SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 05/13/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Joel Ferguson, Dieter Beldi, Lou Ann Christensen, Russell O’Connell, John Kimball, Amy and Karl Coleman, Lou Ann Christensen, Keith Brown, TJ McGeary, Bud Bohrer, Rick Vomenici, Zane Kenney, Val Korry, Jackie McInnes, Chris Kmetz, Tim Monk, Visitor: Charlie Garthwait.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – No meeting this month due to a lack of quorum


WWSCC Report – OS/US will be the first two events of the season.  These events will be held at BMP on May 31 and June 1.  BEAC has met with the recreation department and unfortunately there were no changes in their position regarding the use of the Everett site.

Treasurer’s Report – Lots of activities since the season has begun.  Lou Ann reviewed the list of deposit/expenses. 


Drifting Report – No SCCA drifting activities since last month.  There is a date that has become available at BMP on Friday, May 30th.  SCCA is responsible for this event and Drift is willing to step up and take the date.  We have requested the insurance sanction and Russell is working with Gretchen to find Safety Stewards to cover the date.  This is not an official Solo event, but is an SCCA event.  If Drift cannot cover the date then the cost of the site will come from the region accounts.   Russell suggested that if we cannot get an official SCCA Safety Steward, the Torque Steerers club could be willing to take the day for a skills day.  Russell is going to contact Karl to see if this is a possibility since no one in this group has a problem with it.  Russell has also been in contact with the BSCC board to see if they are willing to share their June 22nd BMP date, apparently there is another club in front of them in line for use of the site.   If this date is not available, the next event would then be July 27th.


Packwood Site Report – We are close to resolving the issue of getting all of the burned out light bulbs replaced in the covered pit area.  We are required to work through a local contractor for all repairs done on-site.  The cost will probably be lower than we originally projected because several light bulbs have been removed from other buildings and replaced with high energy bulbs, so we will not have to purchase many new ones.  The majority of the overall cost will be the installation.  We have not made as much progress with the bird droppings, but Sean and Dick are still working on that issue as well. 





Course Designers for NT/Pro Solo – Chris needs course designers for both the Pro Solo and the National Tour.  Howard Duncan will be covering our events, so there should not be as much issue with this situation.  Jim Daniels has volunteered to design the Pro Solo course. 


NT Test n’ Tune Chair – Jackie and Chris are in need of a chair for this Friday practice.  The first runs starts at 11:00.  TJ has volunteered for this position.  Thanks TJ!! 


Posting – At the last event there was a competitor who had issues with results not being “posted” in a timely manner.  One of the complaints was that the results are not being posted in a centralized location for easy review.  Dick has volunteered to create an “official” posting board to help address this issue.


Cop Car Challenge – Dick would like to resurrect this concept and invite our local organizations to compete in a “Police Challenge” during the National Tour.  Dick has been dealing with the Chehalis group and is spreading the word to other local groups.  Dick would like to suggest that IF this becomes a charity event that all money raised gets donated to SCCA Foundation.  He is going to propose that SCCA will donate $100 for every car that competes (given a limit to total dollars donated).  Dick will coordinate this and bring more information back at a future meeting.


Weekend Memberships - We have been trying to keep track of all of the weekend membership information since it now has to be turned into the SCCA National office.  This has become a data block and is harder than anyone expected.  We are now going to create a form that people must fill out so that these records can be sent directly to National Office via hard copy.


Future Site Development – Karl is currently talking with the people at Cheney Stadium.  Dick is also going to contact the owners of the Shelton site.  Both of these could be viable options, Shelton may be a bit awkward, but would be better than not running any events.  It would be perfect for an “Enduro” formatted event, since having two cars on course at the same time could be an issue.  Evergreen has been looked at, but is not an option unless we want to rent the inside of the track.  The exterior parking lot has a 15 mph limit and they will not budge on this restriction.  The owners of the Union Pacific site that was discussed last month have clearly illustrated a lack of willingness to work with our organization.  Karl is also looking into a Port of Seattle site that might be an option.  So all in all, people are working very diligently to help solve this problem and all we can do is be patient and see how everything falls out.  There is a possibility that we could run at the West parking lot at Muckleshoot Casino.  Dick is looking for a volunteer to call and see if they can get contact information. 


Meeting was adjurned at 8:23 p.m.