SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 5/10/11 (not approved)


Members In Attendance— Charles Aggenbach, Mike & Carol Leuty, Mike Miller, Joel Ferguson, Russell O’Connell, Keith Brown, Dick Willy, Karl & Amy Coleman, Bud Bohrer, Eric Hyman, Gretchen Everett


Meeting Minutes- Were not available for approval will look at next month.


NWR Board Report (Glenn) - Mainly focused on Rally.  Unfortunately there was a driver lost at the Olympus Rally.  During the emergency response, a lot of the equipment was used, and or is now no longer available. There is a proposal turned into the Port of Bremerton for repairs to be made to the current BMP site. We are waiting for a response from the Port. The total for the proposal was $22,000 total. The proposal was put together by Fast Mike, Tom and Sherri Masterson, and another racer who is involved in the paving business. The total would be amortized across four or five different clubs, so brought down to that level it could be affordable. This proposal would be negotiated so that Solo would be able to use the access road in the future. 2017 is now the new end-date for use that has been given to us by the Port, so we have several usable years at this site.  


WWSCC Report (Keith) - The first two events of the Championship season happened two weekends ago. Just under 100 people for each event. The weather was good overall. Very cold on Saturday, but gorgeous on Sunday. There were some timing issues the first day, but they were squared away very quickly and all went well. The event was voted in for championship status. The next event is June 4th (Autopilot) in Shelton. They are still looking for a VP. There has been a little interest shown in starting research to acquire a wireless timing system.  


NORPAC Report (Keith) - Not a lot of activity regarding our region. Nancy Downing explained that after review, the large tent brought to Nationals by the Atlanta region was really a great idea. National office will be providing a 20’ x 20’ tent for each division. The majority of people attending Nationals from our region are from NWR and SFR. Keith will be coordinating with SFR and National Office to decide where the tent should go on-site. Our group felt that it should be placed closest to the group with the most motor homes/trailers on site. A decision will not be made until July, but Keith will keep us involved. The Helena Divisional is coming up on June 11-12. The event information has been displayed on the Big Sky region, and Keith also distributed it to our local email list.  


Drift Report (Russell) - Registration has been opened up for the upcoming event on June 10-11. Russell has just started to ramp up the advertising for the event. The group reminded Russell that it is extremely important to emphasize the need to be stewards to the community. Everyone must behave properly, follow the speed limits and be respectable. The insurance has been taken care of and the site fees have been paid. The event will be an open course and school combined over the two days. There is a PRO crew member that is interested in getting a drift program set up through the Oregon region SCCA, it was suggested that he attend this event to see how things are done.

Treasurer Report – Kristi provided a detailed report for review.  




Season Sponsorship - Greg and Jodi Fordahl have agreed to sponsor the 2011 solo season.


2011 Supplemental - Glenn is working on developing an updated version for this year.  


T-shirt vendor for Packwood - A theme has been discussed. Mike is currently collecting different designs. There are several different colors available for the apparel. The group voted to limit the options to two separate gray colors, one in the lighter ash color and the second in a darker slate color similar to what was used last summer.




Specialty Chiefs for 2011 - A huge thank you goes out to Eric Hyman for volunteering to be our Chief of Course. Yay Eric! 


Pro Solo #1 Recap (Glenn Austin) - There were only two computers on-site, so there were no launch times and no 60’ times. A motion was made and approved that we purchase LED bulbs to replace all of the regular bulbs we are using now. Keith did some research and the lights are available for $35 apiece. Unfortunately, Glenn as the event chair assumed that theSolo Bus was going to be on-sight, and did not make arrangements to get it there. Karl brought up the fact that this was a major issue. Hats off to Gretchen, Alyson, and Kimm for leading the charge to get things coordinated, and ensuring we could still hold the event. A HUGE round of applause goes out to Kevin Dietz for going home in the middle of the night and actually driving the bus back to Packwood in time to get the event going the next morning. It was also brought up that we need to come up with a secondary way to obtain access to the bus. A gate key to Kevin’s SeaTac shop needs to be placed on the Solo Bus keys. Glenn will coordinate with Kevin, or Shane Jensen to make sure this happens. Another round of applause also goes out to Dan Padhola who kicked butt at his first Pro Solo as the Chief of Timing. He did an incredible job learning how the operations of the event went, and getting things setup. 


Karl brought up the fact that NS5 is currently running under a different set of rules. The group voted that this would not be allowed in the PAX class. He is concerned that once we hit a Challenge at a Pro level, this gives competitors in the class an advantage because it was a “paxed” situation. The group agreed that this was a good point to remember for next year, but since the rule has already been written, then it is not open for a revision. A few people felt it was open for interpretation since it really wasn’t discussed in regard to the Pro Solo. Karl plans on doing more research and returning next month to readdress this situation.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm