SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 5/12/2009

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Mike Leuty, Keith Brown, Charles Aggenbach, Bud Bohrer, Ron & Alyson Bauer, Joel Ferguson, Val Korry, Glenn Austin, Karen Babb, Russell O’Connell, Ed Mattia, Mark McCooey, Karl & Amy Coleman, Lou Ann Christensen, and Tim Irwin.

Minutes Review – A motion was made to approve minutes as written.

Drift Report – Next event will be Memorial Day weekend on May 24th. The website has been updated and they will begin taking registration shortly.  They have two volunteers who have completed half of their SSS training.  They both should be available to cover this event as well, which would complete their deputy training.

NWR Board & Convention Report – The audit is going painfully slow, it is contrary to what was written last month, not completed. Rally had a successful event, the Olympus, a couple of weekends ago.  It was sanctioned by Rally America, who brought in some big name drivers, so there were a huge number of spectators present.


Pro Solo and National Tour – Things are coming along on schedule for both of these events. Jerry and Gretchen have all of their Chiefs for the Pro, while Joel still has a couple of openings left for the NT.  The Port-a-Potties, and dumpsters have been ordered – thanks Joel! Gretchen made a request that Bud find out if the Merry Mountaineers are available and/or interested in covering the Welcome Party on Friday night for the Pro Solo.  Alyson says there is also a Datsun person that is interested in donating and/or providing for the BBQ.  Gretchen needs to connect with this person to get more specific details.

Evolution Schools – Since Evolution is doing the registration themselves, things will be run a little differently this year. Nothing else has changed.  There may be a slot available for a Safety Steward.  Keith will let Gretchen know what the needs are and she will distribute this out to the Safety Stewards list.

Event #2 – Dick apologized for his decision on changing the afternoon group to four runs rather than five runs for the morning.  It was a long weekend, and he does realize that he may have been curt with his responses to people and a bit grouchy in how he presented his information.

Treasurer’s Report – New numbers are being charged this year for each entrant. It is now $5 for insurance and $4.50 for the sanctions fees.  She also reviewed last month’s activities.  She presented a P&L statement for the past 4 years.


WWSCC Report – May 30/31 US – OS at Sanderson Field. WW is looking for a treasurer. Kelley and Brent are moving to Arizona, so she has resigned effective immediately. Not a lot going on right now. 


NORPAC Divisional Steward Report – San Francisco Divisional will be held on June 27 – 28 at Golden Gates Fields.  Charlie Davis is the event chair.  There was a lot of discussion about the Vail, Colorado event.  Keith is anticipating there will not be much support from the West coast, due to the fact that it a long drive and also being held the same weekend as the Montana Divisional.




Events Chairs for 2009 – The following people have already volunteered:


April 4th (Novice School/BMP) – Rick V./James Wege

April 5th (BMP) – Tim Irwin

May 2nd (Packwood) Core Workers Practice – Dick Willy

May 3rd – (Packwood) – Dick Willy

May 16th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Keith and Kristi Brown

May 17th (Packwood) – Karl and Amy Coleman

May 24th (BMP) – Mike and Carol Leuty

June 20th (Packwood) Pro Solo – John and Laura Kimball

June 21st – (Packwood) Enrique Garcia

July 5th (BMP) – Mark and Jill Snell

July 10th – 12th (Packwood) NT – Joel Ferguson

July 14th – 16th (Packwood) Evo Schools – Keith Brown

July 17th – July 19th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Gretchen Everett and Jerry Lamb

August 15th (Packwood) – Open Practice – Peter Umino

August 16th (Packwood) – NEED VOLUNTEER

October 4th (BMP) – Ron Bauer


Equipment Chair – We still need a person to volunteer for this position.


Solo Bus – It is currently at Bryant Motors having a few minor repairs.  Dick discovered what was wrong with the turn signals, and can help expedite that process.  It has had some suspension repairs done this week, but there is still a problem with the fuel sender.  The parts for this are no longer available, so unless we can find a used one in a junk yard some where, we are going to have to deal with this by watching fuel purchases and mileage.  The starter is currently working alright, but may need to be looked at in the future.  Dick also went through his garage and found some tools that he added to bus for minor things that may need to be repaired.


Solo Bus Drivers – Dick was very frustrated and disappointed that even though we’ve got several people on the driver’s list, we cannot get volunteers to bring the Solo bus to our events.  At the last event it took a Canadian member to get the bus to Packwood. Dick is going to try and address this before the next event, although Karl is going to be driving it to the next event.


New Timing System – In the process of Glenn contacting Race America, he discovered that there potentially was a problem with the current box that we are using.  Apparently there are processor issues, and they suggest we upgrade to the newest box.  IF we can upgrade now with the purchase of our wireless timing system, they will provide us a discount. The whole upgrade package would cost us an additional $400 total if we did it now versus waiting until the unit broke and replacing it completely for $1700.  There are some additions to this new box that may be helpful.  Our current system has four individual displays. With the upgrade they are replaced with a single line display that will include actual diagnostics rather than just bad start or finish messages.  A motion was made and approved to increase the total dollars allocated towards the purchase of a new wireless timing system to $3000, and include this new timing box as well. 




2009 Supps/ X class – Dick presented the two pages affected for the 2009 season (page 3 and 4).  This includes the new non-championship indexed time only class.  We need to come up with a class designation.  A motion was made and approved to call this the I class. A motion was made and approved to remove the second and third sentence of 21 AWARDS. Since everyone must be a member to compete in one of our events, there is not need for this.  22 is also affected.  A motion was made and approved to strike the last two sentences of this rule as well, for the same reasons.


Procedural Change for waivers – SCCA membership band will be given to actual SCCA members, blue wrist bands are good for anywhere except in cars.  Yellow wrist bands will be for no grid/no course areas.  Joel is concerned that we are not doing enough to check to find out if people are wearing wristbands or not.  Based on prior insurance experience, if we are not more vigilant about this, we may have no defense in case of a case in the future.  A motion was made that all wrist bands must be worn on your wrist and present at all times.  The motion was approved with a 10 to 6 vote.


Entry Fees – A motion was made to increase the entry fees $5 across the board effective May 24th. The motion was not seconded, so the motion died.


Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.