cones after every single event.

A few additional suggestions/reminders were brought up.  There should be garbage cans in grid.  Also, the loaner helmets should be moved to grid so that the Chief of Timing isn’t interrupted every few minutes while they are trying to set up the event.  This should be added to the Grid Chief Checklist. We also need to repair the results board because it needs new paper holders or will no longer work.  It was also brought up that the Chief of Workers should double check the actual run/work order and confirm they are using what is listed on the website.  These change every event, and will not automatically swap back and forth because we work to ensure that things are even between BMP and Packwood. 
Feedback was also provided to registration that if we use a driver’s information sheet, then we need it to include ALL of the information for each driver, not just class and car number because they do absolutely no good when there are difficulties with the merge.  At this point, we should just go back to a complete timing card until computer issues can be worked out. 

Recap Pro Solo #1 – Event Chair Aaron Pailthorp.  There were some issues with the challenge. It seemed difficult to get it going and there were also some issues with getting the computers set up. Software didn’t like selecting multi entrants, and had trouble seeding the bonus challenge. Why this happened didn’t really make sense, but these strange incidents are being discussed with Brett.   There were some issues with registration and car numbers. It is important that we don’t allow single driver entrants with numbers over 100.  There were also major issues with the timing computers merge.  Again, Gretchen and Charly are discussing these issues with Brett and should get them ironed out before the next event. 
Aaron reports some trouble with a cone that was down and a competitor stopped for it. He believed he knew who the cone belonged to, but he could not simply apply it since no one on course reported it.  There was a big round of applause for Aaron and a thank you for stepping up to be Event Chair. 

Novice School Update – Event Chairs Kurt Rehm and Jessy Gauthier.  Incredible day despite the horrible weather.  There are currently about 30 novices signed up for the event, with many also registered for the event the next day.  Kurt would like to thank Jessy who has been doing a lot behind the scenes to help out the novice program. They are currently still looking for more people to help out at the novice school.  There will be a free lunch run provided for instructors. There will also be a decent amount of time during the day allocated for seat time. 

Event Chairs Needed – We are still looking for Event Chairs for regional event #3 and #7.  Gretchen is also looking for event chairs for the National Tour and Pro Solo events in July. Please let her know if you are willing to help out with any of these events. 


Packwood property to be auctioned off (again?) - Some info is indicating that this property will be sold. If this happens we may not have access to this site in the future. There has been a lot of discussion on line regarding fund raising and making an offer in the silent auction.  More than anything, it is important that we all remember that we can lose Packwood and it is more important than ever to continue our hunt for more new sites.  Gretchen asked that we re-energize our site committee and see what options might be out there.  

We should look into subleasing the lot from the truck driving school in Kent.  The site is fairly open at this time and should be contacted again.  We need to get a name and contact phone number.  

Displays – The old cronomix display and the dual display that was donated to use by Sand and Sage were dropped off at repair shop in Oregon. We can get our old display repaired for a few hundred dollars, but to get them both back in working order it would be about $600 out of pocket.  The repair company is willing to trade the cost of repairing our single sided display in exchange for the broken dual sided display, and will also through in some additional equipment, and rain covers.  A motion was made to leave the dual and make the exchange. MOTION PASSED.  Since we now have two brand new Farmtek displays the group has decided we don’t need the dual display and since it was free to us, we may as well use it to pay for repairs.  There was also an old shot clock at the shop that Charly determined either belonged to the NWR or the National office since no other region on the West Coast would have any need for it. Turns out it did belong to National office and was lost in the middle of a bankruptcy with the repair shop.  It was part of the original equipment Howard Duncan used in the early 90s.  They no longer need it, so it has been donated to us, but Howard would like to see it in Packwood in July. 

Solo Bus repair work in exchange for graphic display – Pioter S. has asked if it would be possible to display his company’s logo on the Solo bus in exchange for all of the work they just completed. The total dollar amount was approximately $2000.  Gretchen wanted to discuss with group to ensure no one felt there was a conflict of interest with any current sponsors.  The group felt this would be fine as long as the logo included a statement such as “Equipment maintained by” with the graphic on the bus.  Gretchen will confirm with Doug at Chase Race. 

Off course issues at BMP – There have been three straight events with cars being damaged by off course excursions.  Many people have become uncomfortable with the situation and feel it is because we are using the full taxiway. In the past NWR has purposefully changed the way they were using the site because of the high number of incidents that were occurring, and a warning from the insurance company.  Some in attendance felt we were overreacting to the situation, but a majority of the group felt a change must be made to lower our risks, especially now that we may be losing Packwood.  A decision was made that for future events, we will only use the lower 1/3 of the taxiway, just like we have been in the past.  This may be challenging since that section of the area is now closed off, but our Chief of Course will work on a solution that will allow proper ingress/egress so that we are not forced into a closed grid area because the group felt this was not an option.  

Torque Steerers wants to rent cones and timing equipment for their double event in Packwood.  There will be a $300 rental fee. Moved and passed.