SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 5/8/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Jodi Fordahl, Charles Aggenbach, Mike and Carol Leuty, Mark McCooey, Joel Ferguson, Glenn Austin, Brian Norton, Scott Miller, Tim Irwin, Aaron Pailthorp, Lou Ann Christensen, Bud Bohrer, Karl Coleman, Mary Lee, Randy Ayers, Jerry Lamb, Ron Bauer, Fast Mike. 

Minutes Review – Approved with the following changes; Charles discussed the annual tech in Packwood, not Karl.

Board Report – An interesting grant proposal going on.  If we make a donation of $4500 the foundation will give us a great deal of money in return.  More details will be presented in the future. This is an education based foundation.  The discussed an Orbits timing system that cost about $15,000 for Rally or Race.  Mark McClusky received the Stan Burnet Inspirational Award.  There is approximately $9500 in the bank and $5000 still belongs to Solo.  11 First Gear Members up from 6 last month.  They are looking at alternative ways of reaching the teen population.  First Race was two weeks ago and had a poor turnout.  Time Trials has the biggest grid at BMP ever.  They are hoping to see 20 cars in grid and their next event. Kevin was in attendance and gave a decent report of what happened at the actual event.  He felt the region was probably run fairly well, but they really have a horrible site.  May 20 & 21st is the next Rally event.  The liter pick-up was held in April and the region will be reimbursing people for entry fees if they would like to participate in future events.  The deadline for the newsletter has been extended to tomorrow. 

BMP report  - the new food vendor is very slow, has limited options on the menu and did not bring enough inventory to feed everyone.  John Quartermass has put them on notice because they are required to sell hamburgers.  Please let the board know IF they do not do so.  The new vendor also missed both of the first BSCC events, so Karl has made quite a stink.  Since he was told that we did not tell them we would like them at our autocross events, so he has given them notice in advance that we want them at all of our events.  Race used their forklift to fix the gate and was compensated for their time.  BMP spent two hours cleaning the track for a total of $180.  There was discussion regarding the EMT and the fact that our region is paying for their time and their supplies.  Our group felt that the region should not be responsible for this and it’s something that should be covered by the Race group.

Treasurer’s Report – There was a big mistake as the opening balance of our new Bank of America account was not shown.  Amy is all paid for the trophies and dash plaques for the entire year.  Insurance has gone up to $5.00 per car for 2007.  A question was raised IF we need to reconsider increasing our entry fees.  Dick suggested that Lou Ann look over the budget for this year and determine if this is necessary.  It was also asked if Solo has received our $5000 from the region.  The answer was no, not yet. 


WWSCC Report – Talked about the event that was just held – UWSAE event. Rulebooks were done. There is a schedule change.  ACE event is this weekend and then the BEAC event.  It will not be held before Torque Steerer Understeer/Oversteer.  The question was raised as to whether the new rulebook will be put up on the webpage.  There is a technical issue with that and until Karen Babb can determine a solution it will be done, but it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it should be.  Karl will follow up with Karen. 


A review of the first WW event was held.  Everyone understands there were several errors that happened and because they are all students without much experience most of them were understandable.  The question was raised as to why this group always received the first event.  This is important because they need to raise funds to help build their car early in the season.  Karl also reminded us that BEAC/WW must hold some of the responsibility for the course mistakes because it was presented at the meeting prior to the event and very experienced people reviewed it.  They gave the group strong warnings that the course was not going to flow well and they were going to have issues.  The lesson was learned that in the future it will be necessary to keep this group on a much shorter leash because they DO NOT have enough experience to run an event independently.  WW needs to do a better job of being stern that course design changes are put in place, or the course will not be approved.


Equipment Report – Transmitter does not work.  We also have not replaced the gas cap yet.  Brian will make sure that gas cans are full before we take the bus out again. 


May 19th Practice – Brian and Jess will be out on Friday night helping clean up and get ready for the weekend.  He will make sure any equipment issues will be addressed.  Gretchen will ask Angus about the condition of the site. Typically when we do this they have it swept.  Brian would like the practice friendly to those that would like time between runs to make changes.  He would like to run it like a NT style of practice where people purchase tickets, and then work in one hour increments.  $4 a run and 6 runs for $20.  There were several questions raised, and it sounds like Brian has things well thought out and things should run smoothly.  Tim will not be around on Saturday morning to handle the waivers, so he will be looking for a volunteer to cover the early position.  Packwood Topo Map  -  Scott, Jess and Brian spent the weekend in Packwood and did a complete topographical survey of the site with 600 elevation shots.  There are nails on the ground ever 100 feet in a grid, so we should be able to design a course on paper that actually matches the surface.  They discovered there wasn’t much elevation change, just a few feet. 


First aid kit & trained resource list – At the last meeting Dick volunteered to purchase a kit. He did this, but felt it wasn’t worth the investment and sent it back.  He is going to create a first-aid box and expects to spend between $50 and $60 dollars.  He will coordinate with Brian where it should be stored on the bus.  It will include a simple supply of actual medical supplies, but absolutely no drugs of any kind.




Noise monitoring & control in Packwood – We had a contact from a resident in Packwood regarding the noise produced by our events.  She basically asked what our schedule was going to be, so that she could plan on being someplace else that weekend.  Because of this Dick would like to make sure that we really look at how the sound is transferring into town.  This resident lives down by the Chevron station.  It was suggested that we park motor homes, and trailers in the middle section to help block as much of the noise as possible.  Dick would also like Kevin and Fast Mike to start going into town and monitoring the sound within the community, not just on course.  He would like to get a better handle on the entire situation, no just at the site.  Jodi reminded the group that typically the PA produces more noise than either tires or exhaust, because of this we should focus on where we place the PA and also turn the volume down and promote the fact that we using the FM transmitter.  Although the group felt this was important, it was not going to be only thing that produces sound.  Jerry felt it was important to start implementing the actual SCCA sound limitations. It was also discussed that we should research the Washington state RCWs to give ourselves a good place to start while we are collecting our information.  Everyone felt it was important that if we are going to start putting these restrictions on our events than it would be better to start sooner than later, and also apply the sound limitations to ALL sites, not just the site that someone happened to complain about. 


Course worker training & monitoring –  Glen proposed becoming “Chief of Course Workers” if he could find a replacement for Grid.  Joel Ferguson volunteered to cover this position and would be happy to have someone take over the second half of the day.




Pre-Registration for our next events – Jodi will be closing registration for event #2 on Wednesday before the event.  This is two days early because she is going to be leaving town on Thursday.  Her plan is to open pre-registration for the BMP Memorial Event once she closes Event #2. 


Timing Information – Last year Jodi had intended to make a form for people who had not pre-registered, or had changes to the information they had pre-registered with.  That way those people would be in another line, filling out the form for timing while everyone who pre-registered gets to be in the main line.  This will require a minor change in our registration procedures, but shouldn’t be an issue.  Once she gets the form produced she will contact the necessary people.