SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 5/9/06

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Shelbi Zigler, Keith Brown, Kristi Brown, Tom LeCoque, LouAnn Christensen, Gretchen Everett, Jerry Lamb, Glenn Austin, Brian Norton, Mike Leuty, Jodi Fordahl, Bud Bohrer, Joel Ferguson, Tim Irwin, Alan Dahl, Val Korry, Enrique Garcia, Fast Mike.  Visitor: Jess Lynch

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved with the following changes; Minutes Review should read March minutes were approved, not April.  The cheapest outside storage was $60 and the cheapest inside was $170 regarding storage for the Solo bus.

Board Report – Oregon Trail Rally is scheduled for May 18 – 21.  They need over 300 volunteers for this event.  Race had $6,000 worth of up front costs covered before their first event.  They already have 14 entries for the Double Nationals.  They are looking for volunteer workers to cover their event as well.  We currently have about 1200 members.  The BMP group is looking for a cheaper ambulance ambulance to cover events.  Anyone with any contacts please let Jerry know.  The NWR region is responsible for hosting the 2007 Convention.  We are looking for people to help organize and/or offer ideas for individual breakout sessions.  We are looking for someone to fill the BOD secretary position.  Any volunteers would be appreciated.

Treasurer’s Report – Please see attached report.


WWSCC Report – Event #1 is this Sunday at Everett - UWSAE Dawg Dash.  The JA Circuits timer was on order since October with a May 3rd delivery deadline.  He did not meet the deadline and they have now ordered a Race America system.  JAC was timely in returning the money, but just couldn’t get the order produced in time for their needs.  The schedule is up on the website.  The next event is June 4th – BEAC Autopilot in Everett.  In keeping with SCCA “out of bounds” rule at BMP and Packwood they have now implemented this same type of rule for the Everett site.


Equipment Report – The bus is now fixed and according to Karl it kicks butt and finally runs as well as it did before we blew up the engine.  It tows nicely and climbs hills well.  Karl has the bus parked at his house right now.  Kevin got most of the things on the trailer fixed, but it still needs new dividers.  Brian purchased fire extinguishers and parts for the antenna.  By the time he got to Packwood the transmission was working so he isn’t sure if someone already fixed it or not.  It’s just a few dollars worth of parts so we will hold on to them to use as spares.  We need to purchase batteries for the timing lights and we should replace them for each event.  We also need batteries for our small worker radios.  Brian has volunteered to purchase a backpack type of blower, along with the batteries.  The helmet containers still need to be replaced and the group suggested that we purchase a couple of large plastic containers.  Brian will also take care of this.

Thank you Brian for all of your hard work!




2006 Pro Solo – The Pro Solo – Outlaw practice is scheduled for June 17th it will be chaired by Bud and Alan.  Alan needs to have all of the Chair positions filled by the end of the month and still needs the following – Set Up and Tear Down, Registration, and also a Youth Steward.  Gretchen has volunteered to cover Registration and Brian Norton has volunteered to help Stacey with course set-up.  Bud will help try to coordinate with his volunteer group from Packwood to cover Waivers.  Alan would like to come up with some type of advertisement to reach the people in California.  A suggestion was made to hit the two web pages, and forums.  Alan would also like someone to produce an actual ad to run in newsletters and other publications.  Jerry and Alan came up with the idea of local people offering rides to out of town people to help increase the Pro attendance.  If there is anyone interested in getting someone of a higher caliber drive their vehicle at this event, please let Alan know. 


Evolution Schools (August 8 – 11) - Just advertising on our local lists Phase One almost filled. Some open spots later in the week for Phase Two but there has been little interest in the Teen Safety Session.  Keith is trying to determine if we need an actual person to run the timing equipment.  He will be purchasing lunches from Subway.  He does not know who the instructors will be but is going to start bugging Jean to figure it out.  Phase Three will not be available this year, possibly in 2007.  A motion was made and seconded to donate a Phase One school assignment to Angus Low as a thank you for all of the hard work he has done to get us this site.  


2006 National Tour – The signed agreement has been returned from National Office.  We are going to service the port-a-potties each day and also get a larger dumpster.  The port-a-potties will need to be cleaned on Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning the weekend of the Pro (ready for Evolution schools in between) then again Friday and Saturday morning of the National Tour weekend.  We have a course map that has been submitted to the National Office.  Keith will send out an email announcing the T-shirt design contest.




April 22 – 23 (Packwood) – Jake & Shalyn were the event chairs.  Holding a split S&S event on Saturday went okay.  Unfortunately they did not make it clear that it was a co-hosted event with SCCA.  This will be very important if we are going to do this again.  Lou Ann has done a quick review of the expenses and they owe us approximately $1300 for the weekend.  Sunday’s event went well.  The course was great backwards with the exception of the large bump on the back straight.  We should make a note of this on the site master.  It was also brought up that there were two times that a red flag would have been appropriate.  We should make sure that at any events being co-hosted in the future there is a clear safety speech given at the driver’s meeting so that everyone is well aware of all necessary precautions when working on course, etc.  It was also brought to our attention by a Safety Steward in attendance that even we should do a better job of explaining these things at our own events.  No one is excused to not listen to the course overview.  It’s important for ALL entrants to hear this information.  We should also add that there is absolutely no sitting down on course, and there are no cell phones allowed on course.  It was suggested that the person with the radio and red flag should be referred to as the Corner Captain from now on to imply that they are responsible for making sure that all of the workers know what to be aware of.


Laptop Upgrade – The new laptop is purchased and is working wonderfully.


Solo Bus Storage – Jerry feels that if Kevin is willing to store the bus inside at his shop for the same amount of money as the cheapest outside source available we should continue storing it with Kevin.  Jerry has placed a call into John Forespring regarding obtaining insurance to cover the internal contents of the bus.  If this option is affordable we may purchase insurance in the future.  The group felt that Fife would be a safer location just in general based on the location of his shop (off the street).  Brian will talk to Kevin to determine the amount that Kevin is willing to charge us.


Equipment Rental from PCA/BSCC – Both of these groups have agreed to rent the cones to SCCA for $75 an event.


NEW BUSINESS          


Novice School – (Everett) May 13 - Jackie has 15 instructors and is limiting the number of students to 55.  She is going to send out an email tonight to let everyone know what is going on.  There is going to be a ground school on Friday evening at Goldie’s that is mandatory!  All students must attend this portion of the school.  She currently has 38 signed up and that is basically with no advertising.  She doesn’t think there will be an issue filling the class.  Enrique and Kim will cover presentation of the Event plan at the BEAC meeting tomorrow night. 


May 28 (BMP) – Amy and Karl are the event chairs.  Karl says that everything is going well.  Enrique reminded us that he will not be in town that weekend and will need help covering the afternoon half of the day and tearing down the equipment.  We will be using the PCA course backwards.  Everything will be set-up and ready to go so everything should be a piece of cake. 


Test and Tune – Keith has very informally talked to Angus regarding a test and tune event on a Friday prior to one of our events.  The idea is that the event would be held using very specific elements and it would be for TESTING not a competition.   If anyone is interested in chairing an event of this type, please let Jerry know.


Extra Timing Lights – Enrique reminded us that we discussed ordering another pair of timing heads so that we have a backup ready to go in case of an incident.  Jerry will call and order them next week.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:32 p.m.